What You’re Most Thankful For

Not including people or pets, what’s the one thing that you’re most thankful for? Write a one-paragraph note that starts “I’m thankful for (fill in the blank) because … ”

Post your response (500 words or fewer) in the comments below.

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60 thoughts on “What You’re Most Thankful For

  1. calebsdgva

    I’m thankful to my teachers who taught me everything i needed to learn. I’m thankful to everyone who supported me through rough time’s but i’m happy people cared for me. I hope everybody who helped me take this and hold it dearly to there heart.

  2. tullatalk

    Happy tears flood my eyes as I think of all the battles that have been won this last year. My family has been through tremendous pressure this last two years. As I enter this Thanksgiving season, I must stop and say how thankful I am for the provisions that I’ve been given.

  3. ms_red

    I’m thankful for my family,my house and my car for many reasons.The following are a few of them. Family is always there for me when I need them, a house to have-a nice warm place to live because there’s no place like home or a place to call your own. And last, but not least, I’m thankful for my car because it helps me get back and forward to work,school, and doctors appointments. So thank you God for blessing me with these things.

  4. aoglen

    What i am most thankful for is my family,and my new found family. I am thankful for my 6 year old daughter and my future husband .Also I am thankful for my mom, my dad, and all of my future in laws. Recently this past week we had a baby shower to welcome are baby that is due on Feb.08,2014, and we also celebrated my man’s 40th birthday. Being around him and his family opened my eyes to the many blessings that I have been able to receive this year , and for that i am so thankful . I am also thankful to have a great health while I am pregnant. I know many people don’t get a chance to go thru these things and I am just so happy God has blessed me this much.

  5. Mya-Freeman

    I’m thankful for having the opportunity to burn my tongue on my mother’s hot chocolate every winter morning. I’m thankful for being able to come home from school each day only to have my best clothes be covered in dog hair in moments. I’m thankful to hear music I hate being played for hours without pause from the room next to mine. I’m thankful to have someone to recommend books to. I’m thankful to have someone who smiles so little that when she smiles it’s like her face is glowing and she becomes twice as pretty. I’m thankful to constantly hear banging and swearing from the garage. And I’m thankful for the warm food I’m able to eat each day as I watch the snow falling outside the window from within my warm and cozy house.

  6. catbr

    I am thankful for the gift of faith in God because of many reasons. The following are a few of them. Faith has gotten me through the deepest, darkest times in my life. It kept me sane where otherwise I would have been lost to the shock, grief, hurt or whatever. It helps me look at others with a deep compassion and love that I just know has to be coming from outside of myself because it just isn’t there all the time. Going to heaven at the end of my life is much more appealing than just coming to an end, period or going to hell… Yikes! Without faith in God I dread to think of where mankind would be considering all the troubles, perversions, wars and so on out there. And honestly speaking, my faith is not there all the time. I suppose it is part of our human nature to struggle with doubts and all that is against it in today’s world but then you can always pray to have more.

  7. anucool46

    Am thankful for being able to put my thoughts into words effortlessly and, for being able to write my heart out honestly in the form of poems. Without this gift, am not sure where I would have ended up in life. Being able to write well, both, in the form of prose and poetry, helps me keep myself sane, happy, and healthy! Writing, undoubtedly is my passion in life!

  8. atinabear

    I’m grateful for peaceful sleep. My head rests on a soft pillow, my eyes close and the duties of life wait. I don’t worry about being awakened by bombs, catastrophes, abuse, or really anything. Do you wonder why I can sleep so well? It’s because my Heavenly Father watches over me.

  9. yardstuff

    I am thankful for an active imagination. My imagination is so rich and expansive I have little time to get into trouble. Although most people with an active imagination get themselves into trouble, my imagination does the opposite . If used with caution , it can help make the most awkward family get together zip to a close at the speed of light. Thank God.

  10. missyelmo

    I am thankful for the effective functioning of the five senses of the human being. To smell the scent of living things, the sweet aroma of fresh baked bread and fresh rain. The beauty of sight that enables me to embrace the beauty of nature that makes me appreciate where I live, of love that gives me hope, of brokeness that reminds me to be thankful. The sense of touch to feel love, in a handshake that tells you much of a person’s life. The sense of taste of a full bodied big red, of a sweet kiss and the sense of hearing the sounds of chirping birds, barking dogs, laughter, crying; of life. Thankful every day and not taking either senses for granted.

