Voicemail from Boss

You get into work and find that your boss has left a voicemail message on your phone. The message is urgent. Though, what’s peculiar is that the message is not work related. Write this scene.

Post your response (500 words or less) in the comments below.

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8 thoughts on “Voicemail from Boss

  1. kathleenmagner

    Tapping her toe made a satisfying clack on the tiles. Alyssa added a drum of her fingers around her cardboard sign, the smell of sharpie radiating like the body odors of the arrivals descending the escalator. A few glanced wearily in her direction and she mustered an apologetic grin when they didn’t find their name and had to keep shuffling.

    “Believe me,” she whispered, “I don’t want to be here either.”

    The automatic doors swooshed open behind her and a cold blast hit her back. Alyssa hunched into her parka, the phone with Professor Baldemero’s message thumping against her hip. His voice burned in her ears with the high and mighty request detouring her from his reports and the warmth of her apartment. She shivered, this time in frustration, and glared at the trudging humanity.

    “Where are you?”

    Spying an elderly man with silvery hair and a trench coat similar to Baldemero’s, she smiled hopefully. A suited chauffeur, however, intercepted the arrival. They traded acknowledging nods, then a manila envelope for the traveler’s bulky suitcase. With the luggage in tow, the chauffeur led them away while his client cracked open the envelope’s seal.

    “You,” said a smooth baritone, “must be Mero’s assistant.”

    Alyssa spun and then staggered back from a too-tall middle-aged man standing before her. The strap of a duffel bag dragged his pilot’s jacket off a squared shoulder, revealing the black cashmere sweater underneath.

    She caught her breath thanks to another blast of wintry air. “Mr. Tanker?”

    “Call me Dominic.” Half of Dominic’s mouth curved into an amused grin.

    Collecting her gape, Alyssa jump-started her brain. “I’m sorry, I was expecting someone—”


    “More like Professor Baldemero.”

    “Mero’s in a class by himself.”

    His humor ratcheted her skepticism. “He asked me to pick up his brother—”

    “Stepbrother.” Dominic shifted his duffel to his other shoulder with an effortless swing. “Our dear departed father didn’t share Mero’s rigid morality.”

    Alyssa grimaced. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to pry.”

    “Mero might have problems divulging the family’s secrets. I’m the black sheep,” Dominic winked, “it’s kind of my job.”

    His smile inspired one of her own and Alyssa hugged her cardboard sign against her downy front. “But mine is to get you to Baker and Cane’s.”

    “I’d hate to have Mero think you were negligent.”

    Dominic motioned at the automatic doors and they started a brisk walk, her sneakers squishing in time with his thick-soled boots. She led down the concrete loading station, to where the crosswalk provided access to the cylindrical parking lot curving on the other side.

    Dominic tipped his chin at the line of black Cadillacs. “I was expecting one of those town cars actually.”

    “I think the Professor forgot.” Alyssa winced and checked both ways for traffic when Dominic laughed.

    “That sounds like Mero.”

    “I meant because it was so sudden.” She darted onto the striped pavement after a herd of taxi cabs had passed.

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  2. jren

    As Mary put her purse in the locked drawer, she noticed the light blinking on her machine. It can wait as she needed her coffee first thing in the morning. As she went into the employees lounge, it becomes evident that nobody else is in yet. She decided not to make the coffee this morning, Midge will do it. Might as well go check the voice mail.

    Mary turned on the machine as she warms up the ole computer. The first message is from a client, Mr. Schriner, cancelling an appointment for this afternoon. Good, she didn’t want to meet with him, he is arrogant and self-centered. As the computer finishes booting up, Mary heard the next message from Mr. Gruder. “Mary, I need to see you as soon as you get in.” His voice sounded a bit strange. . .almost scary.

    Ok, breathe. . .In. . .out “Mr Gruder, you wanted to see me?” Mary said as she entered his office. The door shut behind her and she felt a bit like a trapped animal looking for a way out. He is sitting at his desk. . .just looking at her. His expression is unlike any she has ever seen on him before.

    Finally Mr. Gruder makes a move to get up from his chair. “Mary, you have been with me a long time.” she cleared her throat and mumbled shyly “Yes Sir, about 10 years.” “It is time we move this a bit more into a personal arrangement. . .kind of away from business. You’re a beautiful woman. You and I. . .well, you can feel it can’t you?” Mr. Gruder said.

    Mary thinks to herself, “He can’t mean what I think he means. I have always wanted him to look at me like that, He gives me chills.” Mr. Gruder is now standing in front of her with his hands on her shoulders looking her in the eyes. Mary looks away, “Mr Gruder, Please. . . don’t do this.” He pulls her to him. It feels good in his arms. He said, “My name is Stephen.” As he tilts her head up towards his. He leans in to kiss her. Mary’s knees are weak as she pulls away.

    She found her way to the door and looks back at her boss, “I quit, I am not that type of girl!” He ran after her to tell her “Please Mary, I love you. I have for some time now. I don’t want a sordid affair with you. I respect you too much for that.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a box. He fell to one knee. . .opened the box. . .”Mary, will you be my wife and stay with me forever.”
    Mary knew she also loved the man she called Mr. Gruder. She hesitated. . .but only a moment before she said, ‘Oh yes Stephen. I love you too.”

