Mystery Cookie

One day you come into work and find a cookie mysteriously placed on your desk. Grateful to whoever left this anonymous cookie, you eat it. The next morning you come in and find another cookie. This continues for months until one day a different object is left–and this time there’s a note.

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217 thoughts on “Mystery Cookie

  1. anthony.ripleyE47

    I cant believe a month has past since I have received a cookie a day. I can still remember how I felt on that day, and everything that went on. I was wearing a button up shirt, with jeans and then walking in and on my desk sat a note. Little did I know it was a picture of my friends and I sitting at our park in our hometown. As I looked at the picture in pure confusion, as I glanced at it thoughtfully one more time I noticed a face circled. It was my best friend from school and I had no idea I was working with her for years now.

  2. esmeralda.martinez

    It’s always the same routine. After many restless nights forcing yourself to stay awake to finish your work, you wake up bright and early in the morning with heavy eyelids, struggling to lift your overworked legs to carry you off the bed. Regretfully, after what seemed like ages, you’re dressed and ready to go to work. The drive to your office is brutal, it seems as though you are always too hot or too cold, there’s constantly traffic, and you never enjoy what is playing on the radio. Once you’ve arrived you are greeted with a practically full parking lot, but at last you’ve reached your destination. Everything is repetitive, the new receptionist whose name you don’t quite care to remember welcomes you in with a warm smile and a perky “Good Morning!”, which often makes you wonder, when are your days ever good?
    Not eager to settle in, you drop your bag off at your desk and head straight to the break room to gulp down some coffee to get you through the day. After some coffee you feel as though you’re a tiny bit ready to start work, which you know is as good as it will get. Coming back to your desk you notice something very peculiar. There, sitting right beside your keyboard is a bright yellow napkin with a chocolate cookie placed on top. Confused, you look around to see if maybe the bubbly receptionist handed out goodies for everyone, but unlike you expected, you were the only one to be graced with a cookie. The gift was so kind and nothing like you’ve ever encountered before. Unsure on how to react, you let it sit while you start your work. But you know, no matter what you do to try to ignore it, it will still be waiting there in the corner of your eye, watching your every move. After many thoughts racing your mind you decide to not trust your odd guest and toss it in the trash. Out of sight out of mind, right? So you go back to your work and go about your day as if nothing changed from your regular schedule, and at the end of your long day you go back home and prepare yourself to start the cycle all over again the next day.
    Once again the following day, you’re tired, grumpy, and back in this office that you’re sure you’ll some day die in. You’ve grabbed your coffee and you’re about to sit down at your desk when you see it. Another cookie has appeared on your desk again. Without hesitation you take the cookie and hover it above the trash bin, but then, a thought occurs. It would be nice to eat it, you haven’t had the chance to enjoy a cookie in a while. With much hesitation you bring the cookie to your lips. You feel your stomach start to growl, your tongue is beginning to water, all you want is to eat this mysterious cookie in one bite. So you do. One word to describe the experience would be, “delightful.” How could this strange cookie somehow be the best you’ve ever come across? With a crunchy but not too firm exterior, and a soft and doughy center, it was as if it was created by a God.
    As each day passes you find yourself growing more and more eager to go to work. You’ve come to realize that the highlight of your day is getting to chow down on your mystery cookie, you’ve also taken notice on how your mood has lifted and how it seemed to make your life brighter. Who knew something so small could do so much? Three weeks have flown by until the one thing you look forward to in your day disappears and is replaced by a note. Cautiously, you slowly unfold the note. As soon as you open it the first thing that catches your eye is the beautiful cursive. It reads “I’ve seen how unhappy you are every morning so one I thought maybe something sweet could cheer you up! So far I’ve seen it’s been going pretty well! I’m glad I could help! Love, Amanda.” The friendly receptionist was the one behind the mystery cookie the whole time.

