De Jackson: Poet Interview

The next poet in our Top 25 series was actually cited in the previous interview: De Jackson. De has been around as long as I can remember on this blog, and she’s been an uplifting spirit–and I’ve personally witnessed her grow as a poet (hopefully she can say the same for me).

De Jackson

De Jackson

De wanted to be a Poet-Pirate-Princess when she grew up, but is (mostly) happily settling into the roles of parent and freelance writer. De’s been writing for the PAD challenges since 2009, and has been penning a poem a day, every day, for several years. So far she’s been paid for her published poetry in book copies, subscriptions, garbanzo beans, and one time, a whole dollar (okay, it was a cyber PayPal dollar, but it’s out there, somewhere – my first little poetry paycheck). Follow De’s blog at

Here’s her Top 25 poem:

Sevenling, by De Jackson

You taught me
the game of rock,
paper, scissors.

and the art of origami.

I fold. You win.


Where are you located?

Hopelessly desert-bound in Henderson, Nevada, a quiet little suburb pocket of Las Vegas. My soul lives in Lake Tahoe, but my people live here, and I’m fond of seeing them every day.

Who are your favorite poets?

I fell head-over-heels for E.E. Cummings as a teenager. Brian Andreas is an incredible poet/artist. Shel Silverstein, of course. Alice Walker. Theodore Roethke. David, writer of the Psalms. Honestly, some of my favorite poets are right here, and I now also call them friends.

As a reader, what do you like most in poems?

I’m all about the language, the word bump. When two words or phrases rub up against each other just right, they make sparks. I have fallen in love with entire poems a few times, but mostly it’s the phrases that linger. I’m also a big fan of powerful verbs, wielded in a way I’ve never seen before…and enjambment that creates the possibility for multiple meanings.

What were your goals for the 2013 April PAD Challenge?

Same as for every challenge: just keep writing! And reading the amazing work that always flows from these daily challenges. I’ve met some of the most astounding poets here.

What’s next for you?

My family takes a tremendous amount of time and energy right now, but I hope to pull together a chapbook or poetry collection next year, and I have a young adult novel idea I want to put in motion. And always, to continue to write every day.


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Robert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community and lucky to associate with so many talented writers on a daily basis. He’s the author of Solving the World’s Problems. Follow him on Twitter @robertleebrewer.


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42 thoughts on “De Jackson: Poet Interview

  1. Margie Fuston

    De, I’ve loved your poems ever since I started reading this blog not too long ago. This is another wonderful one! Thank you for sharing your work and congratulations!

  2. drwasy

    Love the interview, love the poem, and love seeing you, De! My favorite part of these interviews is putting a face to the name. Congratulations on being a Top 25-er, and thank you for poems and generous spirit. Peace…

  3. PKP

    De –
    light –

    As always, the mermaid of our original “Street” just puts a smile on my face that goes straight to my heart. I loved indigo and mermaids before De – but they are now forever transformed by Ms Jackson’s poems and that mischievous full of life personality that illuminates all. Thanks RLB. for featuring De, our PL Emeritus who deserves all the recognition she can ever receive. 🙂

  4. priyajane

    Wow– your writings are truly amazing. The way you weave words with colorful form is very unique and admirable. So much to learn from your work – Thank you

  5. seingraham

    Yay – De Jackson is the real deal! Thanks for bringing her to us here Robert…no surprise at all, of course. One of the originals who will always be that…original, you have such talent De, it’s hard to find the right words to describe it without sounding schmaltzy. I’ve often thought in my next life I’d like to come back as you…but if you could sprinkle some of whatever it is you’re imbued with in this one, I might settle for that…I’m kidding (sorta)…glad to see you get some much deserved recognition. As always it’s great to follow you and your work. Thanks again Robert.

  6. Linda Hatton

    Oh De! Fantastic (but not surprising) to see you here. Your words amaze me. You are so much fun to read (and you are one inspiring lady), whether it’s your poetry, comments, or interviews! Big congratulations!! xo

  7. RJ Clarken

    OMG! Robert – thank you so much for this fantabulous interview! De totally rocks as a major poetic talent and a wonderful person and friend. She is so inspiring. Reading De’s works is a renewing experience. Reading more about De enhanced that. De – you are amazing!

  8. PressOn

    De’s work fascinates me. She sees shapes and hears sounds in places a sorcerer couldn’t imagine. For me, the overarching feeling I get from her poems, even the somber ones, is joy, the kind a kid dispenses when she frolics. To borrow from Holmes’s shay, she’s a wonder, and nothing less.

  9. Jane Shlensky

    Robert, thanks for sharing De with us. She’s one of those folks I first noticed when I came to PA and secretly hoped she’d rub off on me. Congrats, De. You juggle everything you do with grace and style and a heck-of-a-lot of productivity and creativity. Hugs!

  10. Hannah

    I’m so proud of you, De…you continually inspire me, (and others), I feel honored to have crossed poetical paths with you back in the day, (2009), till now…and that I can call you friend, wow. Thank you for all that you do!! ♥

  11. Marie Elena

    It’s my DE! It’s my DE!

    I have multiple “favorite” poets for various styles and varied reasons, but De is my 100% bonafide FAVORITE favorite all-around poet. Mostly, her poems are short – because she does not need many words to creatively make her point. Her word-play is astounding. Her poems run from great fun to stop-me-in-my-tracks. Word play? Oh, yeah. She’s got it down.


    And I love her for the strong, gentle woman of faith she is.

    1. De Jackson

      Thank you so much, Marie. Your words – both your encouragement and your poems – have meant so much to me over the years. You’re a brilliant writer with a great big heart, and I am blessed to call you friend.


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