The Face Outside

You’re awoken from your midnight sleep in your favorite chair to your dog barking wildly in the living room. Pulling her aside, you look out the window, only to see a face staring right back at you. Whose is it? Why are they there?

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311 thoughts on “The Face Outside

  1. Eyress123

    “Grruff! Rooff! Grruff!” I roll over in the cushy recliner and pull my throw pillow over my head. “Grrruff! Ruff! Roff riff grrrr-” “Oh my GOD!! PEANA! HUUUSH!!” She starts whining and my feet. “Peana, please let me sleep a little longer…?” Then she starts making those weird “Garloo maraop” complaining sounds. With an aggressive sigh, I throw off my blanket and stand up. “What is it, Peana?” She whines and runs over to the window. “Pea, theres nothing out there. Besides, it’s too dark to see anythi-Eeek!!” I bolt backwards and throw myself behind the sofa. There’s a face in the window! “Peana!” I whisper yell to my my golden lab puppy. She trots over to me. I slowly peek my head over the couch and glance at the window again.
    The face is still there. The person or creeper or whatever waves. Sincerely confused, I slowly approach the window again. It’s a girl… She knocks on the window this time. “Uh- I- What are you doing?” I question. She cups her ear, suggesting that she could not hear me. “Um…,” I decide to open the door to speak to the person. She jogs the the door. “W-why are you at my window at three in the mourning?” “I need to use your telephone…” “Eh? W-Why didn’t you just knock on the door?” “You didn’t answer. When I looked in the window, you were sleeping. I tried to knock on the window, but that only made your dog bark at me…” “O-Oh… I guess you can come in and use my phone, then… I step back and let her walk in. She brightens up. “Thankyou!” I walk her to my home phone, meanwhile Peana was sniffing her feet and pants leg. I hand her the white phone and she punches in a few numbers. Then she lifts it to her ear. “Hello? Yes… You were right. I know, I should have listened…” I walk off a little bit to let her have some privacy. “Come on, Peana…” I pick her up and toss her over my shoulder. I sit down on the couch and lay Peana in my lap. She licks my shirt. “Pea, I swear, theres nothing on my shirt.” “Excuse me, I’m finished.” The girl says, walking back into the room. “Oh, okay. Is someone gonna pick you up, or something. Because you can hang here if so.” “No, no i’s okay. I’m going to the nearest bus station.” “Oh, okay then. Do you want me to drive you there?” “Um… Yes please.” I nod and grab my car keys from the ceramic dish by the door. I whistle to call Peana and we leave the house to my Mustang. The girl gets in the passenger side, and Peana sits in the back. “So, whats your name? If you don’t mind telling me?” “I’m Sadia.” I nod. “Cool name. I’m Raffello.”
    When we get to the bus stop, I realize that nothing will be the same now.

  2. amsecre

    I’m not sure what woke me up. I know I was dreaming, but whether it was the dream that woke me or some other sound, my heart was pounding as I lay in the old recliner in the family room, my ears straining for any noise. Snow whispered against the large picture window, and I heard nails clicking on the hardwood floor as my miniature Schnauzer Casey meandered around the room. I lay perfectly still for several minutes, and had almost convinced myself that it was the dream that had woken me, and I should head to the bedroom to get a good night’s sleep, when the ticking on the window from the snow changed in intensity. Slowly, I moved my head so that it tilted towards the window at the front of the room. Through the gap in the curtains, I saw snow falling thick and fast, and the silhouette of a person. By now, Casey had stopped in front of the window, and was growling low in her throat.

    Maybe if I pretend to still be asleep, they will go away, I thought to myself. But even as I watched, a hand came up, and tapped on the glass again. Tick tick tick.

    Slowly, still foggy with sleep, I rose from the chair. I walked to the window, shaking. I considered if I could make it to my purse in the kitchen, where I had stupidly left my cell phone. I reached the window, and Casey cowered closer to my legs, still growling. As I reached for the curtain to pull it aside, the person outside my window raised their hand once more. Except this time, in their hand was a small piece of paper. Intrigue overcame my fright, and I leaned closer, as the figure pressed the piece of paper to my window. I stared.

    It was a photograph, an old Polaroid. Shadowed by the night, it showed a boy and a girl, maybe five or six years old with brilliant green eyes and toothless smiles, a large birthday cake between their grinning faces. The cake said “Happy birthday Abby and Adam!”