  3. betzahi.gonzalez

    It was just like any other normal day for me. I wake up, put on my clothes, and wash up. Then I go and have the same simple breakfast of eggs and toast. I hate my job. The thought of all the papers I will have to be organizing and sitting at the little desk given to me does not get me start up my day in the morning with cheerful thoughts. However, for the past month at the bottom right side corner of my desk has been a mysterious cookie. Now I really do not care for sweet things, but somehow I manage to still eat it.
    Over the course of the month I had made it my mission to find out who has been leaving me the cookies. I would wake up early and get ready with lighting speed just so I can get to work early enough to see whoever is putting the cookies on my desk. I did this for many days, but never been able to catch them, so instead I decided to be grateful for the cookies and enjoy them while they lasted.
    Today was different story though. From the moment I woke up everything has been going terribly wrong. It went from hitting my head on my nightstand to finding a hole in my pants to burning my toast to missing my bus to work, and It was raining so by the time I got to work I was soaking wet. For all that happened that morning I still was expecting the cookie to be there on my desk today. With water filled shoes I managed to get to my desk.
    It was in that moment walking up to my desk to only find a small box in the place where the cookie should have been was when I broke down. I thought maybe I could make it through today if I saw that cookie. However, life moves on, bills that need to be paid, and you still need to eat food to survive. During lunch break I’d usually go to the roof to eat, but it was raining outside so that was out of the question. I wish it had not been raining, so I could at least get some fresh air because I had lost any appetite I had a few hours ago. Instead of eating on my break I decided to take a nap.
    Right as I laid my head down on my desk I noticed a small piece of yellow paper underneath the box. As I lifted the box I reached to grab the paper and noticed ink that had bled through the paper. Once I opened it the note said, ” I hope you are not too disappointed that you didn’t get a cookie today. I bet you’re really curious to know who I am, but don’t worry you will find out soon it’s just not the right time right now. Instead of one cookie today I had a small box of them prepared for you. That’s why you didn’t see any on your desk silly. Enjoy! J.” After reading the note I looked over to the box and sure enough it really was a box filled with cookies. Looking back at the note, it was signed with just the letter J. Who is J ?

  4. Beycalzada

    One gloomy morning I walk to my office and smell something quite tasteful. I look down on my desk and see a single fresh baked cookie. Not just a regular cookie but my favorite, chewy chocolate chip. I wonder why I would get a random cookie on my desk and start to wonder if it was maybe displaced on my desk on accident. I would like to ask around to see whose it might be but the amazing scent of the cookie is driving me to eat it. I usually double think about receiving food from others but I was running late to work today and hadn’t had time to eat breakfast. Surely one cookie couldn’t hurt to eat I convinced myself. I took a couple bites of the chewy cookie, and it tasted delicious. I finished the cookie in a couple bites, and had no regrets afterwards. I go on the rest of the day not thinking much more about the random cookie that was left on my desk.
    The next day morning for work I arrive to work and see another chewy chocolate chip cookie laid on a napkin and plate. I look around and think to myself, who could it be that is delivering me cookies, this couldn’t have been another mistake that it was sent to my office desk.
    I come to my office the next day and thought surely there wouldn’t be another cookie laying on my desk, and yet there was. Soon every day I would come to work expecting a cookie laying there and there was everyday. I was so used to expecting one that I didn’t care anymore how it got there and why. I did appreciate receiving a cookie every day for work, it gave me something to look forward to while going to work. It brought a better and pleasant mood to my day, I felt joyous and happy.
    I continued to receive the cookies for a month until one day instead of where the cookie usually laid on my desk next to my computer was a sheet of paper with words written on it in black pen. I was shocked to see the cookie I was use to seeing being replaced with a note. I wondered if who had ever left this note also be the one who was treating me with cookies. I pick up the note paper and read “You have been receiving cookies from me the past month. I will remain anonymous to you but I am a co worker to you who has noticed a better mood and character in you since you started receiving the cookies, I’ve seen a change in positive attitude in you. Before, you would come to work uninterested and negative, I have enjoyed seeing the positivity in you I made by such a small giving. Life is too short to be down and upset, let us give to others and make this world a better place. Share the love with others.”

