It’s Not About Me

Write a 20-line poem where every line begins with the first letter of your first name. The only rule is that it can’t be about you.

Post your response (500 words or fewer) in the comments below.


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444 thoughts on “It’s Not About Me

  1. Jordana_Rose

    I know this post is so old but I just stumbled upon it and liked the idea. Also, I’ve never written poetry before (aside from high school assignments 7 or 8 years ago), so I thought it would be fun.

    I did intend for it to be more upbeat and fantasy than this, but it kind of turned into what it is on it’s own haha. Do you know how hard it is to come up with words starting with J?!

    Juvenile, carefree, brilliant, and brave
    Jesting about life in a different age
    Joyful was he when he dreamt of the past
    Jack didn’t realise the fun wouldn’t last

    Jumping for joy when they called out his name
    Joining up for the fight for the glory, the fame, but
    June rolled around and he started to see
    Just maybe things weren’t as he’d imagined they’d be

    Journeying far for the fight of his life
    Jerking in fear at any sign of strife
    Judging by the look of fright on his face
    Jack was not ready to run the next race. Still,
    Just like his valiant brothers before him
    Jack stepped on up, though his future looked grim

    Joy left his heart though he made it back home
    Jumbled were his thoughts; he felt so alone
    Journeying back to the fear and the dread
    Journeying back each night in his head. And so
    Jack had gone from being a bold, naïve youth
    Just to end up dejected, now knowing the truth.

  2. kebabble

    This is a bit creepy to be honest… Plus I don’t think I’m all that good at poetry, but I like to try.

    The first letter of my real name is E.

    Enigmas are confusing, yet you are not;
    Ethereal, you are instead.
    Enticing, your beautiful, plump lips are, how could one not kiss them?
    Especially when you smile, so innocent and pure;
    Eyeing every fibre of your body, I would do so,
    Every morning since I first saw you,
    Essential, you are to my very being.
    Everything about you, I need; I want.
    Emanating an irresistible presence, do you want me to ravish you?
    Epiphanies strike me at every moment, just how beautiful you are;
    Existing is all you need to do; your perfection will do the rest,
    Engrave my words into your heart;
    Everywhere you go, I will be there for you,
    Every night, I think of you,
    Entwining our hands as we gaze out into the sunset,
    Enjoying the view and cuddling close,
    Everlasting, our love shall be,
    Enforce it, I will, and protect it, I shall.
    Embers burn but do not go out, like my desire for you,
    Even though, after all, you may not reciprocate my burning love.

  3. Chrissi

    ~ Chivalry

    Centuries old, the prophets told,
    Calling forth a hero bold.
    Called upon through dark of night,
    Challenged forth to fight the fight.
    Castles dangerous and beast of fear,
    Complete the quest through blood and tear.
    Chimera’s, dragons, brutes and fiends,
    Chaos and horror and things unseen.
    Carefully this quest you must undertake,
    Conclusion deems your people fate.
    Comprehensive though you may feel,
    Continue on, with valour and steel; so

    Consent your will, and be it freely given.
    Convince the gods that you are driven.
    Correct the wrongs and do what’s right.
    Conclude your journey and shows your might.

    Cowardly though if you must be, then
    Creatures will devour thee.

    Chivalry my good man must not die
    Compensation will reward your ply

  4. Inkweaver


    Ring around the rosie,
    Rig a bomb of posy,
    Rashes and ashes,
    Randy, they all die out.
    Read a book of Moses,
    Ripped its pages all-poses,
    Remembering the RED and the RED, and,
    Remembering the DEAD.
    Reeling from a movie that sent me,
    Red ants through my pants,
    Ring a ring of rosie.
    Randy’s gone all dopey,
    Rashes and ashes,
    Red caches of mashes,
    Randy, men’re all dead.
    Rats and mats and all sorts of tats,
    Run and run and do their sums,
    Randy, until they’re all red.
    Read a book of Moses,
    Ring a ring of Roses.

  5. WestLaurens

    Whoa, so difficult to use my real name I would have used my nick but I thought that’d be a bit like cheating.