  11. Frawst

    I am thankful for the chance to have the chance to live a solid and productive life in honor of those I had lost. While witnessing the demise of those I held most dear, I always said that if things had gotten better, I would do the right things in life. I would go to college and get a degree, I would pursue positive endeavors to enhance my way of life, and make those loved ones proud of the person I could be. When the dust finally settled enough, I have gone back to college, I seek ways to keep my mind positive and moving forward, and I do my best to live as a man they would be proud of. There’s always hiccups along any journey, there’s even giant canyons at some junctures, but I know that I have people who love me and believe in me and that’s more than enough to be eternally thankful for the chances I have before me now.

  12. egg

    In Alexandria, a man with no hands and no feet approached me on a trolley and begged money. I saw him again in Phnom Penh, but this time he stood upright with an empty eye socket and a mangled right arm covered with purple patches where the wounds had healed. In Kathmandu, he appeared to me as a ragged child with limbs like sticks, trotting beside me with cupped hands as I wandered with the cattle through muddy streets, and waited for the scheduled black-out to end so that I could check my emails.

    I am thankful that I am not the product of extreme poverty; of war and disease; of social injustice and political corruption, because these are the realities of lives around the world.

    When I am having a ‘bad day’, I take a glass from the cupboard, fill it with tap water and watch the light dance through it before taking a swig. And I remember the man as I saw him in Botswana, scooping water the colour of my morning coffee, from the delta to take to his children who lived on the other side of the village, (those of his children who had so far escaped the curse of HIV, that is). I sip my cool, clear water, and am grateful. Boy, am I grateful.

  13. lost

    I am thankful for life struggles because it makes me question about life, and its struggles. It makes me question why we are here, what we are here for, and where we are leading to after this. These questions make me step away, even if it is only for a few minutes, from my mundane self and think about authenticity of our being. Religious beliefs and spiritual thoughts woven over centuries provide some solace. For instance, my mom always told me to follow teachings in our holy book and she claims that one day I will disembark the truth – the answers. One Hindu teaching in particular, perhaps the most interesting one is that perform karma (or actions) without expectations of fruits and one will be freed from the cycle of life. This teaching has always caught my attention because following it literally would simply mean that one should wake up in the morning and perform actions to his/her fullest capacity and with utter dedication without expectations of fame, authority, financial and/or social gains, social acceptance, and pride. And thus anything that follows will be anew rather than premeditated, which is far more rewarding, and is bound to make one happy. And isn’t happiness is what we humans seek? So until we learn the why, the what and the where, we struggle through life and learn from mistakes for a better tomorrow. And we struggle even tomorrow.

  14. Serena Chance

    I am thankful for pain. I know it sounds rather ‘emo’ and ‘masochistic’ but please hear me out before you judge me. Have you ever had that moment when your chest hurts so much that you’ve got no choice but to curl up on your bed whilst rain pours down hard and songs like Reckoner play on your radio? Those, I believe, are moments in which pain is at its most beautiful. It is beautiful because it lets us appreciate the calming nature of the sound of rainfall. It is beautiful because it heightens the empathy we receive from music. Most of all, it is beautiful because of the wisdom we unconsciously earn from this heightened appreciation of nature and the arts. Just as there is pain in beauty, there is beauty in pain… and that is why I am thankful for pain.

  15. writer80

    I’m thankful for never giving up on my ability as a writer, despite what some have said (“that’s not a real talent/profession”). Even when I’ve put one writing project on the back burner and left it, I never stopped using the pen and paper to at least scribble journal entries. I don’t expect to the best-seller overnight, but I expect that my writing would be touching to some (publisher). I’m glad that I’m doing this now, instead of saying “I wished I’ve done…” on my death bed.

  16. tomcarrico

    I am thankful that my mother taught me to read when I was four years old. I haven’t stopped since, and the love of books and the printed word have been an essential part of my life. Nearly fifty five years later, there are so many books I want to read, re-read and even write! I have tried to adapt to newer technology, have a NOOK which I use when I travel, but still, there is no replacement for escaping into the printed page. My Mom and Dad were both avid readers despite limited formal education (Dad quit in the seventh grade, Mom lasted until tenth grade) but their example sticks with me all of these years later. For this, I am very thankful.

