You’re the Marriage Ref

You and two friends are out to dinner when a woman walks up to you and says, “My husband and I have a disagreement and we’d like you to decide who is right.” She explains the issue. Both of your friends chime in, giving completely opposite opinions. The decision, though, rests in your hands. What do you decide?

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One thought on “You’re the Marriage Ref

  1. kathleenmagner

    Denise swirled her straw through her gin and tonic. “You can’t know for sure.”

    “Know?” Mark dropped his sauced steak knife and fork onto his plate and held out both hands as if to stop an oncoming train. “I saw them. Together. In the break room.”

    “I still don’t believe it,” said Adrian while peppering the last of her salad.

    “Trust me,” said Mark, “if I could purge the memory, I would.”

    Denise wet her pallet with a sip. “I bet they’d be cute together.”

    “What I saw was anything but cute.” Shaking his head, Mark sliced another hunk from his rib eye.

    Denise smirked, plucked the lime off the rim of her drink, and squeezed drops into her glass. The ram into the back of her chair, however, flung the crushed wedge from her fingers and wiggled the remains of her linguine alfredo.

    “Let’s ask them,” said the slurred voice behind her.

    “They don’t care, Gretchen.”

    “Exactly.” The slurring Gretchen pulled out their table’s lone empty chair and plopped down, her halter-top dress shimmering. Her tumble of raven hair accentuated her droop and her index finger’s waggle. “I have to ask you three a question.”

    “Gretch.” A suited fellow with a clutch purse nestled in the crook of his arm laid a hand on Gretchen’s bared shoulder. She shooed him off and turned to the table.

    “You don’t mind one little old question do you?”

    Denise eyed Mark and Adrian. He shrugged while Adrian hid her laugh by guzzling chardonnay. Forming a quick smile, the one she used when the Director stormed in asking for the impossible, Denise faced the slack jawed but expectant woman.

    “Not at all, Gretchen. What’s your question?”

    “Okay, so here’s the story.” Gretchen leaned back in her chair, hands flailing with her words. “I’ve got this co-worker.”

    With a roll of his eyes, her suited companion leaned against a neighboring table already prepped for tomorrow’s lunch, sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. He didn’t look up when Gretchen patted his trousered thigh.

    “Sorry, this is Walter.”

    “And the other guy?”


    Denise stifled a grin when Gretchen locked upon her and waited for the question to process.

    “The co-worker,” said Adrian when the seconds stretched.

    “Oh, Richard.”

    “And the question?” prompted Mark.

    “I’m getting there.” Gretchen leaned onto the table, cupping her chin. “So Walter here thinks that Richard has,” she swiveled and squinted at Walter. “How did you put it? Less than honorable intentions toward yours truly.” She managed to point at herself but her fingers became entangled in her string of rice-pearls.

    Denise passed over her untouched glass of water, the slosh diverting Gretchen from her extrication.

    “How do you mean?”

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