Valentine’s Day Escape Plan

Your are going on a blind date for Valentine’s Day. In case the date is a dud, you have your best friend on standby. Your friend is to call you at 9:30 on the dot. If the date is going well, you answer and use the phrase “I already took care of that.” If it’s not, you answer and claim your friend has an emergency. The date is going well and your friend calls at 9:30 as planned—only problem is, the friend calls with a real emergency. What is it and what do you do?

Post your response (500 words or fewer) in the comments below.

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418 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Escape Plan

  1. clouise543


    Spencer pulled my chair out as we sat down to our first date at a tiny restaurant in Little Italy.

    “Have you been here before?” asked Spencer, visibly uncomfortable.

    I sighed and glanced at my watch; it was only 8:30, which meant I had to endure another hour of awkwardness before my scheduled “rescue call” with Taylor. I silently cursed her for forcing me to go on a blind date for Valentine’s Day, how pathetic.

    “Natalie?” asked Spencer again, “Have you been here before?”

    I shook my head and stared at my menu, praying Spencer would notice my disinterest.

    “You look nice,” commented Spencer, trying to get a conversation started for a third time.

    Oh what the hell, I thought. It was only one night anyways, and I wasn’t going to let my bitterness ruin Spencer’s Valentine’s Day too. “Thanks,” I said, smiling. “I’m excited to try this restaurant. I’m always looking for good food.” As soon as I made an effort to make conversation, Spencer relaxed, and the next forty-five minutes flowed as smoothly as an undisturbed river.

    At 9:30, my phone began to ring; I had almost forgotten about my call with Taylor. I looked a Spencer apologetically as I swiped to answer her call, “Sorry, I have to take this…Hello? I’ve already taken care of that,” I said to let Taylor know the date was going surprisingly well.

    “It’s taken care of? I thought you didn’t believe in abortion?”

    I glanced at Spencer nervously, who was still picking at his spaghetti, and laughed into the mouthpiece, attempting to remain casual, “Taylor, sometimes you’re so forgetful. I told you, I’ve already taken care of our bill!” I said anxiously.

    “Natalie, I’m not kidding you! This is for real, the clinic just called…You’re pregnant!” she whispered into the earpiece as if she thought Spencer would be able to hear her over the buzz of the restaurant.

    I leaped out of my chair and motioned to the direction of the restrooms, “I’ll be right back,” I told Spencer, feeling nauseous. I sprinted to the back of the restaurant and locked the single bathroom door behind me and willed myself to keep my food down.

    “It’s Brett’s right?” asked Taylor.

    “Of course it is; we just signed the divorce papers last week!” I groaned.

    “What are you-”

    “Hang on,” I said, cutting Taylor off as I leaned over the toilet.

    “Are you okay?”

    “Fine,” I said. “Apparently I have morning sickness now.”


    “Yeah,” I sighed. “Listen, thanks for calling and telling me; I guess I better go end my date,” I said. I hung up and made my way back to our table, where Spencer was waiting, but I didn’t sit back down. He gave me a puzzled look and rose to stand next to me. “Here’s the thing,” I began, dropping my hands from my stomach, “but it turns out I’m not as available as I thought I was. Maybe we can try again some other time? Say, nine months or so?”


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