  5. yarvizu

    I really enjoy my job as an elementary school counselor and I always looked forward to going to school. Ever since I found a cookie on my desk I have always been happier of going to work. However, I have always been curious about who leaves a cookie on my desk. It was a sunny Tuesday when I went into my office and to my surprise I did not find a cookie this time. Instead I found a sunflower, which is my favorite flower. As I sat down in my chair I saw a note beside the flower that said, “ Thank you for everything that you have done for me and for helping me with school.” I have helped many kids but I recognized this kids handwriting, he is a special kid for me because he struggled in school at the beginning and he got to a point where he did not feel like trying anymore. He had problems at home that were interfering with his school development and needed someone who would support him and cheer him on. He has been getting better at dealing with problems and is a more happier kid just as any kid his age should be.
    To me one of the best feelings is knowing that you helped a person better their life and enjoy it. I personally believe that it is a privilege to be able to help wonderful kids who are struggling in school and feel lost. In addition, the best reward is being thanked and appreciated by those students who once asked for our help. Also, to see them succeed in school and in life is one of the best feelings. People have different ways of thanking, but simple details like leaving a cookie in a person’s office is what counts.

  6. Abdul.bulla

    Unless you have the best job in the world you probably sometimes need something to really push you to go to work. And in a strange way that cookie everyday for a month was enough of an incentive to make work a little bit more worth while, until the day that there was something new instead of a usual cookie. Curiosity got the better of me and I could not help myself but to look at what the note said,tho I was dubious of the whole thing and I had no idea what yo expect. And the object itself left me clueless so I could only depend on the note to shed some light on what has been going on with the cookies as well as this new item on my desk. After reading the first sentence I immediately broke out into a cold sweat and my heart felt as tho it was about to beat out of my chest. I immediately closed my office door in fear of the possiblilty that the writer of the note might have been watching me. Might have even been one of my colleagues. I tried to compose myself but it’s hard to do that when someone writes in a note that “I know your secret” how do they know?were the cookies a symbol to show me that they know?I had too many questions running in my head and not a single lead to help me answer them. One thing constantly ringing in my mind was the object they left with it. The knife with the initials “D.N” on it what could it Mean?

  7. Mlowery4

    The weirdest thing just happened to me at the office. Ever since last week I’ve been getting random cookies with notes in them. I have come to think that every note in the cookie is a piece of a puzzle. I told my coworkers and they never believed me. Whoever put the cookies on my desk made sure my coworkers wouldn’t see them come in.

  8. chad.pena

    Mr. Kelly assignment

    It wasn’t until I arrived at work that I realized I forgot to pack a lunch for the day. Being that I was running late for work, I was not able to dedicate more than a second to the recognition of my error. I had been previously warned of the severe consequences for tardiness, and I had them in mind as I entered my capsule and raced to the 666th floor.
    As I sat at my desk and examined every blemish on the wall, I allowed myself some time to dwell on the hunger pains I was experiencing. Right then, I cut my eyes to the far edge of my desk and noticed a cookie. It was perfectly baked, no signs of being overcooked. There were also exactly 4 chocolate chips, precisely placed like the dots on a pair of dice as if they were intended to be perceived that way. I silently thanked my secret admirer, and indulged on a snack capable of taking my mind off of my stomach’s misery.
    Over the next few weeks, a seemingly identical cookie greeted me as I walked into my office. Not wanting to offend whoever was placing it there, I helped myself again and again to the beautiful pastry. Work started to fly by knowing that I had a friend, never mind them being anonymous
    I’m not sure when the first month ended and the next began. I remember bizarre dreams of a world where there were people and things. It was full of color and sounds, and it was different every night that I dreamt of it. The only thing that remained clear and consistent was the cookie that had become a part of my desk.
    All of this had been made clear to me only today. I approached my desk and became conscious when I noticed a handgun sitting atop it, and upon further examination it was loaded with a single bullet. Next to it was a note that read, ‘This is the last decision you will make for yourself, Chad. It’s a simple one- Join. Or. Die’.
    I raised my final decision to my head, and pulled the trigger. I felt beside myself, and I could hear nothing but a faint ringing in my ears. I was sure I was dead until I heard an automated- sounding female voice say, “Welcome to the team, number 9045”, and was force-fed the final cookie from my admirer’s oven. With my one and only blank round spent, I looked out the window to admire the world as it faded away, only to be dreamt of for the remainder of my sad eternity.