  17. Delilah2011

    I’m thankful for learning how to play the accordion when I was seven years old. My father wasn’t a musician but loved music, and encouraged my twin sister and me to take accordion lessons. I took to it more than sis did. She liked drawing and doing crafty things more than playing instruments. I took lessons up until high school, and learned to play complicated pieces – even a concerto! Then I started playing piano from there. In junior high and high school I played flute in the band. This love of music I attribute to my positive experience learning to play the accordion. To this day (41 years later) I get a craving to play my favorite songs on my red accordion. I love the leathery smell that comes wafting out of the accordion case when I open it. The crackle of the leather straps as I grab them hauling the instrument onto my lap, and the whoosh of air as I close the bellows. My right hand travels up and down the yellowish ivory keys playing a familiar melody, and my left hand clicks the bass notes providing the harmony and a steady rhythm. I love the reedy sound of the notes, and how I can give them life by opening and closing the bellows. The instrument is breathing and I’m breathing with it. It’s so relaxing and satisfying. I’m thankful I still remember how to play. Thankful for the fond memories it brings back. Thankful for the memory of my Dad watching and listening to me play.

  18. Sandi

    This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for my my children and especially my new grandson – born 11/22/11 (cool birthdate!). I’m also thankful for my husband and that he cooked dinner on Thanksgiving when I had the flu. I’m thankful for even the not-so-great things that have happened to me over the past 4 years, because without those incidents, I would not have the insight and feelings that I do today.

  19. tapasinmotion

    I have to be most thankful for moments of clarity. Life can get so bogged down with emotional stressors beyond my control; what is frustrating is when I don’t recognize negative thought patterns that only add to the kaos. Along the way I catch a glimpse of nature that allows me to be present, find balance in some basic breathwork, or return to sanity with the safety net that is music. When all that fails, or course, we can always find truth through the stories of others; or a good laugh!

  20. Elibet1

    I am thankful for the things that lift my spirit: little children, happy, pouting, sleeping, and yes, even bawling. Beautiful flowers that amaze me with their colors, textures, and scents. Butterflies for their flitting. Birds: little and large, fast and graceful, chirpping and trilling. But I am most thankful for the God who created the beauty in this world because He gave me eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart to appreciate His beautiful blessings.

    1. gdr81900

      I am thankful for the knowledge I gained when I attended a seminar that discussed the law of attraction. I learned the value of using gratitude and appreciation to create a better lifestyle for myself. I was enlightened and amazed to see the positive benefits that can be obtained by expressing gratitude and appreciation. That information inspired me to use the power of thankfulness as a tool for living a fuller life. My sincere expressions of gratitude and appreciation have allowed me to attract more things to be thankful for. As a result, I am better able to enjoy my life; moreover, now that I have a spirit of gratitude and appreciation, I have a more positive outlook. I am now able to use my thankful spirit to transform obstacles into adventures; therefore, unnecessary stress is avoided. As well, I have inspired others to use thankfulness to empower their lives. I did not know it then, but that seminar, which cost me $300.00 to attend, has proven to be–priceless.

  21. thegreenestbean

    I’m thankful for spoons, because soup can’t be eaten with a fork. I’m thankful for sorrow so that I might know good spirits. I’m thankful for sleep so that I might forget, and I’m thankful for memories so that I might remember.

  22. uncommon

    I am thankful for not only that the Creator of all Heaven and all of Earth is lovingly mindful of me and the sacrifice of His only begotten Son, but also of His sovereign presence in my daily life. Jesus said, “I will never leave you or forsake you.” I am ecstatically thankful to proclaim, I know by experience that is the everlasting truth! What more can be said? :)

