Writing Your Novel From Start to Finish Downloadable Worksheets

9781599639215Thank you for purchasing Writing Your Novel From Start to Finish: A Guidebook for the Journey. Click on the links below to access downloadable, printer-friendly worksheets that you can use again and again.

Worksheet 1: Developing Initial Ideas

Worksheet 2: Character Concepting

Worksheet 3: Character and Plot Arcs

Worksheet 4: Supporting Characters

Worksheet 5: The Plot Arc

Worksheet 6: Three Lesser-Used Novel Structures

Worksheet 7: POV and Voice

Worksheet 8: Finding Your Voice

Worksheet 9: Avoiding Cliches

Worksheet 10: Description

Worksheet 11: Crafting a Setting

Worksheet 12: Major and Minor Settings

Worksheet 13: First-Act Markers

Worksheet 14: Setup and Opening Scene Sketch

Worksheet 15: Inciting Incident

Worksheet 16: Act I Bridging Scenes

Worksheet 17: Plot Point 1

Worksheet 18: Crafting Dialogue

Worksheet 19: Act II Bridging Scenes

Worksheet 20: Raising the Stakes

Worksheet 21: Deepening the Protagonist

Worksheet 22: Subplot Tracker

Worksheet 23: First Culmination and Darkest Moment

Worksheet 24: Plot Point 2

Worksheet 25: The Shape of the Third Act

Worksheet 26: Climax

Worksheet 27: Denouement and Closing Scenes