I Spy with My Little Eye

You’re at work, like any normal day, and happen to look out the window as you head to the break room for a second cup of coffee. What you see makes you stop in your tracks: What is it?

Post your response (500 words or fewer) in the comments below.


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337 thoughts on “I Spy with My Little Eye

  1. Carora

    Some days my job is great. I’m reasonably well paid to do a set of things that comes fairly naturally to me: Nitpick, over-plan, and boss people around. It’s not what I thought I’d be doing, but you know how life goes. In a way I think that being a little less emotionally involved is what makes me so good at what I do. The fact that any one of my mistakes will cost between $50 and $100 thousand doesn’t bother me as much as it should. And besides, the disappointments have made me really good at looking at a situation and asking myself, “how could this all turn into a shit-covered electric fan?”

    On this particular day I was seeing more problems than solutions, and my ability to focus was beginning to wane. Rubbing my temples, I rose from my desk and made my way towards the coffee machine in our tiny break room. My office is above our main hangars at Vancouver Airport. Our windows face away from the tower, towards a helipad and the seaplane terminal, and as I poured my coffee I took a moment to rest my eyes and watch the hawks circling over the long grasses by the river. The email notification on my phone beeped, angry that it was being ignored. I glanced down. Spending most of my time at an airport, I almost didn’t register the aircraft in my peripheral vision, descending quietly into the yellow circle of the helipad. But…quietly? That couldn’t be right. Helicopters come down with the roaring of a thousand angry giant bees. My head snapped up, and what met my eyes was no helicopter.

    The aircraft was a rounded rectangular shape, shiny and greenish-blue, about the size of an RV. It hovered for a few moments and then softly set down over the helipad. A whoosh of air sent the leaves nearby spiraling, and a tiny door opened in the side of the craft. Three white oblong boxes exited, apparently moving of their own accord. By this time a rampee from the fuel pumps had grown interested, and trotted over to investigate. I can’t explain how I know this, but it seemed that the boxes looked at him—does that sound insane? —then at each other, then slowly began to morph into different shapes. Ten seconds later it was clear: they were all changing shape to emulate that rampee.

    One of them took a few moments longer than the others to get the colours right. His face went first the orange of the rampee’s safety vest, then the stained denim of his pants, and finally settled on a slightly purplish flesh tone. There are some humans that colour, I mused. The others waited until he was finished and then one of them began to speak. The sound was amplified and I heard every word clearly.

    “Habitants of planet 9475231122, we greet you. We are from planet 5783352 and we come in peace. We are speaking to you through a universal translator so all semi-intelligent life forms should understand. We would like to be directed to a member of the dominant species on this planet. Will such a being come forward if present?”

    I saw the rampee puff himself up and move forward to speak with the newcomers. A few inaudible words were exchanged. I could see the aliens shaking their heads. Meanwhile, three more aircraft descended into view, and settled in a line behind the first.

    A couple moments later a crow landed near the feet of the rampee. The aliens all directed their attention to the bird, pushing the rampee aside. Within thirty seconds the three carbon copy men had disappeared, and in their place were three new crows, one of whom was slightly too purplish in hue.

    The company accountant came up behind me just then, and glanced out the window as she prepared to brew a fresh pot of coffee.
    “I guess they’re filming out there again today,” she commented languidly. I eyed her, bemused. “Well their trailers are still out there, and I heard them doing a scene a moment ago,” she explained.

    I opened my mouth to contradict her, but then decided not to bother. I just nodded and smiled vaguely instead, and went back to work.

  2. TheSimplePenguin

    It’s just another drab day here at my boring nine to five desk job, I notice myself start to nod off and decide to go get another cup of coffee. As I walk past they tidy, little cubicles towards the break room, I wonder how my life got to such a boring plateau. I had once had extravagant plans to travel abroad and live off the land. In my reviery,  I absent-mindedly stare out the window and what I saw woke me up more thoroughly than any caffeinated beverage ever could. On the other side of the glass, there was a small child standing as still as a statue. The child looked to be about three or four years old with curly auburn hair and bright green eyes. The most shocking feature on the child was not the beautiful curls or the stunning eyes, but that she was covered head to toe in what appeared to be bright, red blood. My mind started racing and I was half way to the door before I realized I had moved at all. I had completely forgotten about that cup of coffee and my thoughts were solely on getting to the child to make sure she was okay. As I am running to the door, I start screaming at my coworkers to call nine-one-one so we can get an ambulance for the child outside. My coworkers stare at me in confusion, asking “What child are you talking about?” Their lack of urgency makes me irate and spurs me to run faster. I finally reach the door and peer outside, but the child has disappeared. I feel someone tugging on my arm and hear myself screaming as I try to rush out the door. At that moment, I open my eyes and I am sitting at my desk in my tidy, little cubicle. Behind me is my boss with an angry look on his face. I had fallen asleep and the evidence was the drool on the report he had come to collect.

  3. Kym

    This is a late post! Hope you enjoy it:

    I escape into the break room as soon as my meeting ends to enjoy a few minutes of silence before my next client arrives. I can’t even hide my disappointment when I walk into the room and find one of my co-workers stretched out on the couch. So much for my alone time.

    Mark looks up from his newspaper and makes a face. “You look like hell this morning Nina.” He closes the paper. “Rough night?”

    I bite my lip to refrain from telling him that he looks like hell every day in his wrinkled shirts and brown stained pants. But I flash him a phony smile and play nice instead.

    “You have no idea.”

    “Maybe you should tell Bev you need to go home. But I’m here if you need me.”

    Before I could utter another word, he’s already moved on to the sports section.

    I head toward the Keurig for my second cup of coffee this morning. I lean against the window and close my eyes, relieved to finally feel the sun against my skin after four days of torrential downpours in the Carolinas. I inhale the aroma of my Hazelnut coffee and take a deep breath. Today will be fine, I tell myself.

    My wishful thinking immediately disappears when I open up my eyes and look out the window. I blink several times to make sure my eyes and lack of sleep aren’t causing a hallucination. But no matter how many times I blink, I can’t make the image in front of me disappear. In all of her scantily-clad glory, Brandi is standing in the parking lot next to the brand new red Mercedes-Benz Cabriolet, her keys in her hand. I watch in horror as she takes her keys and scratches up my boss’s car. She starts from the driver’s side and makes her way to the passenger doors in one swift move before she turns around, hops into her car and drives off.

    I let out a gasp and clutch my cup of coffee, almost losing my cool until I remember that I’m not alone. Fortunately for me, Mark is dozing off and oblivious to what’s happening on the other side of these windows.

    The door opens and Beverly peeks her head in. “I’ve been looking all over for you Nina. Can we meet before our next client comes in?”

    I nod, still unable to form a complete sentence. Beverly just missed Brandi vandalizing her car. My stomach turns over at her timing.

    I follow my boss to her office, making a mental note to call Brandi right after my meeting to scold her for not sticking to our plan. Her performance in broad daylight put us both at risk for getting caught. As much as I fight with my cousin, I contacted her for help because of her experience with these types of situations.

    Beverly looks at me and frowns. “You look terrible, Nina. Maybe you need to go home for the day after this meeting dear.”

    “Of course.”

    I smile internally, knowing Beverly will need a week off when she sees what Brandi did to her precious car. Maybe this will finally teach her not to mess with other people’s husbands.

    Especially mine.

    1. Monique71592

      I really enjoyed reading this KYM, You did a great job at making everyday life interesting to read, which i think is a hard thing to do. So good Job! And good dialogue.


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