    Waking up
    “Well behaved”
    Walking out
    Wet tears
    Without emotion
    Wandering carelessly
    Within the woods
    Whispering wind
    Wild wolves
    Warrior within
    Warred body
    Wits end
    Woken mind
    Wrecked mind
    Winged children
    Welcome you
    Without fear
    Wanting to join them
    Wonton angels
    Without souls

  6. MadammeSesshy

    Mine’s a tad dark.

    Hearing strange noises,
    He turns just to see,
    Harry the killer,
    Hunting him slyly.

    He runs through the woods,
    Harry on his heels,
    He’s suddenly stabbed,
    His pain makes him keel.

    He’s all alone now,
    Harry long gone,
    He can’t let go yet,
    He sleeps off and on.

    He finally dies,
    He dies all alone,
    He is fast buried,
    His name on a stone.

    His ghost haunts Harry,
    He goes quite insane,
    He kills himself soon,
    He leaves but a blood stain.

  7. willhayden

    Wayfaring creatures wander through fictional realms.
    Without real homes, they are trapped inside the heads of their creators.
    When enough good ideas combine, however, they end up on pages
    Where they freely enter the intake valves of suspecting brains.

    Witches and warlocks and spell-bound robots traipse from the human mind to the paper page.
    Waiting for a reader’s curiosity to bring them to life, these creatures create
    Worlds of their own which are only explored by certain folk
    Who typically wear glasses and spend time in Games Workshop:

    Witch-lovers and robot-ravers who see beyond human walls and any other regimen that our
    Wishful society has constructed.
    When it all comes crumbling down,
    What will remain?

    Will we have the forms and figures that
    We now see before our eyes —
    Walls and ways and winters and wreaths and
    Wills and watches and watch dogs?

    Will shape-shifting, slime-covered, dimensionless creatures populate our sphere —
    Woken from beneath the shroud of widespread disbelief that presently holds them captive?

    Walls or fictive creatures? We may never know.
    With our present pages, upon which they are written, I suppose they stand a chance.

  8. Hannah Martin1990

    Helpless, her legs give in.
    Heartache, that will not soon end.
    Hearing fades, eye glaze over
    Horror stands before her.
    Hindering her rational mind,
    Happiness seems lost, left behind.
    He did this to her, every time.
    Hot cheeks burning with anger,
    Hasty movements, no stillness she can keep.
    Hurting so deep, she looks for
    Help, the help that will set her free.
    Home, this place is not more…
    Harsh reality sets in, she finally gets it in her,
    Head, this truth is more than she can
    Handle, for with her she knows her
    Habits die hard,
    Hatred fills her heart, when she cries
    Her insides feel empty, as if she’s gone
    Hollow, no dreams left to follow.
    Helpless, she gives in, one last time.

  9. wordsmiths

    Not sure how I feel about this poem (some of the line breaks are unnatural, and you can tell that I used all means possible to make sure every line started with the same letter), but here goes:

    she shudders at the thought of him
    shouting at the wind,
    stopping only to
    stare at her with those wild eyes,
    so haunted, so angry, that it
    scares her, and sometimes she questions his
    sanity, whether he’s really fit to
    sew her wounds together with his words as his mouth
    spits poison into the air and her cuts
    split open at their seams, opening wider from the
    sharp, jagged edges of his mouth, from his rage, and
    she can’t do anything about it because she’s
    stuck there,
    stationary, immobilized in her fear because he is
    stronger than her, because
    she cannot resist his grasp no matter how hard
    she tries to gather her scattered threads and
    soar away into the wind, because
    she is spineless, pathetic, useless.
    she is worthless.

  10. kaleyc


    Kaleidoscopes canvas a geometric sea.
    Kingfishers dive brightly and with purpose in the forest.
    Keds crush sand beneath a her feet.
    Knives flash and spring from their holsters somewhere on some side street.
    Kayaks careen along the rivers.
    Knocks resound against doors across the world.
    Kindnesses slip from parted lips – neighbor to neighbor.
    Knitted sweaters sit abandoned in the back of the closet.
    Kicking dirt up along the road – children walk home from school.
    Keys unlock office doors – leading to pale and stale interiors.
    Kisses start tentatively and become passionate – young lovers meet every day you know.
    Kitchens bask warmly in the sunlight of a new day – smelling of lemons.
    Kingdoms fall and wars erupt.
    Kneeling down men and women weep at the emptiness in their chests.
    Knotted hair is slowly detangled brush after painful brush.
    Knuckles bleed – the dry skin of a hard day’s work peels.
    Knowledge comes in many forms.
    Knowing is deep – it’s the eyes that have it.
    Kites sail into a clear blue sky.
    Keenly – it all comes together.