    A memory: the cake was strawberry. Our mother had baked it that morning, and the whole house smelled of strawberry frosting for days afterwards. Adam got a new baseball glove. I got new rollerblades. We fought over who would get to go outside first the next day.

    Tears welled in my eyes. I tore my eyes from the photograph and squinted into the night. Even in the dark, I could feel his green eyes staring at me sadly. The brother I had not seen in over ten years dropped his hand, and the photograph fell to the ground. Slowly, he turned and walked away.

    As the shock of the memory passed, I suddenly dashed to the front door and threw it open, snow swirling around my feet in the entryway. He was gone. Glancing down, I saw the photograph resting under the window in the snow. Barefoot, I stepped into the yard, and bent over to pick it up. Wiping off the snow gently, I shivered, and went back inside, closing the door softly behind me.

  3. toothpastekisses_

    The soft warmth of the fire flickered against my skin sending me into a light doze I was under the grip of a dream’s fingertips when Lola barked, her distressed roars clashed against my eardrums jerking my body into reality. Lola was growling at the window now her lips pulled back revealing a row of pearl daggers.
    “Lola get down” I commanded tutting at her but she persisted clinging to the window pane strings of slaver now hung around her mouth clinging to her fur. I tried to ignore the hairs that had risen on my neck and the uneven pace of my breathing as I walked towards the window. Pulling back the curtain I peered into the rainy tumult outside, and for a moment all I could see was the large raindrops splatting like bullets off the window. I narrowed my eyes focusing into the rain and found myself looking into wide bloodshot eyes. I searched the rest of the face, analysing his once tight skin and now thinning hair. Nodding into the dark presuming he could see me I walked to the backdoor opening it to allow him in. Leaving it open I walked to my chair; I had the opportunity to grab a weapon or to phone the police. But, I didn’t.
    The sound of sloshing sound of wet feet came towards me.
    ‘I won’t sit on the seats, I don’t want to ruin then.’ His voice even after 35 years made the air rush out of my body and my head spin like a carousel.
    ‘I don’t think I’ll mind too much if I’m dead.’ I replied smirking slightly at my own humour
    ‘Opposed to the contrary belief I’m not here to kill you or anyone actually.’ he replied taking a seat anyway
    ‘I thought you’d have come sooner.’ I speculated avoiding his face
    ‘I wanted to. I thought you’d have your own life now.’ He whispered
    I picked up the photo frame from the cabinet beside me and handed it to him ‘They’re my children, Raquel and Thomas. They’d have liked you.’
    ‘I doubt it, not if they knew what I’d done.’ He smiled handing back the photo ‘they’re a picture, they got there looks from you.’
    I blushed at his words and instantly regretted it I’d spent all this time trying to forget him I wasn’t going to go back now. ‘You were sick you didn’t mean to kill those people. You’re better now, right?’
    ‘You mean am I going to snap and kill someone again?’
    I nodded
    ‘Maybe, maybe not’ His voice was broken and my heart ached to mend it ‘Are you married?’ he asked
    ‘Divorced’ I’d said this so much that ‘divorced’ had become just a word there was no meaning now.
    ‘Did you love him?’
    ‘Sometimes’ I sighed
    From the corner of my eye I saw the sides of his mouth go up in a smile, he knew as much as I did that I could only love him.
    Standing up he wandered over to me and squeezed my hand before bending down and kissing me lightly on the side of my cheek before whispering ‘I’m sorry’ before he left into the dark again
    When I was sure he was out of sight I allowed to burning tears to fall and brand my cheeks as I replied ‘I know.’

    1. sheera

      Your story is beautifully written and it may be short, but I felt every single thing with the characters. The description is also pretty good! Keep up the great work! 😀

  4. Frozen Alone

    Shots in the Dark

    The sound of Mina’s barking broke through the dense barrier between Artema’s dream world and the harsh reality of life. She groaned forcing her exhausted eyes open. Her attention was pulled to Mina as she clawed at the bay window. Two little face stared at her. Matted heads of light hair framed their pale faces. Thunder rumbled through the air. The two figures flinched as the flash of lightning raced through the sky to the top of her radio tower.

