Create a New Human-esque Race

Create a new human-esque race and describe it as thoroughly as possible. Be sure to describe appearance, culture, values, beliefs, etc.

Post your response (500 words or less) in the comments below.

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3 thoughts on “Create a New Human-esque Race

  1. catbr

    And then there was darkness…This is what took place when the earth was finally destroyed by the massive nuclear blasts from various nations. The human race before the blast had been expecting this anhilation to come to be, but no one was sure when. It seemed as though all humanity was destroyed except for a few men and women who had been lucky enough to survive in the strongest bunkers built in central America. But they could only stay in them for 6 months after which time the food rations would be near depleted.
    When they emerged from below the ground they noticed new growth of vegetation as they had never seen. Being hungry they ate and survived but this new food was radioactive from the nuclear explosions. So it did change their off spring somewhat.

    This was the beginning of the new race of humanity. Their hair was completely white. Their eyes were a pale grey. They were of a very tall stature with the average adult height being 8’3″. Skin colour which caused bigotry before was a thing of the past because they all had pale blue skin. From the books and videos of the previous humanity these people learned and violence was outdated. Love and compassion for one another thrived in this race. Their brains and way of thinking were no longer selfish or violent.

    And finally these people were in daily communication with God. He was not an invisible deity anymore. Although God remained unseen most of the time He would appear to this race on a monthly basis. It was one religion, one belief. After the holocaust of earth with the almost total destruction of humanity no one would ever go hungry, there would be no more suffering and earth would finally forever be at peace.

  2. RobertCordaro

    I know, right? I have a few dozen running around in my skull like, giant intelligent spiders from outerspace, Zombie Lords (I’ll have to write that story down), Vampyre and Vulku (vampire and werewolf), but the one I’m working on right now I call the Rakasha. I read the name somewhere and a small discription somewhere, but can’t remember the source, and I never stick to what other people say anyway.

    They are a race older than the human race and look similar to us, only feline. Almost like a werecat? LOL
    Anyway the males are about 6 1/2 to 7 feet tall, the females 5 to 6 feet tall. The males are all agression and territorial and would kill themselves off if the females didn’t control them. The females are all very powerful psychics and use there minds to “link” themselves with there males to control them. They were actually the ones who taught us how to farm, and build cities. They taught us about religion, and art, and society. They taught us everything, but being human, we decided we didn’t need them anymore and started killing them off. They didn’t realize just how good at killing we really were.
    They are weak against certain metals, like silver, and highly alergic to some plants, but their greates defence is their ability to change themselves and look human. The few remaining Rakasha have gone into hibernation for protection and now they are lost in our myths and legends. But the hibernation is over now, and it’s a tie as to which one is more dangerous: the telekinetic females who can destroy your mind with a touch, or the rageing rogue male on a killing spree.

  3. TwoTwistedWorlds

    (Can’t believe noone did this one)
    Same, pronounced like saw-may, was what they called themselves.
    Was it ironic that their teeth were eerily like a saw’s edges? Perhaps, perhaps not.
    All humans seemed dwarfed by these warrior like beings, standing no less then seven feet tall, casting shadow where ever they walked. Almost like the trees they lived in.
    They veried in colors. NOw, do not think they were neon pink or such, for you would be poorly misled. No, their skin ranged from pale cream, pastal green, shimmering baby blue, and finally a lilac colored purple.
    Along with their amazing hieght was their build. Lean muscles decorated every female, bulky ones for the males. And they put those to use for everyday activities, weither it be hunting, sparring, or mating.
    As far as religion wen, they seemed to pray to their fallen comrades and long since past family for guidance and protection, in the series of grunts, hisses, and snarls that were the Same’s language.
    Families did not exist in the conventional sense.
    No, it was so much deeper. Friends were treated as sons or daughters, sisters or brothers. Even the smallest wound to a youngling seemed to spark insanity to the entire surrounding villages.
    Unfortunetly, this has been the only things I have managedto uncover on these interesting humanoids.
    Perhaps I will try to make contact with one and find out more…


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