  3. xdnbbirs

    Oh my God, what could it be? My boss never calls me and I am startled by all that is happening. I have mixed emotions. ..If it is not job related, what could it be. Let me call my boss. I dialed his number but get no answer. I waited for a while longer and tried again but no answer. So I decide to go to his office to find out what was that was so urgent. My boss was sitting at his desk with his head down, oh and he was crying. I had never seen him this way. Lord what can I do? How can I help him? I decided to get closer and ask him what was wrong and he stated that his wife was found dead in the bathtub. Oh my, why? Did she faint, did she get a heart attack? I don’t know he responded, when I got there the ambulance was picking up her body from the bathtub. What a sight? I cried and couldn’t stop crying but was thinking about the kids and what will be their reaction? Well, I just hope they understand that it wasn’t my fault and this happened because she was sick and fainted but since there was no one to help her through this, she died.

  4. sprattcm

    “Hey Cooper – I know it’s late, and it’s unlikely you’ll get this before the SoS meeting tomorrow morning. I uh…I need you to do something for me. Tony left his science fair project powered up last night and I’m concerned that something may have come through the gate. I’ve contacted the kit’s manufacturer and the company is mobilizing a response team to seal the rift, but they’re trying to convince me that none of the Big Five on the other side ever notice these sorts of disturbances.
    Loop Maggie in on this, grab a couple Lancets from the vault and meet me on the corner of Fifth and Www…”

    The machine beeped. I shrugged and watched Maggie’s expression as she processed the message. “That’s it? He didn’t leave an address? Jesus, I get sick of cleaning up his kid’s messes!”

    I tapped my pen on a notepad and considered an array of distasteful options. Sneaking Lancets from the vault was enough to get me fired. Using them to subdue a trans-dimensional hitchhiker was enough to get me killed. The consequences of failing to do either didn’t bear discussion.

    “Whatcha gonna do, Mags?” I sighed and reached for my tablet. A quick map search revealed a couple possible streets that crossed Fifth – either Walker or Wheeler. “It looks like we have two choices, well, maybe three. Looks like Wheeler crosses Fifth twice, thanks to some temporal-spatial distortion left over from a future incursion. You wanna occupy Roz’s attention so I can slip into the vault? I’d do it, but she’s still sore at me and won’t say why.”

    “Oh, I know why she’s upset with you,” Maggie flashed an enigmatic smile, “You’ll know too when you decide to the thing that upsets her.”

  5. MeSlyvan

    How in the world he knew you’d be in on a Saturday is just plain odd, but that’s besides the point. His tone is desperate as he explains that his car has been stolen and it had records in it that are extremely sensitive. He goes on to say he knows you’ll help because your job is on the line already and this could cement your position, if not even get you a raise.

    ‘Now this is all out blackmail!’ you think to yourself as you retrieve the card for you mother from the top drawer of you desk. ‘How did he know I needed this?’ Questions along those lines spin through your head at light speed. Then it hits you, right here you have the means of getting rid of this jerk who has been making your life miserable for the past two years! All you have to do is take this to his boss, or possibly even the police. Of course this line of thought makes you wonder why he called you instead of them anyways.

    You reach for the tape containing the evidence, for once grateful for the archaic machine, and the phone rings. Without thinking you pick it up, “I knew you would be there.” You boss’s voice grates out of the speaker. “You will bring the black case in my office..” You hang up. There is no way you’re getting involved in this! This is as cliche and predictable as, as, oh forget it!

    Snagging the tape and the card you rush out of the building, there is no reason for you to get involved in this. What that jerk doesn’t know is that you’ve been accepted for a better paying job you enjoy! Controlling yourself you stroll down the street, exalting in the feeling of satisfaction coursing through you. And of course in your reverie you don’t notice the hummer coming full tilt down the road. And of course the idiot driver is looking the other way. You and the massive machine make contact without the breaks ever being touched.
    A last thought passes though your mind as the world fades out, ‘Please don’t let me get blood on her card!’

  6. A.M.Issy

    Hugh leans over and grabs the phone. It’s flashing, 1 message, from Miss Koda. ‘Bother’. The boss never calls without a reason, and she’s left a voicemail, not just expected him to call her back at the sight of a missed call. This can’t be good. He dials voicemail and puts the phone to his ear. Trepidation filling his body, he can’t remember whether he remembered to put the Cansis file in the outbox before he left, it wasn’t due until next week but maybe she thought it would be better to hand it in early and get it over and done with and he hadn’t and … he stopped his mind rambling as voicemail clicked over. ‘Hugh Smith, call me back. Now. It’s about your wife…’ Hugh jumped up, but that was the end of the message. His wife had gone missing almost a year ago. What new news had come from the search! and why did Miss Koda know before him… He pondered these questions as he stumbled into last nights jeans whilst dialling Miss Koda’s number, no dial tone, her phone must be off. He grabbed a jacket and shrugged it on over his bare torso, no time for a shirt. He pulled the keys off the wall and slammed the door behind him. As the car sprung into action he knew it was going to be an interesting day. Then the car exploded. Hugh Smith was no more, but the day was about to get much, much more interesting for everyone left behind.


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