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Creative Writing Prompts

[description]Get daily creative writing prompts for your short story, fiction or nonfiction novel, essay and more at WritersDigest.com.[/description]
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Need an idea to help you get started writing? You’ll find hundreds of fun writing prompts here – perfect for beginning a new novel or short story, or simply giving your writing muscle a workout.

Halloween Party Mishap

You arrive at an annual Halloween party only to discover that someone else is dressed in the same costume as you. Bad things start happening to you throughout the night and you … Read more

Your Future Writing Bio

Write a one-paragraph bio about your writing career to date. Then, write the one-paragraph bio you expect to have in 2020 (including all your major writing accomplishments). Post your response (500 words … Read more

Costume Contest

You’re 12 years old and have entered a school Halloween costume contest. There’s stiff competition, though you’re confident you’ll win—until you find out someone has bribed the judge. Write this scene. Post … Read more

Best Man/Maid of Honor Speech

Your closest friend has asked you to give a speech at his/her wedding. Post your response (500 words or less) in the comments below.

In Line for Concert Tickets

You’ve been waiting in a line for days to get concert tickets to your favorite band’s upcoming show. You’re keeping track of your experience in a journal. What does it say? Post … Read more

A Car’s Thoughts on Negotiation

Write about a car negotiation from the perspective of the car. Post your response (500 words or less) in the comments below.

A Chance to Vent

Write a 20-line rhyming poem about something that really annoys you. Post your response (500 words or less) in the comments below.

Misdialed Number

You’ve accidentally dialed the wrong phone number, but the person who answers sounds familiar. Immediately he/she recognizes you, but because made the call you’re too embarrassed to ask who it is. Using … Read more

Parents Just Don’t Understand

Write about a heated argument you had with your parents (real or fictitious). Post your response (500 words or less) in the comments below.

Unsettling Fast Food Conversation

You roll through your favorite fast-food drive-thru, order your usual and wait for the cashier to repeat it back to you. Only, he doesn’t repeat it. Instead, through the speaker, you hear … Read more

Swim Club Scare

You and a friend break into your neighborhood swim club late one night to go for an after-hours dip. While splashing around in the pool, you go into shock when a dead … Read more

Acceptance Speech

Poking fun at you, a relative gives you a dubious award at a family picnic (“Worst Horseshoe Player,” “Best Beer Holder,” etc.). In a twist, you accept the award and give a … Read more

Your Writing Tagline

M&M Candies “Melt in your mouth, not in your hands.” Miller Lite “Tastes great, less filling.” Describe yourself (or your writing) in ten words or fewer. Post your response (500 words or … Read more

You Can’t Name Your Baby That!

You and your spouse welcome a beautiful baby into your lives and, after going round and round on names, you choose one that’s very unusual. Write a scene where you announce the … Read more

Brian’s 4th of July Party

Your favorite newsletter editor Brian A. Klems hosted a 4th of July party for the WD staff, forum members and newsletter loyalists. It was all fun and games until one guest got … Read more

Making Your Bed

You forgot to make your bed this morning and your mom is on the prowl, ready to hand out punishment. In an effort to avoid grounding, make up an excuse (no matter … Read more


Write about someone you envy. Start your story with, “I wish I didn’t envy (fill in the blank) so much, but I can’t help it.” Post your response (500 words or less) … Read more

Your Monster Returns

When you were little, you could swear there was a monster under your bed–but no one believed you. On the eve of your 30th birthday, you hear noises coming from under your … Read more

Allergic Reaction

You find out you are highly allergic to something you love. Do you give it up (no matter how hard it is) or not (and deal with the consequences of the allergy)? … Read more

Neighbor + Pet = Bad News

Your neighbor has taken in an unusual pet and it does something unpleasant to your house/yard. Confront your neighbor. Post your response (500 words or less) in the comments below.

French Toast Fiasco

You wake up to the smell of sizzling French toast. You have to have some, but it’s coming from your neighbor’s house and the two of you aren’t on speaking terms. How … Read more

Birthday Celebration

If you could spend your birthday doing anything you wanted, what would it be and why? Post your response (500 words or less) in the comments below.

Haunted House

You’ve recently purchased a new house. Upon your first full night there, you begin to hear noises but think nothing of it—until you see something that convinces you the house is haunted. … Read more

If You Could Be Someone Else

If you could morph into anyone (alive, dead, fictional, etc.), who would it be and why? Post your response (500 words or less) in the comments below.

Career in One Sentence

Sum up your writing career in one sentence. Post your response (500 words or less) in the comments below.

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