Your Last Line

Write the last line to an unwritten novel that’s so intriguing that others won’t help but want to read the book.

Post your response (500 words or less) in the comments below.

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5 thoughts on “Your Last Line

  1. cosivantutte

    I kept my finger on the spray bottle’s trigger as I searched the house room by room. If Sir Peter appeared, he was going to get a face full of garlic water. Then, wouldn’t he be the sorry one.

    One room left. I entered the kitchen and searched it as thoroughly as I could. He wasn’t there. He wasn’t there!

    I sat down at the table in a state of pleased shock. My life was finally my own. I could go wherever I wanted and do everything I’d only dreamed of doing. He couldn’t stop me anymore. I was no longer Sir Peter’s minion.

    “I’m free.” I loved the sound of those two words put together. I’m and free.

    I climbed up on the table, raised my fists in the air, and shouted those two beautiful words. “I’m free!” Something crackled under my foot.

    It was a piece of red stationery paper with black borders.

    I jumped off the table and backed away from it. I refused to look at that paper. I refused to even touch it. I pointed my spray bottle at it, but I didn’t pull the trigger. Curiosity, that cursed cat killer, got me good.

    I inched over to the table. What was on that paper? Was it his last will and testament? An old shopping list? Or could it be…

    “Dear minion,

    Now that you’ve had your bit of celebration, please buy me a carton of Cardova tea. We’re all out again. I’m just not that happy without it. Be back by noon. Or else.


    Sir Peter Vanere”

    I shook my head in disbelief. “It can’t be. He’s gone. It’s an old note. He’s gone!”

    The words “You wish” appeared on the note.

    I fired several rounds of garlic water at the note. “Die! Die! Diiiie!”

  2. kcvrsv

    She was a gentle wisp of air; escaping my lungs as I grasped to life.
    As I grasped to her.
    But her body evades me and I am left here alone, helpless.
    If it were anyone else, I might’ve been hurt. Upset, at the very least. But, it was her.
    It was her and she would do whatever she pleased, because she didn’t ask to be here with me when she was, she did it because she wanted to.
    She did it because it was her purpose.
    She left because her job was done and that’s all I could have asked for.

    My vision has become foggy around the edges – I am closer to death and life. I am calm.
    I am calm because she is still here. I know she is even if I can’t see her.
    Her presence is larger than life – it is more amazing than the universe and everything that it carries.

    Because she is my angel.
    My angel without wings.


    Tracy entered the funeral parlor just as the service was beginning. He walked the middle aisle straight to the white gold trimmed coffin. Robyn looked beautiful. Every hair was in place, her makeup was flawlessly done and she was dressed like an angel. Mourners pointed and moaned at Tracy although they came to pay Robyn, last respects. A very pregnant Diamond had to be restrained from attacking Tracy at her mother’s coffin. Tracy placed one of the two red roses on Robyn’s chest. He bent down to kiss her but changed his mind. He turned around to a room of eye daggers. He locked eyes with Doug, nodded his head and left as quickly as he came. The room’s chatter pointed to Doug. Everyone knew Tracy was his friend. Robyn’s mother jumped up and ran to Doug screaming…

    “How could you! You poor excuse for man! I hope you and that freak rot in hell. My baby deserved better! She deserved better.”

    Ushers escorted her safely back to her seat. Doug wiped a tear from his face and stared straight ahead. Junior and his wife sat still looking spooked and tried to keep their youngest quiet. The organist played “I’ll always love you” Robyn’s favorite song. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room. Robyn’s father couldn’t stand it and ran out bursting through the double entry doors. Tracy watched in horror as the man grabbed his chest and plopped down in front of a crucifixion shrine.

    “Oh my Father, help me please! Don’t take my little girl. Not like this father. Please not like this! I know I wasn’t the best parent but, but if you just give me the chance to fix it. I’ll do better. Please not my little girl. Take me my father! Please! Oh God! Take me please!”

    Ushers came with water and tried to help, but he flagged them away and continued screaming and crying. Tracy remembered meeting him once and thought maybe he could help but his mind flashed to the roof top when he tried to help Robyn. She looked at him with deep hatred. He decided against it. But, he thought he could or should get someone from inside the chapel. He opened the door and heard Diamond screaming…

    “As God is my witness it’s not over, this is not over! As a matter of fact, it’s just beginning because Tracy thinks he has my dad’s nose wide open and will get his hands on the money, Tracy thinks he has my brother fooled that he didn’t have anything to do with destroying our family apart, well Tracy can believe whatever he wants, but I’ll be damn if he thinks he can kill my mother and get away with it! Over my dead body!”
    Diamond turned her head and watched Tracy signing the funeral register. He laid the last red rose on the podium, turned and blew a kiss in Diamond’s direction and mouthed to her the words…

    “So be it!”

  4. Nareik98

    I smiled and turned to her, knowing it was the last time we’d ever see eachother. Although neither of us spoke, we both knew; that the biggest and most important moustaches has been right under our noses the whole time.

    A little jokey, let me know what you think!


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