    Artema threw open the old oak doors. Her porch lights kicked on as she scrambled down the stairs to the children still huddling in the safety of the overhang caused by her windows. The smaller of the two reached toward her crying. The young woman couldn’t deny the child and picked her up gently. The slightly older one ran into the house where Mina greeted her with puppy kisses.

    Her doors locked and secured, Artema brought two blankets from her linen closet for the girls. They were shivering with such intensity that they almost appeared convulsing.

    “What are you two doing out this late at night?” Artema questioned as she cupped their faces gently.

    “We had to leave,” the older one answered. “Daddy was hurting Mommy. Mommy told us to run.” Artema’s mind flashed to the radio conversation she had heard before she fell asleep. The cops had been looking for a man who brutally beat his wife to near death before fleeing the scene to find their daughters. She recalled hearing the transmission that the woman had died as well.

    “Are you the Carter girls?” They nodded in unison. Artema glanced out her bay windows as a light danced across the sky. A few miles up the road she could see a dim light coming toward the house. She swallowed and looked at the girls. “I’ll protect you. Upstairs, go little ones.” They nodded and Artema sent Mina with them. The lights switched off, the doors and windows all locked, she followed after the girls.

    Artema guided the girls into her bedroom. Her fingers found her phone in the dim light and she dialed 911. Her brother picked up the dispatcher line.

    “911 what’s the emergency?”

    “Joey thank god,” Artema gasped. “I have the Carter girls and I think their father is about two miles from the house. I need back up now!”

    “Stay on the line Tem. I’m dispatching them now.”

    “I’m giving you to the oldest girl. I have to get ready,” Artema said before handing the phone to the oldest. She motioned the girls into the closet with Mina and closed the door. She took the handgun from the safe and flicked the safety off. Loaded and ready, she perched on the top step of her staircase and waited.

    The backdoor flew open. A raging drunk stumbled in screaming for his girls. He saw Artema and started toward her with one of her kitchen knives. Three bangs echoed through the air. Artema turned the lights on as she walked down the steps. She checked for a pulse. Lights filled her yard. She threw open the door and pointed wordlessly to the kitchen. The storm died as the body cooled.

    Note: I went a little over 500 words but I couldn’t find places to cut the words from.

  5. starwatcher

    “WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?” I yelled at the face staring at me from the window. In response the figure pressed its face onto the glass.

    “GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!” I scrambled onto my bed and grabbed a weapon: my grandfather’s police baton. I had hidden it from my parents because they’re control freaks and are “concerned” for my safety.

    I looked to the window and there was nothing, no sign that there was anyone there. Who was at the window? I grabbed my sketchbook to try to draw a sketch of the stalker for the police and my parents. “No, idiot,” I thought, “It may still be here.”

    I tried to remember what it looked like. I clenched my eyes shut and got into a rhythm of some sort. That helps me think.

    I went to the door. Locked. I grabbed, twisted, and pulled at the handle. In fear and frustration, I forced my whole body onto the door. “MOM! DAD!” I yelled. I heard voices outside the door, but no movement.

    I turned around to look for a way to open the door. It was there again, but inside my room. It walked toward me slowly. I couldn’t focus on any part of its body. There were discernible features, I think, but none that I could remember. All I could remember was the knife It was carrying.

    I turned and banged on the door with all my might, “HEY, I HEAR YOU OUT THERE! HELP! IT’S GOT A KNIFE!” There were running footsteps and loud voices in the hall outside my door. The door was still locked though. I took my baton and whipped around. It was still there, but just standing in the corner of the room, but the knife was bloody. I ran to It and swung and beat the baton at It. I was defeating It. Ha!

    The door burst open and three men rushed in, all dressed in white. “GET ‘IM! HOLD ‘IM DOWN!” The men grabbed me and roughly put me on the bed. They put on restraints and put a syringe into me. Before I passed out I remember one of the men remarking, “I hate these schizos, I should have taken the afternoon shift.”

  6. wohisme

    Day 1:

    It’s late and it’s dark and, dare I say it, it’s stormy; my apologies but it really is a dark and stormy night. I’m sitting in my chair paralyzed with fear staring at the window. Something is out there and I know it’s coming for me. It started some ten hours earlier; they’re coming for me, millions, hundreds of millions of faceless spores.

