Secret Passage in Library

One day, at your local public library, you are looking around the very back shelves. There is a particularly boring looking book there, but for some reason it catches your interest and you find yourself removing it from the shelf. However, as soon as you move the book, the bookcase opens in like a door, revealing a deep dark tunnel. Write this scene.

Post your response (500 words or less) in the comments below.

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6 thoughts on “Secret Passage in Library

  1. kathleenmagner

    I backed into the elevator, dragging my loaded book cart. The casters clunked over the uneven threshold, and the volumes swayed, threatening to topple from the three metal shelves. I shoved the looser books into place with my knee and stabbed the six floor’s button.

    “Carrie, hold up!”

    Aaron’s shout rose above the clacking of wheels on tile, the soft thump of tomes, and his rushing sneakers.

    Biting my lip, I slapped my hand against the sliding elevator door. The panels retracted and I pressed the open button while Aaron neared.

    “Thanks.” He shoved his cart inside and grinned.

    “No problem.”

    I avoided his smile and tended to the close button, sealing the elevator shut. A glance at the call numbers on his cart told me he meant to go to floor six as well, and as the technological gears groaned with our combined tonnage, I debated if his choice had been intentional or not.

    “No plans for Halloween?”

    His question stalled my mental circling and I shrugged against settling reality. “Paying for tuition comes first.”

    “We missed you last week.”

    I faced the books on my cart’s top shelf. “I rescheduled ‘cause of mid-terms.”


    “No. English.”

    “How’d you do?”

    I sank my gaze into the spine of a tome sporting the periodic table of the elements and concluded sharing my 99% would seem too obnoxious. “Pretty good.”

    “I bet you aced it.”

    Peeking up from the multicolored blocks, I sought the expected sarcasm. Aaron’s grin simply spread.

    “You study enough for the whole University.”

    “What’s the point in being here if you don’t?”

    “What about having some fun?”

    I swept my arm over the carts. “This is my fun.”

    “It could be worse.”

    The elevator dinged and a thankful gust of chilled air frosted my cheeks.

    “See you on the ride down.” With a parting wink, Aaron backed out and headed left.

    I waited until his cart’s rumble quieted on the industrial carpet before shoving mine out of the elevator and curving in the opposite direction.

    Popping in my ear buds, I tried to ignore his presence on what would probably be an otherwise empty floor. I turned up the volume and willed myself into an extra lecture on Thoreau’s Leaves of Grass.

    Between my ears, Professor Johnson’s drone blended with the classification codes and the rhythmic slip of one book after another from the cart into its proper place on the gunmetal shelves. The combination kept my mind numbed from other thoughts until I heard Aaron’s muffled shout. I popped out one pip and scowled as his voice echoed between the stacks.

    “…and look at this.”

    “Aaron, shhh.”

    “I mean it. Come look.” His voice wavered through the stillness, fragile like a thin sheet of glass.

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  2. Mak

    I ran into the library, sopping wet. The librarian’s stare made my heart pound and guilt overwhelm me for probably ruining the carpet. I tried to dry my shoes off to the best of my ability and headed towards the back room, away from the scary librarian. She had a pointy nose and eyes like a hawk that always seemed to be watching you. Her cane looked like a tool of mass destruction if you got too close.

    I had lived in this town my entire life, and I loved to read. I spent most of my afternoons here, turning page after page, reading book after book. By now I had read through everything but the books in the back room. These books were covered in what looked like a few years’ worth of dust, maybe even a decades’ worth. They were all thick books that seemed as though they would take forever to read. Most of them were boring information books previously used for research, at least, until the Internet was invented.

    I look through the shelves until I find a book that catches my eye. It’s very plain and I wonder why this particular book has appealed to me. Then I realize it’s pushed in just slightly farther than the rest of the books. It is above my reach, but there is a boy about my age who is standing near me and I ask him for help.

    He reaches up and tugs on the book. He pulls it out and suddenly there is this large creaking noise. We both step back, scared that the bookcase will tip over when suddenly it swings to the side, revealing a large doorway.

