Driver’s Test

Recount the day you took the driver’s test (whether you successfully got your license or not). If you’ve never taken the test, write how you imagine it’ll go.

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One thought on “Driver’s Test

  1. orion1991

    I don’t remember much of high school, but I can remember my time in driver’s education. I use that name loosely.
    It wasn’t the first time I had this teacher. Mr.B was his name, and I had him in 6th grade as my technology teacher. Technology was a fancy name for wood shop with computer assistance. He taught us all how to use programs like Auto Cad to design floor plans, key racks, and hat stands. There was an eighth grader who was building a boat. He was like a god. Mr. B wasn’t much for rules, we would steal his coffee(which he drank all hours of the day) and drink it, because it was spiked with what we assumed was vodka. Mr. B never really payed much attention to the saws in the actual shop, so a bunch of 13 year old kids with power tools was a common thing in my middle school.
    So, now that there is some back story, I’ll talk about my time in driver’s ed with Mr. B.
    I had been driving around town, picking up groceries, and occasionally my mother from a late night at the bar. This was not my first time driving. The other students had little to no practice.
    I drove most of the time. We would go to some fast food restaurant, or a convenience store, and we would waste some time in the parking lot playing hacky sack. Mr. B would get some coffee, or a soda, and poor it in to his huge mug. None of the other students knew about Mr. B’s past, and I understand the volatile implications of being indiscreet, so I kept my mouth shut. The kids in the back seat would normally text, and Mr. B would tell stories about Vietnam, or his time in college and all the girls. This group was all boys.
    So, it came time for the actual driving test, and I was pretty nervous. We hadn’t really practiced any driving maneuvers, like parallel parking, or three point turns, or quick stops, you know, all the things on the driving exam.. So we get in to the car, and he tells me to get the car up to 30 miles an hour and keep it there, and then he tells me to break hard, so I do, and that’s my quick stop out of the way. I should mention that this is the first time Mr. B brought a clip board into the car, it made everything feel so much more official. After the quick stop, he told me to turn down this narrow side street. We were driving a Dodge Neon and he told me to preform a three point turn, and so I did. and he said it was good. Then, being the person I am, sowing the seeds of my own destruction, i asked “what about parallel parking?” and he said “you don’t have to do that any more” and then I went to the DMV and I got my license. Pretty painless.


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