  23. betirosa

    I’m thankful to the artist in me (there, I said it) because she provides a respite from reality, a place to hide, a ying to my yang, and more interesting topics of conversation at dinner parties. Sometimes I hate that she’s in there, picking away at stuff. She scratches beneath the surface of nearly forgotten memories, tries to wedge her way into my subconscious through the small space left by its door when ajar. I tell myself I’m thankful for her observance, for the fact that she can stare for hours at a sculpture or the folds of an origami rose, but truthfully, I’m not so sure. She broods silently, cries sometimes. She throws tantrums when, like a child, words fail to explain the depth of her feelings. She is an artist, after all. Despite all this, I’m pretty sure she makes me a better person. She nudges me gently in the mornings, lets the light of the computer screen rise on my face. She makes my coffee just as I like it– 1/2 decaf, skim milk– and thumbs through the book of her life, picking out prompts to inspire my writing. When I get to work, she keeps me sane, quietly waits in the background, until it’s her turn. Sometimes she makes a cameo, looking to help improve sentence structure in an email or a headline in a presentation. But mostly, she watches. Absorbs everything– the day, its stresses, the commute home in a crowded smelly train– so that I don’t have to. For all this, I am indeed grateful.

  24. dylancraig

    As of November 23, 2011, I am graciously thankful for M&M’s. You know, the milk chocolate droplets inside a colorful button-shaped shell? They’re crunchy and oh-so savory. They melt in your hand instead of your mouth…but candies are always a mixed bag. Since the prompt says not to talk about people or pets, I am not referring to those anthropomorphic wannabes, Red and Yellow, in the commercials. But in the true spirit of Thanksgiving, any living organism with two eyes and feet would look good on a dinner table.

  25. writfem76

    I am thankful for having people in my life who love and support me. I have been through a rough couple of years. I have not always remained positive during this time but I always had and continue to have loved ones who would offer a hug when I really needed or offer encouraging words.

    I am also thankful for being diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I know that probably sounds insane but without this diagnosis I would have never learned not to take things for granted and I would have never discovered coconut oil which has greatly improved my condition.

  26. Gladys

    I’m thankful for my belief in my Higher Power. I call it God but someone else may call it something else. It is all the same Higher Power, no matter the name. My Higher Power has guided me to wonderful places and spoken through me to assist me in saying or doing something I would rather not do. There for it is not I but the Higher Power within me that does the work no matter what that may be. Without my belief in God I would be be in hell all the time not just when I stray away from God. He is always with me but sometimes I forget to be thankful to and for Him.

  27. Terri

    This year, I’m most thankful that we’re making ends meet and I can still have scheduled, writing time.
    In these down economic times money is tight but we have many blessings for which to be thankful. My husband is able to do what he loves in the form of two different, not-quite full-time jobs. I have been able to work part time and have 2-3 hours a day for writing.
    Our children are working or going to school and making ends meet there as well.
    We are blessed and we give thanks this year.

  28. travelgurl

    I’m thankful to be a writer for many reasons, but mostly because it’s a gift that keeps on giving. I wake each morning and can’t wait to get to work on my novel; where am I in the story? What should my protag do now? Etc. Or when I receive comments via my web site from readers of my non-fiction book and how happy they are for the information, I feel good. And when I travel and people learn I’m also a bit of a travel writer, the excitement in their eyes reminds me how blessed I am to not only be in Paris, Australia, London or wherever I am, but to be there as a witness, someone who will record the experience and pass it on to others who can’t get there. When I have an article published and then can return to a person and say, “Hey, here’s an article I wrote about you”, your restaurant, your music, whatever, they get so excited that it fuels me to do more. But mostly I’m grateful to be a writer because all three times I had cancer, I also had a passion that burned deep inside of me, healing me in a way no drugs or doctors possibly could. Hell, I had places to go and write about and a novel or two to finish and a screenplay to start and so many other projects…I didn’t have time to die. Who wants to write about that! I knew then that even though I had cancer – because of my passion for writing – cancer didn’t have me. I’m grateful to be a writer. I’m also grateful for chocolate. It had to be said. Oh, and coffee….
    Mindy Halleck
    http://www.mindyhalleck.com http://www.romanceandmoney.com

  29. NMGreer

    I’m thankful for being a real live person and not my daughter’s American Girl Doll, Kit Kitteredge, because if I were Kit, life would be unsettling to say the least. Each day I would wake up in the crack between the little girl’s bed and the wall, her sweaty arm draped over my face, suffocating my plastic head with her blankey. Then, depending on the little girl’s mood, I am either left in the crack or dragged by an arm to the toy chest. Modesty abandoned, I would undergo several violent outfit changes. My fifty dollar outfits never match. If at any moment the little girl becomes distracted, I am dropped on my head and forgotten. I am covered in so much black sharpie and green and purple nail polish, the family calls me ‘Punk Rock Kit’. It is humiliating. Sadly, I can’t afford to go to the American Girl Doll Hospital. Ouch! My hair is getting brushed – or should I say raked – so combatively that the spray paint is chipping off my aching scalp! I will never be as thin as Barbie. My hair will never grow long and I will never be cured of my finger and toe paralysis. Ugh, I am so damn sad, but I can’t even open my mouth wide enough to shove a Prozac in there. Would someone please just close my eyes? Dammit, they popped right open again.