  9. courtney.garcia42

    On a sunny Friday morning i showed up to work with a nice surprise on my desk. I was very excited to see it was a cookie, but shocked because it was a cookie i was allegoric to. I didn’t think that much into because i thought it was most likely from someone who didn’t know i was allegoric. The week went on and i kept getting the same cookie. I was a little confused because i didn’t know why someone would send me the same cookie everyday. Finally, one day i came in and there was a note. The note said “I want you to pay for what you did, i was hoping you would eat the cookie”. At this point i knew they did know about my allegories and they were out to get me. I then panicked and ran outside the office to try and calm down. I finally caught my breath and went back inside. I then found a small knife on my desk that said “time to pay”….

  10. kaitlyn.douglas.Kelly42

    “Mystery Cookie”
    The cookies have been delicious. I will admit to being a little leery at first, not knowing where the cookies had come from or where they had been. But the enticing aroma finally won me over and I just had to try one. I was completely hooked. I never dreamed that the tasty baked goods would continue to appear on the corner of my desk for months to come. I certainly didn’t imagine that I would begin to look forward in anticipation to the next day, to the next cookie, to the next surprise. I begin to look on that little sweet treat with fondness, wondering who was kind enough to be remembering me each and every day. I felt sort of lonely on the weekends, without a thoughtful goodie to remind me that someone was thinking of me. I may have dared to dream on occasion that the edible gifts were from someone that I would like to get to know better, a lot better. It wasn’t until the day that a single red rose appeared in the place of the customary cookie that I let my hopes soar. The small, neatly printed note was an invitation to dinner at a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant that was well off the beaten path. My heart and mind were conflicted. Do I ignore the invitation, wary of the potential danger? Or do I take a leap of faith that waiting for me in a dingy café is the chance of a lifetime?

  11. haley.cannon42

    It was a couple weeks after her grandmother had passed away. Emily was driving to her office on a rainy Tuesday morning when her car hit a bump in the road followed by a loud noise as if she hit a brick wall. She ran to the front of her car to see the damage. She noticed her font tire was completely deflated. She walked around to the trunk of her car to grab the spare tire and replaced it with the deflated tire. After replacing the tire Emily jumped back into her car and rushed to work hoping she would not arrive late.
    After arriving to work Emily walks quietly into the office hoping no one would notice she was late. As Emily entered her office she notices a mysterious chocolate chip cookie had been place on her desk. Emily was grateful for the cookie and looked around, but there was no one around to thank. Emily devoured the cookie.
    Emily came in the next to find another cookie placed on her desk. She was curious to know to who has been leaving these mysterious cookies on her desk, but she had to many patients to search for who has been leaving these cookies on her desk.
    Every day for the next several weeks Emily continued to find these mysterious cookies on the desk till one morning Emily got to her office early to see who has been leaving the cookies for her. Emily left her office for just a moment. As she walked back in her office she noticed not a cookie, but a muffin waiting on the desk along with a note. The note said;
    “Dear Emily,
    I have notice the past month has been difficult for you. I hope these muffins and cookies have the past few weeks better for you. I also hope you enjoy the rest of your day.
    The letter and cookies remained anonymous. Emily stopped wondering who has placed the cookies on her desk. The following Monday, Emily brought cookies herself and place them on all of her co-worker’s desks in hopes she could make someone else’s day better like her day was made.

