You Can’t Name Your Baby That!

You and your spouse welcome a beautiful baby into your lives and, after going round and round on names, you choose one that’s very unusual. Write a scene where you announce the name to your family. Include their reaction and your explanation for choosing such an odd name.

Post your response (500 words or less) in the comments below.

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One thought on “You Can’t Name Your Baby That!

  1. kathleenmagner

    The spit bubble popped when they thumped into the driveway, and Jesse mopped it with one of the hospital’s candy-striped towels.

    “Sorry,” whispered Ben.

    “It’s okay,” said Jesse, “she’s still sleeping.”

    She glanced up from the round cheeks and tuft of dark hair when Ben leaned over. Tipping her arm, she presented the slumbering face peeking out of the swaddling.

    “She sleeps a lot,” said Ben.

    “Like father like daughter.”

    Despite his smile, a wariness filled Ben’s brown eyes, his irises darker thanks to their matching purple bags.

    “We can do this,” said Jesse.

    “I know.” Swiveling to the wheel, he turned the key and the car quieted. “I just don’t want to mess her up right at the start.”

    “We’ll do our best,” said Jesse, keeping steady in the cascade of his uncertainty. “She can’t ask for more than that.”

    After a nod, Ben bowed his head and Jesse ached to touch the back of his neck, to run her fingers through his sandy hair, but the bundle in her arms kept her hands pinned. She softened her voice instead.

    “We’ll love her, more than anyone else ever will. You and me, together.”

    Lifting his head, Ben stared out the windshield. “Maybe not just you and me.”


    “You’ll see.”

    She frowned when he exited, closed the door with care, and rounded the front bumper. He unlocked her door and, reaching over, unclasped the safety belt crossing her and their wrapped daughter.

    “What did you mean, Ben?”

    Keeping his eyes downcast, Ben cupped her elbow. Jesse rose out of the seat, her feet spread wide to keep her arms steady. Regardless of her caution, the welcome home banner above the stoop fluttered, and the giant lettering and flanking flocks of pink balloons nearly bowled her over. Gaping, she clasped the tiny bundle closer to her breast.

    “She didn’t,” whispered Jesse.

    “She did.”


    Ben shrugged and gathered the bag they’d brought to the hospital from the backseat, where the still-boxed child seat would be installed.

    “I wasn’t sure what to say to her.”

    “That we wanted some time on our own?”

    “You tell your mother that.”

    “I did.”

    “Well,” said Ben, closing both doors, “she didn’t get the message.”

    Jesse’s shoulders sagged. “How many?”

    “Her, my folks, and your sister.”

    “How long?”

    “In theory, for lunch.”

    “Lunch, right.”

    With Ben in her wake, Jesse gingerly walked down the flagstone path toward the front steps. Her stomach gurgled as she stepped up each tread, and a wave of hunger coursed through her deflated body.

    Movement behind the porch windows drew her from her ruminations on the now drained and hollow pit in her core no food could satiate, and she had a smile screwed into place when the front door swung wide.

    “How’s my baby and my baaaaaby?!”

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