Complaint Letter to Your Darkest Fear

Write a formal complaint letter to your deepest, darkest fear.

Post your response (500 words or less) in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Complaint Letter to Your Darkest Fear

  1. verdemom

    A complaint letter to my deepest fear

    Dear Peeping Tom,

    You weren’t expecting a madwoman, were you? My window sheers are aptly named, but they give you no license to peer.

    I know when you are there, at the mullion, breathing on the foggy glass. I felt your presence violating me. How did it feel when I scared you, slamming on the window and screaming from the depths of my soul? Do you know fear, have you smelled it? Does it consume you, bring you to your knees and make you question everything you know to be true? Have the chills that started at the top of your head reached the ground yet?

    How dare you distribute fear to the masses, like a doctor with the latest pain meds, going door to door. Or, window to window.

    Your life is a bore, the excitement must escape you in daytime. Your kicks come from other’s mundane activity, or the slight chance of catching some skin, or the hopes of finding a happy scene you can’t create, or God knows what. Do you have hopes and dreams outside of my own? Perhaps you should pursue those instead of crushing mine.

    Would you spy on your own sister, mother? Would you want another man to do that to the one you love…if you are capable of love?

    Quarantine is the only place for you, since you have acquired a sickness from within your heart that we non-peepers cannot fathom. Nor do we want to catch it. So leave now, our society and our bedrooms have no place for you. If you insist on continuing with your childish roaming eyes, they will burn. Burn to your core, until you do, for eternity.

    Your only hope is redemption. Turn the page inside out, give all the glory to another, worthy god outside of yourself. Life is your privilege, nobody’s right. Your very breath on the pane is wasting air, use it for good, not evil. The gift of your life will be forever shredded…until you share it, without perversion.

    You have no right to waste, to scare, to intrude, to violate, to mimic, to desire, you were never provided those qualities in this form, they were instilled in you as a child and I shudder to think why or how. Regardless, you have the responsibility to suppress and not indulge. Whatever that looks like for you.

    Tom, be gone, or be aware, somebody will be watching you.

    The End
    by Tracy Himes


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