    My eyes are dry as I continue staring, wondering when they’ll arrive. I’m experiencing tunnel vision. Everything, with the exception of the window fades to nothingness. My chair is gone, man’s best friend has abandoned me, the window remains transparent but it is no longer a window. The room itself is gone it’s now some type of viscous sphere.

    They are upon me, only a mere 400 or so that started the assault remain; they are the most determined and strongest. Unrelenting, they try to burrow in and, after twenty minutes one and only one has penetrated my sanctuary.

    I’m physically exhausted. I must acknowledge that one could make a convincing argument that, to be physically exhausted one must have a physique; I no longer do. Whatever I was whatever I’ve become no argument could be made that I was not emotionally drained and I sleep.

    Day 91:

    I’m awake, I can’t see but I am beginning to hear. I’m entombed and floating dreamlike in fluid. The fluid is flowing over and around me and there’s a rhythmic beat not belonging to me that is, nevertheless, a part of me.

    I try, in vain, to kick my way out; I’m exhausted and I sleep.

    Day 196:

    Light? Yes! It’s faint but I can see it filtering in, confused I close my eyes and I sleep.

    Day 268:

    The fluid is gone, I’m experiencing waves of squeezing; there is light at the end of the tunnel and with one last agonizing push I am out, I’m alive!

    They came with scissors and physically separated us by cutting the cord and, they lay me on her, I could get used to this.

    As I’m starting to feel good about this new place I’m whisked away from her gentle embrace and – what’s a scalpel? Looks sharp and… whoa Nelly where you going with that thing… waaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!!

    I was never the same after that. My only consolation would come later with my first taste of mother’s milk, as I nurse the memories of my journey are fading and I sleep.

    Day 20,172:

    My dog, Mickey, is afraid of rain. His wild barking wakes me from a bizarre, reoccurring dream. I pull Mickey close and try to calm him. As I glance at the window, I am startled by my own reflection. The darkness has rendered the window mirror-like, silly me.

    Unlike Mickey, I like rain. I like the sound it makes as it rhythmically hits the roof. It’s as if it is flowing over and around me. Content, I yield to its gentle embrace and I sleep.

    1. Observer Tim

      Nice reversal of the prompt, wohisme. It took a bit to figure out what was going on, but I got it eventually. I think there is a good reason none of us remember being born, or conceived. Especially if we’re being reincarnated.

  7. Narc87


    The feeling snapped me awake as it classically always does.

    My head thudded briefly against the musty & worn, corduroy armrest of the familiar recliner I had passed out in hours earlier, I heaved a breathe as I sat back up.

    My first cognitive thought?…


    The word was an odd backfiring from a previous life……..Viva Españia.

    “My cheek is cold”…was my second.

    The fire dark, the bulb I had left burning under the sunburned lampshade cast a yellow glow over my mother’s midwestern bungalow’s living room.

    I picked up a frigid hand and wiped away the drool from the side of my face.

    My consciousness, clumsily grasping at the controls of my ears and eyes, fired my next groggy caveman-esque thought forward…


    My emotions leapt to the level of hatred normally reserved for my alarm clock as a mind-searing traffic-jam of curses piled into the curl of my disgusted upper lip.
    Twisting myself around in the chair to look for the source of the pulsing baritone being flung around the room, I saw her. From her station across the room to my left, the 8 pound pooch perpetually nursing a God complex stood knee-high in the cushions of her bed and vehemently rocketed her putrid noise against the window behind me.

    I fell out of my chair towards her. Tripping over my heavy & worn steel-toed’s on my way to extinguish her the only way experience had taught me how: Snatch her up, cover her eyes and hold her mouth closed until she calmed down.

    Seething, her bark now a muffled protest, I turned to find the no-doubt trivial disruptor of the peace..

    This dog’s scale-of-threat to level-of-panicked-alert was fucked. An episode of this magnitude had been sparked before by a crumpled newspaper being dislodged in the fireplace by an updraft. The skittish little bitch didn’t trust the gaping maw of the thing for weeks…

    Through the slit of the almost-drawn drapes I caught the hazy coloration of the distant ass-end of a car pulling away from the curb. The vast lawn of my childhood home dwarfing the commotion in the distance…

    Straining, my eyes racking focus, I could see the shape of it. Distorted by my own inquisitive reflection cast against the glass, I made out a figure of some sort left behind, erect a few meters from the window.

