Your Story 41: Winners!

Prompt: Write the opening sentence to a story (25 words or fewer) incorporating these three words: Cinderella, midnight and behave.

Thanks to everyone who voted on WD’s Your Story 41! Here are the results. The winning entries, in ranking order, are as follows:

1. She’d promised her parents she would behave like Cinderella at the ball, but by midnight, Shari had lost more than her shoe. (Lore Campbell)

2. Like some twisted Cinderella tale, my captor gripped my ankle, shoving the midnight-colored glass slipper onto my bloody foot before whispering, “You will behave.” (Lisa Packard)

3. That midnight, after Charlie cracked the Cinderella Code, he knew that he had to behave like an anonymous dead man—unseen, unheard, and untraceable. (Mary Cooney-Glazer)

4. He expected me to behave like Cinderella at the ball, but it was after midnight, and I’d already planned his death. (Randi Flynn)

5. Ignoring my vow to behave, I shot daggers at Daddy’s latest bimbo, her midnight velveteen sheath and Cinderella pumps overreaching all boundaries of funeral decorum. (Jo Harris)

6. Their star quarterback wouldn’t behave, and the Wildcat’s Cinderella story abruptly ended with a midnight ride in a patrol car–not a converted pumpkin. (Michael A. Dize)

7. It was only midnight, and after the latest work of the Fairy Tale killer, a corpse with “Cinderella” carved into it, Wilson’s ulcer wouldn’t behave. (Philip Abbenhaus)

8. “Cinderella missed her midnight pumpkin ride,” said Detective Steele as he examined the body of Miranda Foray, a debutante who preferred to behave less elegantly. (Christine Noonan)

9. By the last virgin midnight, admonitions to behave had long evaporated, and Cinderella tasted only roses soaked in brandy so rich that her throat burned. (Anna Levy)

10. Midnight laughter shattered the stars, while the moon, offering a Cinderella glow, questioned if ill-fitting loves could behave. (Irene Ramos)

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31 thoughts on “Your Story 41: Winners!

  1. juliestuartsmith

    Dawn arrives once again to dim my light I hope last night they saw the light hope is all I have until tonight unless they did see the my light.

    1. Tiffany Luckey Post author

      We are not taking any more submissions for Your Story #41, as this specific competition is closed. You can vote for your favorite out of the top 10 Your Story #41 winning entries chosen by WD editors at (click on the ‘Your Story’ forum. You must be a forum member to vote; register at

      We are now currently taking submissions for Your Story #42. To view the prompt and for information on how to enter, visit

    1. Tiffany Luckey Post author

      Hello David,

      The “Last Call” is the same thing as the Your Story contest. It’s just a last-minute push to get readers to submit to the contest. If you’ve already submitted an entry to Your Story #41 via email or the online entry form, you don’t need to resubmit it in the “Last Call” comment section. Thanks for entering!

  2. cjv750

    I had so much fun with this exercise. A few days after I submitted my sentence, I looked at it and the story flew out of me and onto paper. Had a blast and think it is a great way to get inspirations.

      1. penney

        Oh shoot! Just saw this message and looked back at what I submitted very early on. I used “behaved”. So this is now disqualified? If so would a new entry be disqualified as a second entry, thus ending this Your Story for me?

  3. Mimi Tulane

    Hello I was wanting to know with this contest using the prompt words do you want a story submitted using the opening line that contains the prompts or just an opening line that could lead to a story using the prompt words? I’m a newbie and I think nervousness is causing me to misunderstand? Thank you so much.


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