  12. chriswesley42

    The note read as follows inside, ” The cookies I have left you these months with have given you an enhanced ability to notice small details in your life that prove a theory known to be proven true. This theory is that everything you’ve known has been your life through a simulation created by some alien life force, used as a ‘science project’ of sorts. If you want to find more details of this ‘theory’, continue eating them for you are on your last week of your prescription. We will speak details when the time comes to meet. -L.” Confused as I was I began to finish eating them through the week, thinking whether or not I should, but reminding myself, “what’s life without some adventure, even in this boring world we apparently call ‘life?’ Though my life was about to change, as soon as I met this mysterious “L.”

  13. tayler.simmons42

    “The letter read, “Your Secret Admirer…” and I blushed. Who could possibly have snuck by for months without me even noticing a tinge of attraction? Who could it be? Someone that was close enough to me to know I love the double chocolate chips cookies from Suzie’s Bakery. As the day went on I felt myself looking at everyone differently. Jude in accounting, Luke in the copy room, or Blaine from Public Relations all were my, “front runners”. Oh Jude’s eyes, I have always had a thing for his eyes, the deepest of blues against his dark brown hair. Maybe, it was Blaine, either he has a bad twitch or he actually winked at me the other day.
    “It has to be him!”, I thought.
    I went home not knowing what the next days surprise would hold only hoping it was a clue to who this mysterious cookie guy was. Just a tad bit of clarification or possibly a scavenger hunt? I thought to myself how fun that would be. I could hardly sleep. I woke up the next morning, perfected my hair and make up, and I even had enough time to stop and get coffee. Walking into work I did not want to seem too eager to get to my desk. I stopped and said hello to Paige as usual, but today her stories of the night before shenanigans seemed less interesting as I had my own exciting escapade in the works. I ended our talk suddenly as I could not contain myself any longer, and headed for my desk. As I rounded the corner Betty from payroll shouted my name, “Not now Betty. I am busy!” I reached my office, rounded the doorway, and then…nothing. There were no cookies, no notes, no flowers, no secret admirer love scavenger hunt. I thought to myself what could have possibly happened? Maybe they were sick? Just to ease my mind I swallowed myself in work and headed home as soon as I could. They probably instantly regretted letting me know and now I would never find out who it was.
    The next day, there was nothing again. It had to have been some kind of cruel office prank. Everyone must be laughing at me right now in the break room. I wanted to hide and never come back. Days went by and work was back to normal, even though I missed my daily cookie, I was glad it was over…Or at least that’s what I told myself. Friday morning I woke up excited about my evening plans, so I got ready and headed into work. When I got there no one was in the office.
    “What in the world is going on?”, I thought.
    Surely I did not show up to work on a holiday? I rounded the corner and that’s when I saw it. Balloons, flowers, cookies, and everyone surrounding Jake cheering him on. Jake from Statefarm? Really? He was so cute but I never expected he was behind all of this.
    “I hope I didn’t scare you with all of this? Paige said you secretly liked these things even if you would never admit it.” Jake stammered.
    Inside I was beyond excited, how cute and sweet, and all for me. That day he asked me to dinner and a movie, and thats the story of how me and your father met.”

  14. ambers1301

    As the weekend came to a halt,I gathered all of my belongings to prepare for the week ahead.My mid was fixed,on a major project I needed to complete.After completing all of my weekend task,I went to bed.Oh! what a joy to walk into a well kept office,the fresh scent of jasmine greeted me as I walked in.It was a pleasure to be in the land of the living,to enjoy a beautiful Monday morning.I settled at my desk,read the newspaper and drank my coffee.Oddly enough, I found something wrapped in plain sight on my desk.I paused for a moment,opened it up and to my surprise it was a cookie.To be honest all sorts of things crossed my mind, on whether or not I should take a bite but I did anyway.Weeks and months passed and everyday,I would be greeted with a mysterious cookie upon my arrival to work.I thought the gesture was great,but I wanted to know who was doing this .The curious me, decided one day to go into work early,to see if I can catch the culprit .However this time I found a note,meanwhile i’m trying to put two and two together.I decided to open the note it read :Always be an example to others.Be a shining light for other’s to see,you don’t know who’s watching.Have a splendid day !