  30. Rockygraciee

    I am most thankful for having a roof over my head, food on my table, and clothing to wear. There are so many things to be thankful for though. So many to choose from. I have a good life and there are billions of things to be thankful for. My family and animals. All of them love me and care for me. I don’t think there is one thing I am not thankful for.

  31. Artemis1967

    I am thankful for life’s journey. The journey of my life has not permitted, but invited pain, anger, compassion, joy and an education of the soul. Youth was wonderful and magical. To run, jump, play and discover was a form of learning I didn’t know was taking place. In my youth, society and friends were the manner in which I expressed myself. Through their eyes, I saw who I was. Maturation finally took place, and I realized that those mirrors were only those that I had created. Who I was, who I am must be a creation of my own, not a reflection of what someone else believes me to be.

    Aging is an experience you cannot appreciate until it takes place. Recognizing my own soul has been a process of discovery and magic as well. Living my life and making mistakes allowed me to dig deep into my motivations and my ambitions. I learned my strength is my ability to adapt, as well as my ability to forgive. A weakness is my tendency to not risk laughing too loud or having an opinion among those I do not know well for fear of appearing foolish.

    Finally, I have found that I am capable of growth, spiritually, emotionally and intellectually, no matter how long I have lived. There is no end to the experiences that open my eyes to the colors of those around me. From an energetic orange, to a passionate red, a wise yellow, the soulfulness of blue, and the rich compassion of green, I see that individuals outside of myself have something to offer me if I am willing to work to discover it. The journey of life taught me the true meaning of love. Whether it is a soul mate, a friend, a sibling, a parent, I now know that loving another person is simply one more journey. Love evolves over time, through tribulation and acceptance.

    The world is smaller than we realize, and life is short, so I am going to be thankful for every moment I am given. I will recognize the fascination of someone who is just a little “off.” Promises I make, I will keep. Secrets are opportunities to keep the roses of my friendships fresh and sweet. Loving fully, with every fiber of my being, no matter of how painful, is the essence of my true self.

  32. Artichoke

    I try to be grateful for just about everything in my life; good, bad, and in between. However, at this particular moment I am profoundly grateful for my house slippers and the pot of coffee I just brewed. It’s silly, I know, but right now those soft and chushy slippers and that steaming cup of coffee with just the perfect amount of cream are nothing short of heaven. My work is done for the day, the kids are asleep, and the neighbor’s crazy dog has finally decided to stop barking. Now I can relax my aching feet, sip my ambrosia, and finish that chapter I’ve been working on for two weeks. Yeah, life is good. Happy Thanksgiving.

  33. Vital1

    I am thankful for the growth I have experienced over recent years because I am releasing myself of restrictive teachings and traditions that have limited the expression of my joyous self. Today, I feel more awake in living a spiritual but not religious life, in accepting what life brings, choosing friends for family, and for quickly seeing the gifts in everything. I am grateful I can unleash myself from the tragedies of the past and be able to view things more clearly in a positive light. I feel stronger and empowered in giving myself the right to more fully “live” life — not just survive or exist from day to day. The pieces of the puzzle of my life are finally coming together. Yay!

  34. skdunning

    I’m grateful for the seventh generation before me for the chance to live for the seventh generation yet to come. I’m grateful for all sacrifices made by those who did not know me and yet secured my liberty. I’m grateful my parents love me and allowed me live to see adulthood regardless of how they felt when I accidently set the house on fire. I’m grateful I know enough about cars to change a tire, change the oil, and repair the transmission but married someone who will happily do it for me. I am overwhelmingly thankful for people who love me unconditionally, the roof over my head, the food on my table, and the freedom I possess to write and read what I want without tyrannical censorship. Happy Thanksgiving America! Happy Very-Belated-Thanksgiving Canada!

