Halloween Party Mishap

You arrive at an annual Halloween party only to discover that someone else is dressed in the same costume as you. Bad things start happening to you throughout the night and you suspect this person has something to do with it.

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One thought on “Halloween Party Mishap

  1. kathleenmagner

    Gina smoothed the skin tight Lycra plastered to her hip and placed her hand on the door’s frosted knocker.

    “No one’s going to know it’s you,” she whispered.

    Stilling her comforting strokes, she gathered her ebony tail like a trailing veil and knocked. Each thud wavered the cotton cobwebs dripping from the columned stoop and bounced the skeleton dangling from the doorknob. Inside, laughter and music escalated.

    Cringing at the ruckus, Gina held her ground. She adjusted her faux-fur fringed mask and headband, ensuring untangled whiskers, fluffed ears, and an undistinguishable identity. As the seconds passed, she twined her fuzzy tail between black-nailed fingertips and tapped the spiked heel of her knee-high boots.

    The music rose, the windowpanes vibrating to the beat, but still no one answered the door. A candle-lit walkway behind her beckoned but Gina firmed her grip on her tail.

    “You are going inside.”

    Drawing a deep breath, she stabbed the doorbell.

    While within the sequence of ding-dongs repeated three times, a ragged gasp, clunk of chains, and ghostly screech fled the stoop’s flanking holly bushes.

    Jumping aside, Gina took refuge against a ribbed column. The wailing died without any ghouls or apparitions appearing, and calming her surprise, she spied the speakers tucked between prickly leaves.

    “Real mature,” she chided as she eased off the cylindrical support.

    Her tension reasserted itself when the front door flung wide.

    Trudy, donned in a gown of opalescent sequins, her blonde hair billowing around a pair of elfin ears, gaunt face hidden behind satin, held both lean hands aloft.

    “All shall love me and despair!”

    Slipping on a feline smirk, Gina jutted a hip, added silk to her soprano, and twirled her tail. “Am I supposed to be impressed?”

    Trudy threw her head back and released a witchy cackle. Clapping her hands, she beamed brighter than the jack-o-lanterns flickering on the windowsills.

    “I’m so glad you came, Gina. You look perrrrfect!”

    Gina eased her stance although the stilettos’ kept her calves burning. “You think so?”

    “Definitely.” Backing up, Trudy beckoned with a lanky arm bared from her slit sleeve. “Inside inside, before you scare the freshmen away.”

    “I wouldn’t want to deprive you of your fun.”

    “Speaking of which, you’ll never guess who’s here.”

    A familiar face leapt into her mind, one who’d graduated summa cum laude the previous May. Gina braced herself against the shut door when her stilted platforms quaked. “He can’t be.”

    “Umm hum.” Trudy’s brown eyes gleamed, accentuating her sequin’s sparkle. “I invited everyone remember?”

    “But he was going abroad.”

    “Maybe he had a reason for coming back.” Trudy jabbed a pale finger on Gina’s sternum, her dagger of a nail scratching against the corset’s laces. “I think you should find out.”

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