  15. tiffany.johnson3

    I still remember the exact day. Summer had just faded into fall. The air was crisp and the leaves had started changing their colors. It was September 2, 1967 and I just arrived at work. I walked into my office and sitting there on my desk was a cookie. But not just any cookie. The first thing I noticed it was a home-made cookie. Which tells me it was made with love. I took a bite and it not only was home-made but it was my favorite kind of cookie. I received the same kind of home-made cookie every day after that for 3 months. Then next morning I walked in to my office expecting to find a cookie on my desk but instead I received flowers with a note attached reading your secret admirer. I received flowers with the same note reading your secret admirer again for the next 3 months. I came into work one day receiving the flowers and a note but this time it read meet me tomorrow at 3 o’clock by the water fountain at the Hospital where your mother is. My mother had recently been diagnosed with stage IV cervical cancer and had been admitted into the hospital to receive comforting care until she would soon pass. The next day I met my secret admire at the water fountain as instructed on the note. There stood the most handsome man I had ever seen. He had my favorite cookie with my favorite flowers in his hand. He introduced himself to me as Dr. Willis but he asked me to call him James. James explained to me that he had been taking care of my mother for the past several months and they developed a very strong bond. He told me how much my mother adored my and how proud of me she was to have such a loving compassionate daughter. You see, I had visited my mother every day for the past 6 months and Dr. Willis knew who I was, and almost everything about me all because of my mother. He had seen me come in and finally had confessed later that he wanted to make an impression that I would never forget. My mother was one of the best match makers in town. In fact, she had made over 25 matches in her life time and to this day they have all stayed married. Fifty-two years, 2 children and 5 great grandchildren later, as I sit in my kitchen with my husband, Dr. James Willis, watching him bake the famous cookies that began our love story. I have recently been diagnosed with the beginning stages of dementia but I hope to always remember my secret admire.

  16. SteinmanE47

    After a month of receiving random cookies, the counter now has a photo with the message “Please write autograph.” on the back. After taking a closer look, I realize it is a picture of a summer camp I use to go to. The picture has a group of kids, a counselor and the Camp Rising Sun sign showing the year in the background. I’m sure if I put my mind to it, I could find a similar picture, with me as a kid, somewhere in this house. I examine the picture further to notice that the year on the sign says 2521. Is this a joke? I mean, eating random cookies in a house where none of my five brothers admits making them is one thing. But signing your autograph on a picture that can’t be taken for 500 years is something completely different. I suppose someone could’ve just changed the numbers to say 2521 before taking the picture, but the fact that the photo randomly appeared gives me suspicion. suddenly, loud scratching interrupts my train of thought. Letters were being carved into the counter with no cause. After a slow and generally annoying process, the letters spell out. “WRITE NAME!” I’m not sure what’s going to happen next but I know I don’t want those letters carved into my chest; so I grab a pen and sign the picture with poor hand writing. I slam the picture on the counter and back away in anticipation, but nothing happens. After five minutes of waiting, I realize I’m late for work and rush out the door. When I return, the picture and scratching on the counter are gone and a cookie has taken their place. I leave the cookie on the counter to look for my brothers but the house is empty, strange because I was the last one to leave the house which means i should’ve been the last to return. After the short, thirty seconds it took to search the house, I go back to the kitchen and see the word “EAT!” carved everywhere from the ceiling to the walls to the floor in small letters. Feeling like I have no other option, I walk to the counter and take a bite. As I should’ve expected, nothing else happens. My brothers never come home and the writing is gone the next day. I do everything the same; take a shower, get dressed and go to work. But I do not come back. I call my boss in the car and tell him I’m taking a sick day. Then get on the highway and drive as fast as I can. Only moments after I go off the route that I normally take to work, the unbearable sound of scratching forces me to cover my ears. My windshield is being carved into like a bunch of kids forced to share one piece of paper to draw on. Eventually, the windshield shatters sending thousands of tiny bits of glass into my face. Unable to even see the wheel, I wait for the inevitable crash and everything goes black.


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