  35. jimconkle

    I am most thankful for living as long as I have and although I do not think I am old, 71 to some folks is old. Being this age I am able to look back on my life with open eyes and a sad heart. I now see all the mistakes I made as well as the oppurtanities I did not take advantage of, or did and shouldn’t have.
    My priorities have changed as have my needs. Am I a better person? I do not know but I do know I am NOT a bitter person. We might not like getting old but I can assure you you will NOT like the option.
    So enjoy each and everyday as both your last and first day of the rest of your life.

  36. jaeann123

    I’m thankful for chronic pain. I know that sounds crazy, but chronic pain has allowed me the opportunity to appreciate the little things in life. I spent so many years being pissed off for being sick and feeling sorry for myself. Life just went on without me, and I didn’t care. I lost relationships, very important ones, and it’s a pretty sucky thing to go through. I can’t get those years back, but once I decided I was finisthed letting chronic steel my joy, I started looking at things differently. I’m very blessed to be able to be home when my hubby comes home for lunch, since working outside the home isn’t an option for me right now.. I appreciate all the little things he does for me when he really doesn’t have to. If I can get a shower, dust, vaccuum and clean the bathroom all in the same day, it’s a terrific day! I never know how I’m going to feel tomorrow, or even an hour from now, so when I’m able to go grab lunch with a friend, it’s a special treat. People are so busy these days, rushing to after school activities after a long day at work, squeezing in fixing dinner, making sure homework is done, bathing the kids, etc. Because of chronic pain, I’ve had to slow down and appreciate what I can do and what I do have. I’m incredibly blessed.

    1. Lois E. Rentmeester

      Bravo! Like you I suffered for years with chronic pain. Now I rejoice for every little thing that I am able to do, every place I am able to go, every time I am able to do. Best wishes, Lois

  37. ThinkOnItBible

    I am thankful for God. In His great love for the world, He sent His Son, Jesus, to seek and save the lost, for which I was one. I am thankful He doesn’t ask me to get my act together before coming to Him. He doesn’t ask me to earn my way to heaven. I am thankful in God’s eyes I am holy and blameless because Jesus Christ cleansed me from all unrighteousness. I am thankful to be adopted into God’s family. I am thankful for the gift of the Holy Spirit, who guides me in all truth and reminds me of all that Jesus taught.
    I am thankful God transformed my heart from cold, hate-filled to tender and loving. I am thankful for a renewed marriage. I am thankful God loves me. I am thankful for family, friends, work, clothing, shelter, food, internet, and freedom of speech. I am thankful we access to the Bible which teaches the great depth God goes to reach His people. I am thankful when I’m weak because God’s strength is displayed all the more. I am thankful to rely on God who is faithful.

    If you want to know more about his God I am thankful for visit me at

  38. Anita

    I’m thankful for words, and not just the extravagant, sumptuous descriptive adjectives that can illuminate a sunset for someone in a dark basement. There’s a place in my heart for the lowliest of conjunctions that with two or three little letters can change the meaning of a sentence from ”Do you want cake OR ice cream?” to “Do you want cake AND ice cream?”

  39. Nan Rebik

    I’m thankful for curiosity. After 70 years of waking up each morning there is so much more to see and learn. Life is an ongoing smorgesboard of things to see and things to do and things to hear and other wonderful stuff.

  40. hnyb7924

    I am thankful for music. Sometimes a song can really reach out to you and capture your heart. It can even help you figure out what you want to do with your life. There are so many paths to choose from and sometimes one gets lost exploring their options. A simple song, artist or band can put you right back on track. That recently happened to me. I am very thankful for another persons tragedy to have me stop and look at my life, re-evaluate it and find a new way to go! Thank you Layne! May you rest in peace. ♥

  41. Sandgrounder

    I am thankful for my five senses, without which I would not–could not–be a fan of Mozart or the Beatles; of J. D. Robb or Lewis Carol; of Lindt chocolate or Marmite (It’s a Brit thing); of my keyboard or my three Dachshunds; of Roses or rain.

    We are nothing without our senses and I’m thankful for all they bring to my life.

