Thankful I’m a Writer

Finish this sentence: I’m thankful I’m a writer because …

Post your response (500 words or fewer) in the comments below.


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172 thoughts on “Thankful I’m a Writer

  1. Professor YoYo

    I’m thankful I’m a writer because I can express myself through a variety of writing genres. Sometimes I record my internal conversations, and this dialogue becomes the basis for a scene in one of my scripts. Sometimes I just need an outlet to unload the burdens of the day.

  2. esmeralda.lizardi

    I am thankful I am a writer for so many reason but the main one being the way that it can be an out for people like myself. Some people have so much going on in their heads and feel like they cannot do anything about it. A simple pen can change that. Whether it be simple piece of paper or even a way to organize yourself such as a planner, it can solve so many issues that come with keeping everything in your head, such as stress. Using writing as a form of expression is using writing at its best. Being a writer means being able to express yourself without having to speak to anyone. Sometimes some feel like no one in the world is able to understand what they are feeling and that they have no one to talk to and that’s when writing comes into play. A person might write about their feelings and be able to let go of some of the frustration that they are carrying.
    That is why I am thankful for writing. I am thankful that I can express myself without having to make any noise.

  3. Julia Tello

    I’m thankful I’m a writer, well really I’m not a writer. I think that if I was a real writer, I would have been not a very good one. Well you see, writing is not one of my strong things to do. In order to be a writer one needs to have the ability to write freely because he or she has a passion for it. The way I would define a writer is someone that has all these cool and interested ideas. Someone that can put thought and sentences on paper without a problem. I have a great respect for writers, because without these amazing people we would be lost without books, novels, magazines, newspaper and so on. thanks for giving me the opportunity of writing my thought on this site.

  4. Pena360

    I’m thankful I’m a writer because my mind is a very weird and lonely pla…I am not one lie very often so please do forgive me, but I am in fact not a writer. My mind on the other hand is a very weird and lonely place, so fifteen twenty eighths of the first statement is true. Writing is something I really don’t enjoy and I feel as if I really only do it for school. Sure yeah I’ll think of a really cool story I made up, or have something to share from my odd brain, but I tend to never write them out. The main reason why I think is due to I always feel discouraged, like I’m not doing right. It feels like there are just so many “rules” to follow when writ…Did everyone understand the thing about “fifteen twenty eighths”, It’s a fraction in case you’re wondering. Well now it begs the question of why not just say “so half of the first statement is true” or something? Previously mentioned I am not one to lie so I thought to be honest and upfront. I still feel like someone might not understand all the way so allow me to explain. There are fifty six characters in total, not counting the apostrophes or spaces, that make up the first statement. Thirty of those characters are from the part that contain the truth. That doesn’t fully explain it’s fifteen twenty eighths though. The actual fraction of the truth is thirty fifty sixths (30/56 , a little visual to help), however I enjoy a little math so I simply reduced the fraction. Good, that’s out of the way now back to writing my…response. I’m sorry, it seems though I have lied once again. As you have read my mind is a weird and lonely place, example being doing unnecessary math to explain the truth in a sentence. After all that though I realized I managed to write about something, so I guess even with all my mistakes and errors I technically am a writer after all.


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