    As if through molasses, I reached out and pulled the chain hanging from the lamp, silencing the overworked bulb.

    Then, as in a dream, I saw it clearly but didn’t believe it…

    Atop a bloodied shovel and even with my own gaze, the severed head of a Palomino stared lifelessly back at me with eyes that glinted black.

    I remained frozen as my insides shrank in a cold, expectant horror…

    My three years of hiding coming to a gruesome, impossible end in front of me, I looked closer..

    …Stuffed brutally into the mouth of the horse…. was a rat.

  8. TaffyG

    When I finally got home, I hurried to the shower and got ready for bed. It literally felt like I had been awake for 48 hours. When I got out of the restroom, I felt my eyes begin to fall and i quickly climbed on the nearest thing — my favorite chair and I dozed off into dreamland. A few hours later I woke up startled. Chloe, my dog, was barking her head off downstairs in the living room. It was very strange to me because Chole was a very quiet dog. When I ran down stairs, I found her in front of the window, barking and whimpering. “What is it girl?” I asked. She continued to bark. I looked up at the window and saw a shadow of man’s face. I jumped as far as my legs would allow me and screamed in complete terror. The figure didn’t even seem to move a muscle. I grabbed Chole and ran to the phone and dialed “911”, I looked over to the window, and the figure was still there. I live very near to a police station, so they arrived very quickly. They ran to the window to catch the culprit, and it turned out to be a mask on a stick covered with a hoodie. The kids in my neighborhood thought that it would be funny to prank a few of the neighbors and I happened to be one of the targets. I quickly moved out of that house, and moved to an apartment building where I live on the 5th floor. I would love to see someone try to “stand” outside of my window now.

    1. Cindy_The_Great

      Nice ending. The only critique i have is when you say ” I live very near to a police station, so they arrived very quickly” is sort of like you switch from narrating to sounding like you are talking with someone. Other than that, it was great and was a bit scary 🙂

    2. Observer Tim

      Ah, but wouldn’t be an interesting story if someome did stand outside a fifth-floor window?

      I think the ‘offending sentence’ could be fixed by inversion: They arrived vary quickly, since I lived near a police station.

      It’s a nice take on the prompt, but a tad sparse; it could use some description to break up the chain of events. Just my opinion.

  9. oLeonHearto

    Arya stirred in her sleep. She must’ve fallen asleep watching another marathon, the unfamiliar kink in her neck reminded her why she loved falling asleep in her new favourite chair. The sound of Ellie’s barking pounding through her head. She looked at the clock next to her and saw it was still only the early hours of the morning. She sighed and threw her blankets off of her and walked over to where the dog was barking.

    “Ellie, calm down! What is it? El-” As she turned the corner to grab the dog, she saw him. Arya grabbed Ellie and pulled her onto her lap. Staring through the window was a man, a man that was very familiar to Arya. His inky hair was draped over his face, dripping wet from the rain. The whites of his eyes glowed against the black of his pupils. Arya’s heart began pounding in her throat as she tried to figure out what this man was doing here. Arya had moved across many borders to run away from this man.

    Her mind turned to think of the little boy sleeping in his room down the hall. She had taken to calling him her brother, and now his safety was all that mattered to her. She saw that his door was slightly ajar and cursed herself. Daniel was not a heavy sleeper.She crept her way down the hall to check on him.

    Pulling the door open further slightly she was able to see his small torso rising and falling under the blankets. Arya let out a sigh. She looked at him for a second, absorbing the innocence of his features. The redness of his cheeks, of his lips, of the thin scar running from his left eye to the middle of his cheek. She almost envied his oblivion.

    A flash of lightning filled the room with a bright light and a long, eerie shadow. She pressed her back against the wall, hoping she was lucky enough to avoid his keen eye. Her heart was pounding even harder and she daringly looked around the corner to see if he was still there. She peered through the gap and started to laugh. A tree stood outside the window, tall and slender.

    She moved her way back to the front door just as a knock rang through the quiet house. Arya knew the man had seen her. There was no escape now. All she had fought for was lost. She twisted the handle and pulled open the door. The man met her eyes with a smirk.

