Computer Woes

One morning you are sitting in front of your computer working on your novel when, suddenly, the computer starts talking to you. What does it say? Does it deliver an important message or just want to chat?

Post your response (500 words or less) in the comments below.

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One thought on “Computer Woes

  1. Remmy

    Rain sighed as she tried to think of the next paragraph for her journal. How was she supposed to explain the complex science dealing with the possibility of time travelling and turn them into words that average people can understand?

    “Don’t eat magic mushrooms,” a voice called out. Rain jumped up, screaming.

    “Oi! No need for that, missy. Now, about this article of yours. Even us, computers, have trouble due to human error. You really think you can deal with time travel?”

    Rain stared as her computer blinked at her, This was it, she finally cracked. Like her friends always told her.

    “The possibility-”

    “Yes, I know, you are writing the article on me remember? Now, we are off-track and you just cut my pay. Don’t eat magic mushrooms. Don’t eat magic mushrooms.”

    “How can you talk?”

    “Don’t eat magic mushrooms. Don’t eat magic mushro-”
    Rain had turned off her computer before she ended up knocking it off the bench.

    “Ok, Rain. You did not just talk to a computer. Your brain is just doing one of those survival modes thing. I probably should go eat if that’s the case.”


    Rain jolted and ran toward the door before she registered what she was doing. She paused. What was she doing? Oh right, she was writing her article and fell asleep. As she sat down, she realized something.
    Computers are human made and they have errors.

    Time travel was complex and dangerous. The human race shouldn’t attempt anything like that. It could make them extinct. With that, she re-did her article talking about the dangers time travel could do.

    Brains are amazing, aren’t they?


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