Dentist Disaster

You go in for a rather complex dental procedure and the dentist has to put you under in order to complete it. When you wake up, though, you are no longer in the dentist office. You are on a train with a briefcase handcuffed to your wrist. Just as you are soaking in this situation, a man walks in with a gun and points it at you. What happens?

Post your response (500 words or fewer) in the comments below.

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345 thoughts on “Dentist Disaster

  1. Charlee333

    I itched at the needle in my hand uncomfortably, knowing that I wouldn’t be awake for much longer.
    “I love you Sweetie, you’re going to be okay” a quiet whisper told me. Only I could hear it. Only I could ever hear it.
    “Shut up, you’re dead Mum” I slurred to myself, unable to wrap my tongue around the words properly. My eye-lids suddenly grew heavy and my thoughts went fuzzy.
    “I’ll see you on the other side honey…” I heard softly before succumbing to the darkness uncertainly. Dentist visits had never been my favourite thing but now, with this whole surgery thing happening, it was at the very top of my ‘things I hate so much I want to die’ list
    I groaned and turned to the side, my neck clicking irritatingly. I went to scratch my forearm and jumped in fright at a loud bump. My eye darted around nervously, landing on the black briefcase sitting on the seat next to me. Wait, seat? Where the hell was I? I glanced around in horror, taking in the slim corridor with double seats on each side and bag holders above the long windows. I was on a fucking train. Would someone please explain? How does someone go in for dental surgery and wake up on a train? I looked at the briefcase next to me and my eyes widened as they followed the steel chain that connected my wrist to the suitcase. Just to make the situation better, I was handcuffed to a fucking briefcase. What is going on?
    I got to my feet, feeling a little unsteady as the train’s mechanics pushed us along the tracks. There were a few elderly scattered around the carriage and a couple of little families. The lady behind me shot me a strange look when she noticed the briefcase. I honestly couldn’t care less what she thought.
    Suddenly the train pulled to a stop and I was pushed back into my seat. The door closest to me opened and the cool wind rushed by, causing my hair to stick to my face attractively. Not.
    I spat it off and gasped in fright when my eyes narrowed in on the black death-penalising object aimed right at my face.
    “You” the man behind the gun growled, staring straight at me. I gulped.
    The man stormed over to me and ripped me out of my seat un-gentlemanly, putting the briefcase in my arms roughly. “Move” He demanded, digging the gun into my spine, leaving me with no choice but to step off the train.
    I was shaking like a leaf and my heart was pounding a billion times a second. What was he going to do to me? What was so damn important about this stupid case? Why was it attached to me out of all people?
    The man narrowed his eyes at me as the train pulled away from us, leaving us stranded in the middle of nowhere. I almost shat myself at the loud crack that sounded as he shot the chain, the bullet centimeters from my pale wrist. It simply pinged of, barely missing the man’s shoulder.
    He grunted and pulled a knife out of his pocket. Or should I say dagger because that thing looked like it could seriously munt a fully grown dinosaur. I took a miniscule step back as he wiped it on his black cargo pants, readying it for use.
    He gripped my hand roughly and next thing I knew he was sawing my hand right off and holy fuck it hurt like you wouldn’t believe. I screamed and screamed, tears freely pouring down my face. I desperately tried to rip my arm away from him but there was no use, he was at least twice my size. I closed my eyes as the flesh fell from me and landed with a thud on the ground. I must be dreaming, my right hand was not lying on the ground in a puddle of blood right now.
    The man slipped the cuff of my stump, causing me to cry out again. Then he began to walk away, leaving me there, bleeding out.
    I turned the other way and began walking despite the slight numbness in my body. Blood followed me like an annoying four year old and there was a metallic taste at the back of my mouth. My head hung and my feet dragging, each step as tiring as the last, I was barely making any movement and when I heard the man stop I stopped in my tracks, knowing fully well that the gun was pointed at my head again. He had changed his mind. I had seen his face.
    The bullet passed through the air like, well, like a bullet. It buried itself in my skull and I dropped like a rock, blood already seeping from the wound.
    ‘I guess I will be seeing you on the other side Mum’ was my last thought as I floated away, away from all the pain.

  2. Witt.Stanton

    Celvin McAllister was a man of impeccable taste, ordering only the finest of suits and most desirable wines. As an older gentleman, Celvin was used to ‘the old ways’. Every morning at nine o’clock sharp he would be found at the church with his head bowed low. ‘No work on Sundays’ was his motto, until Monday came around and he preached ‘A hard day’s work is a day well done’. Rain or shine, Celvin McAllister was always on time.