    “Ms. Greenwood, we meet at last. You are quite the elusive one.” He reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a badge. “You are under arrest for the kidnapping and harbouring of Daniel James Leif, and for breaking and entering into restricted government areas. Daniel will be returning to the facility with me for further testing. What we are doing is for the good of the people. And good always triumphs.”

    1. Cindy_The_Great

      Nice story! I definitely want to know what they are trying to do to that kid. The tension was built really well and you had some really great sentences like ” His inky hair was draped over his face, dripping wet from the rain. The whites of his eyes glowed against the black of his pupils”. Great imagery. I was able to follow it and not miss a beat, seeing it in my head like a movie.

    2. Observer Tim

      I echo Cindy’s comments on the imagery; very well done! Also, the presentation leaves me wanting to know more about what’s going on with Daniel and the government, and how a seemingly young woman was able to break in and out of a secure facility.

      Your story would benefit from more careful mixing of pronouns (she/her) and nouns (Arya). The paragraph that begins “Pulling the door open …” is perfect.

  10. Directioner_482

    ~Sorry if i went over the limit. I’m new to this so no mean comments but I will take critique.~
    Stranger In the Window
    I was enjoying my sleep in my comfortable bed when Anna woke me up, barking louder than ever. “What’s wrong girl?” I ask her. She then leads me to the window next to our living room couch. “Hmm, I could’ve sworn I closed this window” I thought to myself. I look up at the window and there’s a face glued to the window, staring at me like I’ve done something terribly wrong. I screamed so loud the neighbors came out of their houses. I didn’t know this person, so I couldn’t have done anything to them. “Go away!! You’re not welcomed here!” I yelled. I ran in the kitchen and dialed 9-1-1. The man started to bang on the window. I knew I wasn’t safe. I had to do something. Before I could do anything, the police arrived. They knocked on the door, so I went to open it. “Sorry to disturb you at midnight” the officer said to me. “Do you know this guy?” he asked. Now that I had a good close-up at the man, I realized who it was.
    He was my father.. “I-I..I’m his daughter…” I said to the police. The room broke into complete silence. “Do you want to press charges?” the officer asked. “Um..I guess.” I said. You’re probably think I’m wrong for sending my father to jail, but I had no choice. He murdered my mother, he beat me and my siblings when we were younger, and he was just abusive. I couldn’t take any of that anymore. I watched as the police put him in the back of the police car. When they drove away, I felt safe. I locked the door and decided to just sleep on the couch with my Anna. She was as scared as I was.

    1. Cindy_The_Great

      This was a fantastic story. The plot was great, i enjoyed it. The few critiques i have are tense issues, paragraph spacing. The dialogue is strong but there are some tense mistakes. Like in the second sentence, you say “what wrong girl? i ask her”…. it should be “asked” her. In the fifth sentence, it should be “looked up at the window” and the second mention of window in that sentence can be omitted since you mentioned it already. In terms of paragraph spacing, this will make your dialogue and story stronger so the reader can follow it concisely rather than sifting through one whole paragraph. Other than that (all of which being minor mistakes), your story was a joy to read. I was sad when I found out what the father did. Nice read 🙂

    2. Observer Tim

      Hi Directioner;

      Actually you had 500 words, not 250, and most folks here treat even that as more of a guideline than a rule. You could used the extra to expand the details of the story, and I would have really liked that (as long as you broke it into paragraphs).

      You did great with what you put here, though.

  11. writingwithhope

    Darcy’s muscles ached after a long day of work. She plopped into her easy chair to relax for a few minutes before calling it a night. Thankfully, her daughter, Mindy, was sound asleep in her bed and all the laundry was finally done.

    She glanced at the clock. Midnight.

    Sighing deeply, she closed her eyes and allowed herself to unwind. As a single mom, her work never done. Fatigue settled over her and in a matter of minutes, she was fast asleep with dog, Maggie, lying comforably at her feet.

    Suddenly, she was jolted awake. Maggie was barking incessantly at the window. Her jaw clenched and her heart raced as she slowly turned her head toward the window.

    What she saw next, took her breath away.

    There stood a tall man dressed as a clown staring at her through the window. His big red painted smile was masked by the sinister look in his eyes.


    She screamed and then ran as fast as she could to the kitchen to grab her cell phone. Before she could dial the police, she heard a big crash and more barking.


