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Save on Your Poetry References

Categories: General, Robert Lee Brewer's Poetic Asides Blog, What's New.

Today, the Writer’s Digest online shop is doing it’s an annual big sale that involves books, OnDemand webinars, and more discounted at 50% off their normal prices. It’s kind of a big deal.

2014_poets_marketFor instance, a poet who hasn’t purchased the 2014 Poet’s Market yet could get a copy today for only $15. All the market listings, valuable articles on the craft and business, and more. Heck, poets who know poets might want to grab a copy (or three) as a gift.

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But it gets better, because poets (and non-poets) can save an additional 10% off at checkout by entering the coupon code: CYBER10.

So a poet who wants the Build an Audience for Your Poetry tutorial that normally costs $39.99 could get it for $20 today. And even take an additional 10% off with the CYBER10 code at checkout. So it would cost less than $20 for today and today only.

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Here are a few other poetry resources available at deep discounts:

But it’s not just poetry that’s for sale today. Find hundreds of deals today at the Writer’s Digest Shop!

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About Robert Lee Brewer

Senior Content Editor, Writer's Digest Community.

2 Responses to Save on Your Poetry References

  1. Cin5456 says:

    Ordered mine too. Thank you Robert. Very happy to have the ebook.

  2. Bruce Niedt says:

    Just ordered mine – thanks for the tip, Robert!

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