Snow Day

Write about a day during your elementary school years where school was cancelled due to snow. Remember waking up to the “good” news? How you filled your newfound free time?

Post your response (500 words or less) in the comments below.

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One thought on “Snow Day

  1. vkline01

    My family included Dad, Mom, two sisters, one brother and me. Our ages ranged from 7 years old down to 4 years old. Since supper was a family event we waited for Dad to get home from work. While we waited, we sat down and watched the evening news with Mom. The weather report came on and reported a snow storm with accumulations of up to 32 inches of snow. The map showed the storm moving in a north easterly direction coming up from the Carolinas. If the storm shifted toward the West we could get a lot more snow.

    Dad arrived home and we sat down to eat. The conversation was centered around the snow storm and having a snow day. Dad kept telling us the storm was going to shift east and we would only get a couple inches of snow.

    I was praying for snow. After supper, I ran to the window and looked out. It wasn’t snowing but then it wasn’t supposed to start until midnight. We climbed into bed looking forward to the next morning and what it would bring.

    Mom came in and woke us up. It was bright outside and we knew there was no school when she said, “Put your old clothes on and dress warm.”

    We jumped out of bed, put on our warmest clothes and ran downstairs for breakfast. Through the windows we could see more snow than we ever saw before. Dad was sitting at the table waiting for us and he told us to hurry up so we could go out and play. Of course Dad would be shoveling open the sidewalk and the driveway. He said the storm had shifted west and we ended up with 51 inches of snow.

    I was dressed in my snowsuit but before we could out we had to wait for Mom to help my little brother put on two pairs of mittens and tie his scarf around his neck. Mom told us, “As soon as his mittens get wet you bring him back in the house.”

    The snow was over our heads. Dad was working his way out the sidewalk and we decided to tunnel through the wall of snow. We started a hole in the wall and dug our way down to the grass. We filled buckets with snow and pushed them to the opening where my older sister would give them to Dad so he could dump them on top of the snow. We built the first snow cave and then took my little brother in so he could get warm and dry. We traded our wet mittens for dry ones and started tunneling under the snow to make another snow cave.

    Mom called us in for lunch before we could get the second cave finished. After lunch Mom made cocoa and we spent the afternoon in the house letting our snowsuits, mittens, hats and boots dry by the stove.


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