    Something hit the floor and rolled toward her. Shaking, she peeked around the corner to see what just happened. She glanced down to see a rock with a note tied to it lying on the floor.

    She lifted her head to see the “clown” staring at her through the broken glass with a look that sent shivers down her spine.

    Mindy. Is Mindy okay?

    Her entire body froze. Before she could do anything, he turned and was gone. Like a vapor, he disappeared into the night.

    The wind whistled through the open window and the curtains flapped in the breeze. Darcy dialed the police as fast as her shaking fingers would allow her. She cradled the phone between her ear and shoulder and then reached for the rock. She held her breath as she furiously untied the note. There on the page were bright, colorful block letters that read…

    “This is no laughing matter. I have your daughter, Mindy. Wait for my call.”

    She dropped the phone and crumpled to the floor sobbing.

  12. LaurieFagen

    The face in the glass
    By Laurie Fagen

    I was dipping my fingers into warm jello as I floated around the ballroom, light as a feather. A noise punctuated the air, sharp and fast, then faster and more furious.
    I opened my eyes to see color bars on the TV screen, sitting in my leather living room recliner. The wall clock showed 1:30 a.m. Daisy, my black and white Border collie, was licking and gently pulling on my fingers, barking in between. When she saw my eyes open, she gummed my hand and yanked harder.
    “What’s wrong, girl?” I mumbled. She ran over to the sliding glass door and back a couple of times, still yipping. I rubbed my eyes, inched up and padded to the patio door.
    “Aaahhh!” I screamed, seeing a man’s face glaring at me. I jumped back, and with the commotion, Daisy yelped even louder.
    But the face didn’t move. It continued to stare in, and I was grateful for the thick glass separating us.
    “Who are you? What do you want?” I shouted, wildly looking for something to protect myself with. Kitchen chair’s too heavy, dog chew won’t do anything, okay, maybe I could slap the guy silly with a flyswatter.
    He didn’t move, nor say anything. He just kept glowering, as if angry about something.
    Of course, then I realized maybe the protective sun film on the window was reflecting his own face back to him, and maybe he couldn’t see me at all? I slowly took a couple of steps to the left. His face followed. So much for that theory.
    “Go away!” I shouted. “If you’re selling something, I don’t want it!” Of course, I realized it was a bit late for a door-to-door salesperson.
    Still, he stood there. Looking, staring, watching.
    “I’m calling the police!” I threatened, looking for my cell phone. I dialed 9-1-1, and when the dispatcher answered with “What is your emergency?” I said, “There’s an intruder in my house!” I had lowered my eyes a moment, but when I looked up again, the face was gone. “He’s … wait, where did he go?”
    “Is the intruder inside your home?” the woman asked calmly.
    “Well, no, he was outside on the patio, looking in through the glass door, but now … oh, please send someone anyway, he’s probably behind the house.”
    The police dispatcher confirmed the address, said an officer was on his way and continued to keep me on the line.
    “Did you get a good look at him?” she asked.
    “Yes, he looked mad or something, and kept staring at me.”
    “Can you tell if he was Caucasian or Hispanic or African American?”
    I paused. None of that registered. Wait, no, not Black.
    “I’m not sure, I think he was White or maybe Hispanic.”
    “What he was wearing?”
    Again, a pause. I squished my face close to the glass to look out. “Sorry, I was so freaked out, I guess I didn’t notice.”
    I jumped when the doorbell rang. “I think the officer is here,” I told the woman.
    “Please confirm that, then we’ll let him take over,” she replied.
    Phone still to my ear, I walked cautiously to the door and looked out the peephole. A man in a blue uniform stood there.
    “Okay, I’m good,” I said with a relieved sigh.
    “If you need anything else, don’t hesitate to call back,” the dispatcher said.
    “Thanks, bye.”
    I hung up, took a deep breath, unlocked the door and swung it open.
    “Boy, am I glad to see…”
    Staring at me was the same face from the patio door. He lifted something heavy in his hands, and as it came down, my world went black.

    1. Kerry Charlton

      Your story was well paced, tension builds nicely and is tightly written. The ending doesn’t disappoint the reader and all I could think of, what happened next? An excellent response to the prompt.

      I don’r recall reading any of your stories on this prompt site and hope you continue with us. Welcome to the site.

