Career Change

You were recently laid off. Instead of moping around, you’ve viewed it as a chance to start fresh. Pick a new career and write about your first day on the job.

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2 thoughts on “Career Change

  1. kathleenmagner

    I slouched in the passenger seat of Barney’s truck, running my fingertips along the creases in my jeans. The flannel overshirt I’d borrowed from him rustled with each stroke, hiding a tee shirt as pristine as the boots laced to my feet. My skin, however, itched under the leather, denim, and cotton, the textures so different then the lab coats and flats, the business skirts and protective gloves I’d been used to donning each morning, but never in all those years, this early.

    I thought I’d left behind these dawn awakenings when I’d first packed my bags, but as the sun woke, the truck thumped in and out of a pothole and tossed me against passenger window, proving the truth of the situation. I braced my hand on the flaking dashboard while Barney chuckled.

    “Want to turn back?”


    I slipped my fingers around the door’s handle, determined not to unplug its lock or open it wide and dive to safety. Even if I had, we were miles away from town and the thought of trudging down the maze of muddied roads winding between the orchards made my feet ache.

    “You sure?”

    I nodded, forced my hand to relax and laid my intertwined fingers in my lap. Channeling my last round of explanations before the board, I exuded an outward calm I desperately wanted to imbibe.

    “You might like it you know,” said Barney. “The fresh air.”

    “The sweat.”



    Barney smacked the truck’s signal and turned us down an unmarked right hand lane. I winced when we crossed a canyon-sized rut and the whole truck bounced. The seatbelt cinched across my torso and I rubbed the crown of my head after it smacked against the ceiling. A glance at my fingertips proved nothing more than a bruise would remain but the smooth palm and tapered fingers facing me seemed wounded nonetheless.

    “What am I doing?”

    “This was your idea, Paige.”

    “But is it a good one?”

    “You won’t know until you try,” said Barney.

    I rolled my eyes at his optimistic rejoinder and stared at the passing trees. Lush clumps of leaves clung to the branches, shading the damp ground and the plump apples ripening in their midst. The crooked limbs seemed to yearn for a climber and echoes of my own laughter when running between the trunks and scampering like a squirrel into the canopy called out from the past. I remembered the scrapes and cuts treated with iodine and the frosty showers with the garden hose when I’d stumbled home too muddy to be let inside.

    Regardless of what fresh layers of dirt, blisters, or muscle strain today brought, I knew one thing was certain: At the end of the week I’d have my first paycheck in months.

    Taking some solace in the logical course I’d begun, I straightened and watched the ruddy planks of the warehouse near.

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  2. shuhantbhos

    U turn of my life
    It was one of dull mornings of December’s winter as far as I concerned. Days and nights were passing like swift. There was no passion in my life remained. I lost interest in my education as it was not of my Choice but compromise. I had preferred to choose college upon my interest which benefited me on financial terms. This compromise started breaking me from inside. I was badly suffered in exams however I was able to get it just pass class. I had started ignoring my friends and parents. I was totally disheartened until that night. I met my friend Sandip who was in my neighborhood. He offered me to come along with him for a night journey to the temple. He had already arranged a bike. I ignored to inform at my home that I will be going late. When I went to his home to pick him, he was lying to his parents that we are going some other place. Suddenly a bell like sound rang in mind and said ” hey look buddy, when you lie while going out, there are 100% chances that some kind of misfortune will happen.” I shouted in my mind” shut up, It won’t happen like what you are suggesting, please stop this”
    Meanwhile Sandip pushed me outside and told “just give me 5 min, I will wrap up all this things.”
    I went to the bike and started feeling it’s shape and splendor. Again a voice rang in my mind said” look buddy, this is new bike and It’s my apprehension that you should not go with him. There could be some unfortunate may happen.” I replied in my mind “ it will not happen like this so please keep quiet.”
    It was much cooler night that yesterday. I had just a shirt and half sweater. Sandip wore enough to protect him from cold and wind while driving. We started journey and Sandip geared himself in tope gear with a speed of 100 Km/hrs. we left out town border and took main road. I was feeling like I have been kept inside a freezer with continuous water cool wind transferred over my head. As it was sugar production season, lots of vehicles were moving on roads carrying full of sugarcane. Suddenly an empty truck passed us so fast with full upper lights on leaving behind a total darkness. When we had recovered and suddenly noticed that a tractor carrying sugarcane was merely 5 m to 7m away from us and we thrashed to that tractor in a blink’s time. It was awefully horrible. For a few seconds I saw my death in front of my eyes. Everything happened in an apace and fortunately I had just few scratches apart from swelling and incidentally a two inch away wound from an eye. On the other hand Sandip’s position was so serious that he had to operate next day. His both the knees were separated. In that whole night I could not able to sleep as I was not able to forget paining Sandip. In that whole night I introspected myself. I realized that life and time are so precious that you have to spend with due care. I remembered the thing that whatever you do it; do with your best attitude and here come results I have topped in final year exam of my graduation.

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