  11. LittleQuill

    C – Christmas

    Children play loudly and happily,
    Charmed by snow, unbothered by the breeze.
    Chuckling parents watch their pretends,
    Calling out encouragements with smiles.
    Cold fingers wave about excitedly and
    Chilly red noses scrunch in delight;
    Caught by mothers and wrapped up warm.
    Caught by fathers in giggles and laughs,
    Captured and tossed over shoulders, screaming,
    Chased around gardens and parks.
    Cousins play together,
    Couples watch,
    Calmly dreaming of their own little ones
    Coming one day in the future, maybe.
    Caps going flying over fields in winds;
    Charging feet run after them;
    Chanting insults and prizes for the last and first.
    Chocolate and heaters wait at home.
    Children play loudly and happily, waiting for

  12. sara407407

    Erm…am new here. so sorry if this suck…i kinda think of apocalypse but i dont want to color it way too erm yeah.

    Senses are defeated,
    Sights are dozed to sleep for eternity,
    Sun has stopped bothering to rise,
    Sound of the clock has faded in the background of vacant,
    Since I can remember.

    Screams has long worn out,
    Sadly choked to death by the beast of apocalypse.
    Superiority went down the hill,
    Safe you aren’t.

    Sensor of humanity only exist in the book of extinct,
    She and him recognize each other only in the past century,
    Shame that it turned out this way.

    Sunburn was on their body,
    Skinny as a stick,
    Stick was what they eat.

    Survival was what on their minds.
    Sex and pleasure no longer,
    Sensuality has long forgotten,
    Sins and morality was the last of them all.
    So the world comes to an end.

  13. jenafurgee

    Joyride to end game
    Jinxed from the beginning.
    Jewels of the family
    Jockeying for position,
    Joining too many clubs,
    Juggling too many balls,
    Jumping through too many hoops. Still
    Joy eludes.
    Jeopardy lingers. On the sidelines,
    Jeers from
    Jilted lovers, and
    Jarred not, to the
    Journey, “Continue.
    Jettison the liferaft, f’ the
    Jetlag. Let’s eat
    Jello in the

  14. Didi


    A man sits alone at a gas station.

    A woman counts the facets on her ring.

    A dog pounces in the fresh snow.

    A child fills a bucket full of sand.

    A bird darts sideways to escape a kill.

    A teacher sheds a tear at a students success.

    A deer lies dying and alone.

    A banker sips a whiskey filled with regret.

    A virus flourishes inside a new host.

    A cell denies it’s destiny.

    A boy is struck by a raindrop.

    A cub becomes his families next meal.

    A soldier finds joy in his daughters eyes.

    A player finds victory to be empty.

    A pulse bulges the veins it inhabits.

    A memory swells while being reminisced.

    A girl regresses into womanhood.

    A flower opens up to life.

    A breath dissipates into the air.

    A living creature cries.

  15. Aatuin

    Annotate between the lines,
    Alluding to the things you find.
    Alluring visions seek to spell,
    Another world wrought from hell.
    Absent from your written words,
    All ideas not yet heard.
    Abundant in your silent dreams,
    Are intricately devised schemes.
    Allegories left and right,
    Adamant without respite.
    Adapting while the wheels turn,
    Agonizing deep concern.
    Affluent plans cannot wait,
    Another unproductive day.
    Arriving in the nick of time,
    Arose a savior so divine.
    Appearing from the dust now gone,
    Ample words now flow on.
    Aglow with laughter and delight,
    Another sentence do you write.

