Save on Your Poetry References

Today, the Writer’s Digest online shop is doing it’s an annual big sale that involves books, OnDemand webinars, and more discounted at 50% off their normal prices. It’s kind of a big deal.

2014_poets_marketFor instance, a poet who hasn’t purchased the 2014 Poet’s Market yet could get a copy today for only $15. All the market listings, valuable articles on the craft and business, and more. Heck, poets who know poets might want to grab a copy (or three) as a gift.

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But it gets better, because poets (and non-poets) can save an additional 10% off at checkout by entering the coupon code: CYBER10.

So a poet who wants the Build an Audience for Your Poetry tutorial that normally costs $39.99 could get it for $20 today. And even take an additional 10% off with the CYBER10 code at checkout. So it would cost less than $20 for today and today only.

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Here are a few other poetry resources available at deep discounts:

But it’s not just poetry that’s for sale today. Find hundreds of deals today at the Writer’s Digest Shop!

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