  3. bilbobaggins321

    I was just ambling along the main street of my town, looking for something to do on a lazy Saturday afternoon. On a whim, I pushed open the door to the public library. Maybe I could check out a book or something. Anything to prevent from Mr. Boredom rapping at my screen door. The lady at the front desk greeted me, and asked what kind of book I wanted to check out. I said I was just browsing. She smiled in understanding and went off to help someone else. I walked over randomly to the Reference section at the very back of the building. I knew that the library said you couldn’t take these books outside, so I didn’t venture into heavy-book territory very much. I slid my hands along the spines of these behemoths. Some of them looked so old they might just turn to dust. One particular book, however, caught my interest.
    It was called “A Study of Modern Psychology and the Mind.” I looked at it, puzzled. All of a sudden, I found myself taking it off of the shelf. I tell you, carrying that book was like Atlas carrying the world. I finally managed to get it onto one of those tables you use for studying. I flipped through the yellowed pages. The whole book was so dull, you could fall asleep reading it. I had no idea why it had caught my interest. I figured I would just leave it on the table for one of those math super-nerds that would actually understand it, and save him the burden. I walked back over to the shelf, and then I saw the weirdest thing. In the empty space I created by taking out the book, I saw a little button on the back of the shelf. I pushed it out of curiosity. The next thing I knew, the whole shelf started moving like a door on hinges. A dim-lit tiled hallway was exposed. I stepped inside, and pushed the shelf back into its position. I looked down the hall and saw a door at the end. Now, why would anyone hide a hallway behind here?

      1. bilbobaggins321

        Thanks, Mak. I know it’s been a long time, but here’s the sequel.

        Now, why would anyone hide a hallway behind here? I chuckled silently. This would for sure be the oddest moment of my day.
        I opened the door, thankful that there was no squeaking sound.
        At once I was bathed in luxury. I was in a long hallway, with shag carpeting and Renaissance paintings hanging on the walls.

        WTH!?! I wanted to ask. What was this ritzy place doing the in the back of some small town-library? I knew at once that if someone found me I would be in deep doo-doo but my curiosity drove me on. I padded silently down, and at the end there were two more doors. Oh, great. I’m probably in some labyrinth of doors and it’s only a matter of time before the Minotaur finds me.

        I tried the first door to the left, but it was only just cracked before it emitted a loud groan, and I quickly closed it. The other door had a password pad on it, but apparently somebody forgot to close it all the way, and I just pushed it open. I was in another long hallway. Talk about deja-vu. This one also had carpeting and paintings, with nice oak end tables with vases of flowers sittting on them.

        There was only one door at the end of the hall. It ,too, had some wierd password code thingy on it, and I didn’t even try. I was just about to turn around and get out of all this mess when I heard two voices from behind the door.

        “Why thank you, Henrik,” one voice said, slippery as a serpent.
        “No, thank you,” the other said. “You are the one who employed me.”
        Mr. Serpent cackled. “The pleasure is mine. You do have the papers right here in this file, correct?” I could hear the sound of a glass being set down on a coaster.
        “Yes, right here,” the other said, and there was a shuffle of clothing.
        “Ah. With these papers, my plan will finally come to fruction. I, I will be rich beyond all imagination!” I could almost picture some mad scientist rubbing his hands together. Then Mr. Serpent spoke more seriously.
        “On the other hand, I am in no longer in need of your services. I do not need you, and so you can scram. Go, leave.”
        “But- but you said you would give me a half-million more.”
        “Okay, fine, I did say that. I’ll go get it out of the safe. But, so you don’t see me entering in the password, I’ll need you to turn around. Now.”
        I could faintly hear the second man lean against the wall with his hands.
        Sudenly, a muffled gunshot rang through the room, and Henrik slumped against the wall. I was shaking as I listened further.
        “There’s your money,” he said. “Blood money.”
        Mr. Serpent left the room by another door.

  4. Nicole778899

    I walked around the library looking for something to read on the weekend.”No,no,no I can’t find any…”I trailed off as I noticed a bookshelf that I hadn’t checked yet.”Hmm, this looks interesting.” It seemed as if no one has touched the story in a long time. I ran my fingers across the spine revealing its name, Vampires. “I guess I’ll get this book.” I said to myself as I tried to take the book off the shelf.”This..story..won’t…budge!” Then it came out, throwing me on the floor.I look at it then where it used to be. A hole was in its place. “Maybe if I pull this book out?” When I did the hole got bigger, soon I was tearing out books like mad. When I was done the hole turned into a secret passage. I grabbed the story that started this and walked inside.”Wow, this is pretty cool but the fact no one came to question me on what I was doing is amazing!” My voice echoed along the rocky passage way. Soon, I saw a light “I wonder if anyone one else is in here?”


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