  42. AvakinsGem

    I am thankful for the Earth. Yup, hippy it may sound, but I am thankful for this beautiful planet and all the things it gives us. Every Thanksgiving I wage an internal debate with myself (mainly myself, because when I bring this argument up to my family they roll their eyes to the ceiling or become a little over enthusiastic about the game) over whether its right to celebrate a day that marks the undoing of an entire culture. So this thanksgiving I’m trying to focus on a brighter aspect and stay as fresh and local with my ingredients. In my mind this is practicing and honoring the tools that were given to our people and helped us to survive in a new land and its also giving thanks to our planet by being grateful for what its given us.

  43. Andrea Doray

    I’m thankful for craigslist, yard sales, and hand-me-downs because I just found a perfect writing desk–not a computer desk, which in my house is a kitchen table I picked up at a yard sale–but a 1950s bureau type with a drop-down writing surface. I also furnished the rest of my from these sources when I returned from the Peace Corps this time last year. I’m thankful that people share these precious items from their lives with me, and that I have been able to share precious items from mine with others. Such person-to-person connections, in my opinion, are reasons to be truly thankful.

  44. chopper

    I’m thankful for life—for every second and for each new day. Because if we’re fortunate enough to experience tomorrow, it will allow us a chance to edit something–a thought, which can change the way we see things–a feeling, which can change the way we react to things, a story—which can make us better storytellers, or a past mistake—which can make us better people. Happy Thanksgiving!

  45. kaydull

    I’m thankful for Sirius Radio, seriously!! Where I live, out in the sticks, I’m lucky to get four stations on my car radio and three of those stations are country and the other is classical. Now I’m good with country for a while. I like the Zack Brown Band or Keith Urban or Rascall Flatts. Hey, I can sing along and slap my knee and sing off key, but, I long for a good old Katy Perry song or even a Lady GaGa now and then. I get too sleepy listening to classical for any length of time, although, it does make me feel more like one of the intelligentsia. My wonderful husband put Sirius Radio in my car for my birthday this year and it was, seriously, the greatest gift he could have given me. Depending on my mood, I can listen to Sinatra, Elvis, comedians, left wing and right wing politics, whatever… all in the comfort of my automobile. Life is now good out here in the sticks!!

  46. Tracy Lenore Jackson

    I am thankful for do-overs, second chances, rejection, missed opportunities and mistakes because they’ve all forced my writing career and made me a better, emotionally healthier person. I am thankful for promises made and broken—for the same reason. And I am thankful for sites such as these that are filled with knowledge about every aspect of writing.

  47. Ricky Cairns

    I’m thankful for the internet because it allows me to be productive; and allows me to procrastinate all in the same sitting. I can do research for the novel I am writing, and switch tabs to socialize on facebook. With a simple search on google I can locate a recipe for dinner, and when I realize I have enough time I can watch a few of my subscriptions on YouTube. I can find new and exciting exercise routines and watch fit people getting fitter while I give my fingers a good workout typing away at my next blog post.

  48. vcp773

    I am thankful for the invention of the stuffed sour twizzler. Imagine a roman candle meeting pop rocks for a party in your mouth. That is what you get. There are times when the craving is so overwhleming that I will meticulously roll pennies to reach my goal of 1.50. Just so that I can eat a bag for dinner. They are also good for breakfast. So if you have not experienced this delight to your pallette, stop by your neighboring grocery store, and treat yourself to this confectionary delight. Besides, it sure beats occupying Wall Street.

    1. D-rasta

      I’m thankful for my heart because it lets me feel love.My heart allows me to love,it also allows me not to love.My favorite reggae artist sang.”love and hate can never be friends!”The heart skips a beat every time the apple of my eye makes an entrance.Her entry into my world sends my heart on a rampage that is expressed by wild beating up and down my chest.My heart longs for her touch.My heart’s beating puts me into a nervous trance that impairs my normally effortless speech and makes me to carefully edit my words befor broadcasting them to the ears of my beloved.She’s the capturer and tormentor of my heart,my soul but she doesn’t even know.I love her from a distance.She’s near yet so far.How do I tell her I love her?It’s hard to let her know of my desire to be the object of her affection.I fear her rejection.That’s the story of my love life.The story of loving from a distance-thanks to my heart.