The Best Deal for Poets Ever!

Some of you may have noticed the recent promotions for the National Poetry Month Collection, and I just wanted to take a moment to highlight it. Because it really is the best deal for poets that Writer’s Digest has ever offered!

2015 Poet's Market

2015 Poet’s Market

First off, it includes the 2015 Poet’s Market, edited by yours truly, and filled with articles on the craft, business, and promotion of poetry–along with hundreds of listings for publishers of poetry, including print journals, online publications, book and chapbook publishers, contests, grants, and more!

Second, it includes the first volume of the Poem Your Heart Out anthology (published by Words Dance) that includes 30 prompts, 30 amazing poems, and space to write your own. Already own it? It makes a great gift for a poet friend!

Third, this collection includes a magnetic poetry kit, which–like poetry itself–is just plain fun! Check it out now.

Now I started off with these three items, because they’re tangible, and because they retail separately for more than the entire price of the National Poetry Month Collection. But believe it or not, this collection actually gets better from here.

national_poetry_monthHow can it get better?

Over the course of the past year, I’ve been busy recording poetry-related tutorials for the Writer’s Digest Tutorials site, and I’ve done it with a plan of how everything would fit together in a way that one builds upon the other beginning with my Get Writing and Get Published series that includes:

  • Creating Poetry: How to Self-Prompt Poems tutorial
  • Re-Creating Poetry: How to Revise Poems tutorial
  • Build an Audience for Your Poetry tutorial

And I didn’t stop there; I also recorded a Poetic Forms series that includes:

  • French Poetic Forms: Refrains, Rhymes, and Refrains tutorial
  • Asian Poetic Forms: Japanese, Korean, and More tutorial
  • Contemporary Poetic Forms: Newer Forms for Poets tutorial
  • More Contemporary Poetic Forms tutorial

Each of these tutorials alone cost nearly as much as the entire National Poetry Month Collection, so together it’s easy to see how this bundle is an amazing deal. But there’s even more!

freewriting | life of a writerHere’s the “even more” that’s included:

  • Poetry Dictionary ebook
  • Writing the Life Poetic ebook
  • Creating Poetry ebook
  • Write Poetry Now ebook
  • Poetry: Formatting & Submitting Your Manuscript ebook excerpt
  • Get Your Poetry Published webinar

If you can find a better deal than that for less than $50, then wow! Because I’ve never seen Writer’s Digest pull out all the stops like this before.

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7 thoughts on “The Best Deal for Poets Ever!

  1. steveervin

    Seeing the best verse to have ever been composed is something a large portion of us make progress toward. We plunge through books and other media with expectations of discovering something our heart knows is genuinely awesome and will never be coordinated again in our lifetime. do my coursework There have been numerous artists all through history which have endeavored to achieve fame through sentiment compositions. In any case, numerous have been overlooked and are once in a while got notification from in today’s general public.


    Find a spark. A poem might start as a snippet of verse, maybe just a line or two that seems to come out of nowhere, and the remainder of the poem need only be written around it. Here are a few ways to generate sparks:
    Play “Grand Theft Poetry.” Gather a variety of books of poetry by different authors, or print 10 random poems off from the Internet. Then randomly pick a line out of each poem, trying to focus only on the first line you see instead of picking the “best” one. Write all these different lines down on a separate piece of paper, and try to arrange them into a coherent poem. The juxtaposition of two entirely different lines of poetry might give you an idea for your own poem.
    Write down all the words and phrases that come to mind when you think of that idea. Allow yourself to put all your ideas into words.

  3. KatieHolmes2

    The matter of my heart
    Is made up Cole,
    Of painful stories
    From the past I have told.

    Of aches and pains of life gripping fears,
    It’s mixed with unhappiness
    And a life time of tears.

    It’s matter consists
    of rips and painful bruising,
    If it played a melody
    It would sound completely bluesy.

    I’ve tried my best to rewire it
    To undo what makes it whole,
    But the pieces lay scattered across the floor
    In a heart that’s matter,
    Is made up
    of cole.

    -Katie Lynn-


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