  16. Rhodee05

    Random thoughts
    Revisited the past…
    Roaring thunders
    Rain that wouldn’t stop
    Raving winds and
    Riveting cries of
    Roaming crowd
    Repeating the anguish skies…
    Release, rebound, repel
    Repent, relive or retire…
    Running from a ruckus
    Reminding to repay
    Ruination of nature
    Resonance of pain…
    Resign, shall we?
    Retell, repeat and relay?
    Rebirth and replicate
    Reasons beyond reasons
    Reclaim our rainbows
    Rise for earth, RENEW!

  17. IrisD

    Iridescent leaves on the cluttered lawn
    indicate autumn has flown into our state.
    Intimate calls of the turtle doves;
    immediately followed by geese in flight;
    increasing numbers winging way south.
    Iconic trees surround the pond behind house.
    Irresistible piles of leaves invite adventurous child.
    Irreplaceable sunrises and majestic sunsets
    Isn’t fall a wondrous season of color and grace?

  18. ElephantPants

    Pondering his
    Position, every
    Proposition seems
    Poised to
    Put him into a
    Panic. No
    Possible control.
    Probability of success
    Points to zero.
    Pandering himself with
    Pity. His
    Phantom winning.
    “Poor me,” he thinks.
    Pillaging his
    Pistol whipping.

  19. bloodenkpin

    Frankly, death surrounds you like an aura
    Fuck you, Is all I feel
    Fists weighed so heavy, bloodshed everywhere they say
    Fighting to stay alive, still, she saw the light.
    Found out after the last phone call, what might have been.
    Forget saving you, I’ll save myself
    Failure you are not, I understand the
    Fault of your childhood, we both can hide in the blanket of a
    Faulty ethnicity, glorious and powerful – but that’s my way of
    Finding an excuse for your confinement. I
    Foraged through my childhood and could not
    Find a moment of clarity,
    Father, you are my child so vulnerable to the
    Faith of forgiveness, in a
    Forest, darker than your heart’s nightmare, I pray, may
    Flowers give you hope, descending from distant hands.
    Find your purpose next time and will your soul to
    Fly above the hardships you might
    Find yourself, whoever you are, wherever you are, I won’t

  20. undiscoveredWA

    I’m no poet….

    Another day of more of the same
    A repetition of the day before
    Aiming for fame
    Against that war

    As each step is a step forward
    At each turn is a new twist
    Anxious to move upward
    A white knuckled fist

    Attempting to hold on
    Adapting to the change
    Angered by what has gone
    Anywhere is out of range

    Amber and gold
    A warmth unlike the stark
    Appealing is warmth, when all else is cold
    Attractive is light, when all else is dark

  21. WritingKittenOfLoki

    It’s hard to write useing so many Ks

    Keen desperation she 
    Kindled, in the
    Klutsy hearts of

    Killer and clever she 
    Kept hold of the power to
    Knock off any one of their 

    Knight Justin was sent with a 
    Key to a force, that would help
    Kennel the beautiful 

    Knifes of great 
    Knowledge were thrown with great
    Knack at the fast approching

    Knowing the danger, he still
    Knocked at her door
    Keeping close at his side: a

  22. jhowe

    Undoubtedly, the worlds stupidest poem:

    Just a rambling along,
    Jazzing to a song:
    Just a gigolo, everywhere I go, satisfying and

    Just trying to get by
    Jonesing to get high,
    Junk that, I don’t do drugs.
    Juxtaposition noted; no asterisk needed.

    Jasmine scent from the vent,
    Jelly jar got overturned and fell in there.
    Justification of jasmine jelly forthcoming.
    Jam, now – jam is a different story.

    June bugs scraped from motorcyclist’s teeth.
    Jet streams that resemble Playdough snakes.
    Judging wet T-shirt contests.
    Jungle gyms with padded bars.

    July things are more fun than November things.
    Jaded thoughts can be beneficial,
    Just saying…
    Junior Mints: can’t get enough.

  23. foodpoet

    Meeting Madness

    Mired in the seconds of rehash
    Monotony redux. The
    Matriculations continue at a deadly somnolent stage.
    Movement is nonexistent. This to be repeated next
    Month and the
    Month after that verbatim. The
    More important than the worker. The true
    Menace if apathy. The quality of the time vortex
    Morass is endless, even repetition
    Meanders through the hours of the endless
    Meeting. It’s
    Madness when you cannot time
    Manage your way out of


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