Thankful I’m a Writer

Finish this sentence: I’m thankful I’m a writer because …

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3 thoughts on “Thankful I’m a Writer

  1. Gypsy108

    I’m thankful I’m a writer because I can see things other people can’t. Sure it’s made me a little crazy, and prevents me from doing my homework, but it’s something different. The world needs stories, and who else can provide that better than us?

  2. RobertCordaro

    I’m thankful I’m a writer because I have been telling stories my whole life. All my friends have called on me to tell scary stories around Halloween, and my children loved my bedtime stories. I have never actually tried writing them down for strangers to read, but I have entire worlds in my head, and hundreds of characters I like to add to whatever book I’m reading, or movie I am watching. When I go to sleep at night, my mind likes to change the story, or add characters. I can’t help it. It just happens. I have so many characters running around in my head just waiting to be dropped into one of my worlds for the pleasure of others. I want to open up my head and let them out onto an unsuspecting world.
    I’m thankful I’m a writer because the voices in my head want to get out!

  3. catbr

    For years I have wanted to try my hand at writing having always dabbled in it from time to time. Poetry, diary writing and lately news story comments on the internet have been most of my experience. Recently I found this website and the daily writing prompt attempts have revealed to me how bad my writing is. Although in my defense I have absolutely no experience with fiction other than poetry except for what I did back in high school. A well written entertaining fictional book is very admirable. I only became interested in reading fiction steadily over the last 5 or so years. Before that I was more interested in non-fiction books. Overall I have really loved books my entire adult life. But this is sort of straying from the prompt. So I should like to finish that sentence now, after all that rambling. I’m thankful I’m a writer because I would like to learn and write all I can to perhaps someday be able to write and publish a book. I know that I have a long way to go but I’m not getting any younger and don’t feel like wasting any more time like I did for the first half of my life of doing all the wrong things.