    So it was, on the day he obtained a unbearably painful toothache, Celvin slowly climbed into his black car and was driven by his butler to the local dentist’s office. Claiming it to much to endure, he was immediately admitted and treated.

    “Well there, Mr. McAllister, fine day, today, ain’t it so? I recon some rain be a coming, but the sun does shine now, oh yes it does. Sit yourself down here, Mr. McAllister, and let me take that hat from you…” Thanon Davies rambled on, preparing for the procedure.

    “Fine, fine, on with it, man.”

    “Oh, that ache must be something awful if you’re in such a spirit, Mr. McAllister, if I do say so myself. Oh yes, a fine spirit, indeed,” Thanon continued on, reclining Celvin’s chair, “Here we go, open up, if you please. Ah, so lets see…”

    Thanon grinned and mused cheerfully, “Ah, right here’s the problem, Mr. McAllister. It seems you’ve got yourself a horribly chipped molar, it seems indeed.”

    “Can you fix it, old sport, or must I find another for this?”

    “Oh, I’ve got it, don’t fret, don’t fret…it seems that I’d best be putting you under. Terribly difficult procedure, this is, but I got it, oh yes. Just hold still a moment, just a moment…ah! Here we go. Close your eyes, Mr. McAllister. This will all be done soon and you’ll be on your merry way, no doubt about it. Pleasant dreams in your head, Mr. McAllister, it’ll all be over shortly.”

    With that, Thanon put the grumbling Celvin under and began the procedure. He finished only thirty minutes later, on the dot, and waited for Celvin to rouse. However, as the minutes passed, Thanon grew increasingly worried. After another thirty minutes passed and Celvin had not responded, Thanon ran to get Jamie Stewards, the doctor next door.

    “Well, see here, I dont know whats to make of it. He shoulda been up and about, yes sir, but he just a lay there, dead-like. You see the problem, Mr. Stewards? He don’t wake up, y’see. Thats what I’s worrying my heads bout. He dont wakes up…”

    Drawing himself up after inspecting the prone form of Celvin McAllister, he proclaimed with shock, “Why, Celvin’s dead, straight and simple. Dead.”

    “Oh, Lordy! I shoulda know, it’s so clear to me now, why…I shoulda done somethin bout it, I shoulda. Something must be done! He’s dead, ya say? Oh, what I shoulda done…”

    “Calm yourself, Mr. Davies. He’s gone, simple as that. Gone from our world and on to the next.”

    “But Mr. Stewards! Which world? Oh, theys knows there’s two of them, sure enough, so which is he in now, says I? I hope he’s done a good life, I knows it to be true, but is its enough to save him? Oh, if only…”

    “Now hush with all your fretting, Mr. Davies. We all know where he is now. No secrets are going to cover for him now.”

    “Oh! You dare say it? May the Devil claim you, too, or has I not known what’s all bout this, oh, this such a sadness, indeed, a sadness. It breaks me heart, what I could’ve done for poor old Mr. McAllister! Oh, the sadness…”

    “We can only pray, Mr. Davies, and God rest his soul.” Mr. Stewards shook his head and reached out to rest a respectful hand on Celvin’s cold shoulder. As he did so, the body of Celvin suddenly jerked awake.

    “A miracle, no doubt in me mind, this must be a miracle from the gracious Lord, praise the Lord! Oh, yes, clear as day, it’s a second chance he’s been given, such a miracle…”

    “Mr. McAllister, you live! What ails you?”

    “Mr. Stewards? Me? Dead? Could it be…it must have…”

    “Yes, Mr. McAllister, yes?”

    “You see, I thought…well, I was on a train, an old one, like they used to make, the good ones…and a young man came up with a gun. Terribly frightening, and he shot me, straight through the heart. A briefcase, chained to my wrist, I believe he wanted it. Oh, it was terrible. Just terrible…”

    “A warning, it must be! The Lord has sent you a warning, Mr. McAllister, and a wise man listens to the Lord. Redeem yourself, and be free to live with the angels!”

    “Oh…I was dead. I wasn’t in Hell, though…or in Heaven, for that matter. I do believe, Mr. Stewards, that was another life of mine, a different one…”


    “Oh, yes. Had I chosen to continue my life as Captain, most certainly the events on the train would have been my downfall…”

    “You, once our King, our Captain, no less? Impossible…”

    “Ah, my boy, nothing is impossible. Only improbable. And Mr. Davies, are you quite alright? You seem quiet and rather pale.”

    “M-Mr. McAllister, sir, you a, you’ve been the- no, no…”

    “Ah, so it’s just shock. Fine job you did with my tooth. Much obliged.”

    With that, the man who went by Celvin McAllister left the small dentist office and headed to church for his morning prayers.


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