  13. Lin

    My breath caught in my throat. A pale white face could be seen through the window. My hands grew clammy. I could not believe, after all this time, that I had been found. I froze. They told me that I would be safe, that he had been institutionalized. My heart beat faster. He leered at me, the maker of masks. Blood rushed in my ears. Somehow, they had failed.

    I could already feel the ice cold knife against my throat. I had seen first hand what he did to his victims. And I knew that I would not survive this night. He would tie me up first, force himself on me. And then he would talk. Telling me everything that he planned to do once my blood ran cold. I had little doubt that he would do everything he had promised.

    All this ran through my head in seconds. The knife, the rope, the slight hiss in the way he spoke. But nothing frightened me worse than the mask he wore. They’d told me when he was first brought in that the mask was stuck to his face, and that they were unable to remove it.

    That was what chilled me the worst. That somebody could be so twisted as to bind a pale white mask, with thin slits for eyes and a leering, blood-red grin, to their own face.

    A sharp rock flew through the window, breaking me out of my frozen state. I turned to run. With inhuman speed the man leapt on top of me. I had no idea how he had gotten through so fast. But it didn’t matter. Within seconds he had subdued me.
    The last thing I felt was his tongue against my ear, as he told me just how much he would enjoy watching me die.

  14. AngelaG

    “Cookie! Sit down!” I commanded my Labrador as I rose from the chair. I was exhausted from preparing for my mother’s wedding, which was the next day. Cookie continued barking as she placed her golden paws on the window’s ledge and growled at the figure staring back at us through the window.

    I gasped and slowly backed into the kitchen. I slid open a drawer and removed a butcher’s knife. Was I being paranoid? Maybe it was just some tourist who wondered if the house was for sale.

    I returned to the window and looked at the man’s face. He smiled at me and waved.

    I didn’t return the favor. The man was my father.

    I held the knife behind my back as I cracked open the door. Dad’s smile widened as he looked at me. His beard was long and scruffy, and his matted hair was covered with a baseball cap. His tattered clothes were filthy.

    “You’re not welcome here,” I said. I clenched the knife’s handle.

    Dad laughed and opened his arms for a hug. “Aw, c’mon, Sarah! I wanted to congratulate your mother on her newly found happiness.”

    “I’ll call the cops,” I said.

    Dad chuckled and teetered backwards. He hadn’t curbed his drinking habit since he’d left town four years earlier.

    “The divorce isn’t final, girly,” Dad slurred. “I never filed any papers, so your mom’s breakin’ the law.”

    “No, Dad, I was there in court. The judge found you at fault. Now, go, or I’ll make good on my word,” I warned. I started to close the door.

    Dad shrieked and slammed his shoulder into the door, knocking me to the floor. He stomped past me and kicked the coffee table over. Cookie growled and crouched down as Dad started towards the stairs.

    I jumped to my feet and followed Dad towards Mom’s room. She was awake and standing by her bed in her bathrobe. She paled when she saw Dad’s ugly figure leering at her.

    “What do you want, Andrew?” she asked. Dad started towards her.

    “You, of course,” he said and reached for her arm. Mom stumbled backwards and kicked him as I raised the knife.

  15. smallster21

    I think I am going to have nightmares tonight. This was wayyyyy creepy! I felt like I was watching a scary movie. I could see the action very clearly. One continuity error I noticed, when the MC runs into her bedroom, I would take “I slammed the door shut” and place that after the description of the skeletal version of the MC crawling up the stairs. Great story! The eyeball was really gross. I scrunched my nose, and don’t feel like eating dinner now! Lol, love it!

    1. Kerry Charlton

      The only way I could read this, was by reading smallster’s story first. I also felt like it was a movie, so you really put your heart into this. The bitter coldness was described very well and reminds me of a classic movie from the forties, “The Uninvited.” One of the best ghost haunting movies ever filmed.

      1. Cindy_The_Great

        Thanks Kerry, i’m glad you enjoyed it. I’ve never seen that movie, but will definitely have to check it out now! And i’m ecstatic that you caught all the cold descriptions, i had fun with that.

    2. Cindy_The_Great

      Thank you Smallster21, this really made my day when i read this. Your critique was dead on, i felt the same way about that mistake, so thank you for pointing that out. I’m glad it scared you, that was definitely my hope that it would creep people out 🙂


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