Pizza Delivery Driver

You’re a pizza delivery driver and it’s your last stop of the night. The house is on an unlit, unfamiliar street. As you ring the doorbell, you’re greeted by an unusual character who invites you in while he gets cash–and abruptly knocks you out cold. When you wake up, you’re tied to a chair. What happens next?

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2 thoughts on “Pizza Delivery Driver

  1. megsylegsy

    The light was pounding my eyes, doing nothing for the headache that was starting behind my eyes. Where the hell was I? The last thing I remembered was trying to look interested whilst that crazy old lady kept jabbering at me about her cats. She was taking forever to find the cash for the pizza and I was almost ready to just write it off and call it a day. And then it went black.

    I try to look round me but my neck is stiff and pain shoots through the back of my head if I twist it too much. The room is dark and cold, I think there’s some metal struts along the ceiling and walls. Some sort of warehouse perhaps? I try to move my hand to shield my eyes against the light but I can’t move. For I second I panic thinking I’ve broken something and then realise my hands are just tied behind my back.

    Suddenly there’s a noise up ahead. Something shuffling, rustling as though trying to get a better view.

    “I know you’re there!” I shout, trying to sound as confident as I can. Even I’m not convinced. “Come on, show yourself”

    My crazy cat lady walks in and now I know in dreaming or concussed or something because I swear she wasn’t this scary before.

    “Look lady, you’re going to get in a lot of trouble with the police if you don’t let me go”

    She snickers. “Oh deary, don’t you think they don’t know?”

    “Wha….? What do you mean?! What on earth are you talking about, you can’t do this!” I start screaming at her, rocking the chair in my fury and my desperation to escape.

    “Someone’s been a very naughty boy” she says soothingly, picking up a long cruel knife from a dirty tray in the corner, “dear me, you really shouldn’t have been telling those nasty people all our little secrets.”

    They know. Oh god, how do they know? I was so careful, so sure.

    “Not when you were supposed to be telling us their secrets” she astounds like an angry schoolteacher, shaking her head at me, “naughty boy”.

    She comes closer, leans in with knife at my neck.

    “Now then,” she whispers as the first few drops of blood start sliding down my neck, ” why don’t you tell me all about it”.

  2. kathleenmagner

    Trent heard the whispers first. The low murmurings undercut the throbbing radiating from the base of his skull and beating like bongos on the back of his eyeballs. He squinted and flinched from the bright beam of light slicing through the crack of his lids.

    “It’s awake.”

    The callous clarity of the statement made him shudder. Gritting his teeth, Trent forced his eyes open and peered into the surrounding neon glow.

    Shadows moved beyond the column of light and he lurched away when one skulked to his left. The effort nearly toppled him from the chair he found himself adhered to at his ankles, waist, and wrists.

    Glancing down, he spied ducted tape circling the lower half of his torso and down his bared arm, the dull silver a contrast to the baby-blue of his uniform’s polo shirt and the jazzy logo at his breast. The adhesive smell blended in with the remaining musk from the pizzas and his deodorant’s efforts against the sweat beginning to pop out from every pore.

    He jerked his arms, but merely wrenched his shoulder, aggravating the old pitcher’s injury. Steeping in frustration, new and old, he squinted at his surroundings.

    Concrete at his feet sent his heart thudding. The trailer park’s homes had all been on cinderblocks, even the one he remembered knocking on right before….

    Frowning he sought the details of his last moments of consciousness. He’d parked his hatchback alongside number 22, gone up to the front door and banged on the screen’s frame. Footsteps preceded the door swinging open, revealing the girl.

    His first thought had been approval for her bronzed limbs, then a surprising concern for her short-shorts and plastered tee-shirt and how they might fare against the October chill. Her smile had been warm enough, as had her invitation inside only until she’d found the cash for the extra large vegetarian with extra olives, of course.

    He remembered thinking his evening had taken a brighter turn, redeeming his miss of Mike’s Halloween party and discovering what Missy Callahan had concocted for a costume this year.

    When the door had closed behind him, though, he recalled the blur out of the corner of his eye while the girl’s hip sway had magnetized his gaze. Then the world had gone black.

    Until now.

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