Losing a Loved One

Someone who you are extremely close to unexpectedly dies. Write that person a letter explaining what you will miss most about him or her.

Post your response (500 words or less) in the comments below.

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5 thoughts on “Losing a Loved One

  1. Wolfy

    That beautiful spring morning when you called me out to your home, declaring you had something of great importance to tell me, remains the second to worst day of my life. The only true horrific day was and still is the day you left me behind.

    Upon request that spring I wasted no time in travelling toward your beautiful house, only to find that the words leaving your mouth stabbed my heart repeatedly until it stopped fighting for oxygen altogether. You told me that you did not have long left, that soon, within a matter of weeks, you would be at one with the angels up above in the vast sky we know as heaven. With tears pouring from my eyes, I tried desperately to put the puzzle pieces together and wondered how this could have happened. You were too young to go so soon, and yet you went anyway. The cruelty of it all lingers still in my broken heart as I recall the last words you spoke to me before taking your last breath.

    Do not fear when I am gone, for there is nothing more peaceful than death. In time, you will understand. Always remember for as long as you live, I have never stopped loving you. As my best friend, remember that I’ll always love you, even when I am no longer here to let it show. My heart will forever be yours and yours alone.

    Another ocean of tears began to fall consistently from my eyes in playing your voice over in my mind, wondering still how you could have gone so soon. Never could I love another and it is seemingly time I joined you in death. My life is nothing without you in it, so forgive the foolishness of my future actions. I can’t go on anymore knowing you are never coming back. It has been but a few months and I too am still young, but I cannot struggle through every day without you around. You were and I know it now, my only real reason for being alive, and now you’re gone and I’ll never get you back.

    As the months have passed too slowly for me to have any hope of moving on, I miss the sound of your voice. The tone you use when you’re mad or upset. The softness of your hand and the silkiness of your hair whenever you would allow me to play with it. Those moments we had together that seemed to last forever and a day. Our friendship was more than I could have ever asked for to complete a perfect life. But it’s been torn away from me with no means of return. I miss you terribly and my decision is final. Tonight, at the stroke of midnight, I will join you in those heavenly clouds, for I can’t go on.

  2. elpuentehs

    Why did you us? More importantly why did you leave me? I don’t think I can live without having you here! You were my best friend, you were always there for me, through thick and thin. If I needed a simple hug or if i needed some serious advice i could always rely on you. You meant and will always mean the world to me. I love you Joshie and even though you are watching over me, and always will be until I join you. I still wish you were here so we could laugh and hangout like we always did. I loved it when we would hangout and it always felt like time stopped just so we could have the time of our lives. But I’d have to say one of the best things about our “adventures” is how you would always end them with a long and warm hu. That is also one of the many things I will miss about you! Your hug that would take my sorrowful face and turn it into a mixture of peacefulness and jubilance. The hug that always assured me that you’d always be there. There was also something that I wanted to let you know but i never had the guts to tell you. But we both knew that we used to like eachother alot. For one I told your sister, Christi and her big mouth told you. And how you told me in the shed that you liked me. With that I wanted to say that even though Mike threatened you about you “staying away” from me. You really didn’t have to listen to him. He would have eventually gotten over it.
    The only thing that I will not ever understand is how you thought that you were so ugly and worthless. Because honestly you were worth everything to me and i thought you were as beautiful as beautiful can get, inside and out! So what I’m trying to say is that I’m going to miss every single thing about you. And i Can’t wait until i see you again.!

    Always and forever yours truly,
    Kaila B.

  3. annieolie82

    I miss everything about you mom, I miss your cooking, your laughter, your sense of humor, the way you could magically make everything better, most of all I miss hearing your voice say “I love you Donna Ann.”
    The day you died left a hole in my heart and a void in my life.
    I know that you are here with me though, that makes me feel less alone. I can feel you at the oddest times, I’ve met up with you in my dreams, your smiling face telling me how much you missed me and how when it’s time we’ll be together.
    I remember the first time I felt you, I was standing in the bathroom (and odd place I know) in the ICU waiting room, staring at my face in the mirror, trying to make sense of the events unfolding, praying to God to give me a miracle, watching my life crumble before me, then I felt you, I knew in that moment you were with me, not in my heart, but right beside me, I could feel you, your love surrounding me, and you smiling at me. I knew in that moment I would never be really alone again, but that my heart would be permanently broken.
    I always smile now though when people say “Do you believe in life after death?” I always say “Absolutely without a doubt”.
    I know that you’re watching over me, and that you’re still being a mom from the other side, I also know that a mother’s love doesn’t die when they do, it continues to grow and is forever infinite, that brings me comfort and a smile.
    I miss you every second of every minute of every day. I miss you so much I try not to think of you, but I love you more than anything else in this entire universe, and I can’t wait until it’s my turn to come Home so we can be together again. Until then, keep watch over me, guide me in the right directions, and always keep your arm around my shoulder and your hand over my mouth, cause after all I am your daughter.

    I love and miss you momma,
    Donna Ann

  4. onaway

    When you told me about how it was to be and I drove on south down Main Street anyway, staring straight ahead but not seeing much past the windshield. Nothing out there mattered because you were next to me. I slightly shook my head, disappointed in myself when a lone tear escaped my eye like a traitor and you reached up and placed a finger on my cheek and said, “Awwww don’t cry.” The light changed and we moved forward. Those sunny days I never recognized then; a light that wouldn’t aid me. Never could it reach the pit I was descending to. I could feel the weightless sensation in my chest, as if I was sinking through the bottom of the ocean and out the other side of the earth, falling off the sky and into outer space.
    I miss you. I have always missed you even when I hate you for leaving. There has been nothing in this life and there never could be another to replace what we had in the short time of long days we spent together. I spent so much time thinking in the years that I’ve grown old and everything to do cannot be done with the time I have left. I know that if we had been together I would still be living those youthful years and good times instead of remembering a borderline where I crossed and left them all behind. I couldn’t take the memory of you with me into this darkness; couldn’t let this dirty warm rain colour you the way it has washed the life from my skin. I try shelter under the trees and the leaves soon die, I towel my head dry and then force myself into the rain again. I do this for you, or the memory of you, or us I don’t know anymore why I do it but I need to let go. Let go of you so someone else can grab hold of me before I let that go too.
    I have become a cairn of brittle bones, barely balancing, blown over by the breeze. I love you, Valleri.


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