Your Story 35 Winners

Photo Prompt:

Once again, you’ve made the Your Story competition a success. Thanks to everyone who participated in the competition (either by entering, reading or voting).

Out of more than 1000 entries based on the above photo prompt here are the top 10 sentences (ranked in order by reader’s votes). The winning sentences will appear in an upcoming issue of Writer’s Digest.


1. Her arms swam in the wind as it thundered around her ears; in her world without sight, she pondered how marvelous the wind must look.

2. It was a perfect moment, so I tried not to think about how she wouldn’t remember it by the time we turned the corner.

3. Insanity in disguise sat next to him as he glanced in the mirror at the last of the money dancing in the road like leaves.

4. As the convertible picked up speed Jeanine lifted her hands; it didn’t matter if he was the one, he was her only way out.

5. I have never felt more alive than that day with Mary, driving through Connecticut on our way to get married after our first bank robbery.

6. Dorie lived life in the front seat of the roller coaster and I had to tell her the damn thing was broke.

7. She lifted her hands to the sky, the wind washing over her skin and whisking away the red specter of all that she had done.

8. Jim wouldn’t raise his hands on a roller coaster for fear of getting kicked out before he got his money’s worth, but I never cared.

9. Along the lush-green-lined road to the coast, we didn’t rehash the risks, but jabbered about how we were saving her life.

10. It’s only summer when we drive the convertible without its top, and the trees are traced with gold thick as the breeze between my fingers.

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