A Broken-Hearted Song

You’re the lead singer/songwriter of a band that’s working on its debut album. You’re one song short, until you’re longtime significant other unexpectedly breaks your heart. Filled with sadness, you compose a song that expresses how you feel—and that song completes the album. Write the lyrics to that song.

Post your response (500 words or fewer) in the comments below.


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159 thoughts on “A Broken-Hearted Song

  1. JRAM

    Had I begged you?

    I found a long red hair on the old couch today.
    The couch where are hearts used to play.
    Tell me once more why you had to go?
    I found a long red hair on the old couch today.
    The couch where we used to lay.
    Why you left my heart, my soul, will never know.

    The dawn just burst through.
    And I’ve spent another sleepless night without the touch of you.
    The dawn just burst through.
    And my heart on the other side of the world hovers over you.
    Can you hear its beat whisper in your ear?
    Telling you how my soul longs to be near?

    Lost Without a heart, without a soul.
    I walk the beach where we once stroll.
    Holding hands, forming plans, watching children building castles in the sand.
    To young to understand the ocean will always beat the sand.
    Like the dawn that’s stolen your hand.

    I found a long red hair on the old couch today.
    And I’m wondering why you had to go away?
    I found a long red hair on the old couch today.
    Would you still be here, loving me had I begged you to stay?

    I remember my fingers running through your hair burning red.
    Like a flickering fire gently spread, across my empty bed.
    Kissing your tender thighs, drinking the sweetness of your gentle sighs.
    My heart and soul let out a desperate cry.
    Do you hear them weeping by your side?

    If you should pass my way, bring back my soul and heart to stay.
    I will build for you a castle to out shine the dawn, and shame the day.
    And my sadness will come laughing as the tide washes are lovers castle away.
    For are love will become the very sand with which the children play.
    If only I had begged you to stay, at least i’d know ether way.
    And I’d have one less torment today.
    Had I begged you to stay?
    Had I begged you?

  2. MTT_Purple

    They say that you’re supposed to keep those you close and your enemies closer
    According to my calculations,
    I’m an enemy,
    A purple heart lays in my chest,
    (get it because soldiers)
    You say that you’re SORRY but I don’t BELIEVE YOU,
    Injured and broken
    And beaten to DEATH
    Injured and broken
    Injured and broken
    I won’t forgive you
    No matter what you say
    The world encircles us
    If you loved ME
    (if you did)
    I wouldn’t have a bruise on my HEART
    A bruise on my heart
    Injured and broken
    And beaten to DEATH
    Injured and broken
    Injured and broken
    I won’t forgive you
    No matter what you say
    Purple Scars in my head
    In my HEAD
    Injured and broken
    And beaten to DEATH
    Injured and broken
    Injured and broken
    I won’t forgive you
    No matter what you say
    Injured and broken
    (It’s all)
    Injured and broken
    Injured and broken
    Didn’t your momma tell you not to LIE?
    WHAT is your PROBLEM
    So broken heh me no, YOU

  3. tpaladin

    From a novella called “Seasonal Love Disorder”
    Inspired by the sound of John Barrys’ “Somewhere In Time”, but the story is quite different.

    “The Long Winter of a Lonely Mirror”

    Awoken by the storm within,
    and shatters upon the crags
    Spirits flood the lighthouse basin
    Where she swooned across the land
    They mourn with the wind, and I see those eyes,
    Her eyes of pale green anchors and salty wine
    Veiled by the sea’s collective tears and
    Rising on a dusty mirror.that cries.

    My face is lucid tears and jagged scars of splintered moonlight
    I now face Time that was always the mending hand
    Of heart and mind
    Now it is just a tortuous silent beat that fans my pain
    Someday I will hold that mirror again so high
    Someday I will hold that mirror again so high

    I look through my eyes to see if I will see hers, then look away
    I wake to want the death of my own just to see her eyes again
    The sailors try to trick me with songs of hopeful shame
    But now I write alone, in a basement filled with nostalgia and Gin
    Waiting for Time to call again, and end this capricious footstep
    Waiting for Time to call again, and send his notice of passage
    Behind me, it vanishes like a waning current end, and again I am

    Awoken by the storm within,
    and shatters upon the crags
    Spirits flood the lighthouse basin
    Where she swooned across the land
    They mourn with the wind, and I see those eyes,
    Her eyes of pale green anchors and salty wine
    Veiled by the sea’s collective tears and
    Rising on a dusty mirror that cries.

    Someday I will hold that mirror high, and see our eyes
    Someday I will hold that mirror high, and see our eyes again

  4. writer_sk

    Two 500-word sections from my book:

    Cate and Freddie
    by Sarah Kohm

    PART 1

                Catherine walked across the expansive open section of glossy floor at Barney’s, the glamorous New York City department store she worked at, in commission sales. Slinking by the obvious and over large mirrors she checked herself out and admired her red ballet flats, white peasant blouse and charcoal knee length pencil skirt with charcoal leggings. She looked only momentarily at her face because some measure of sadness lurked behind her mascaraed eyes.
                Cate had spent this past year utterly and undoubtedly single despite her best efforts. Had she gone home with a guy after she and her friends crashed another friend’s sorority party? Yes. Had they drunkenly talked so long that the buzz wore off and they never hooked up? Yes, actually. Had she then gone to the dorm room next door and discussed underrated rap and hip-hop from the nineties with the guy who roomed there. Yes. She sighed and let that night go in her mind, so what if she couldn’t even hook up with someone at a party, she was looking for a boyfriend, not a hook-up.
                She sauntered over to where the large department store held its daily morning meeting, amidst the shoe department. She knew the meeting location was on purpose, none of the employees could resist the shoes for the most part. She casually slipped on an open-toed patent leather wedge in taupe and studied her foot and ankle in the small mirror. At that moment she felt a familiar pawing at her shoulder blades, very gentle, but somehow intense. Everything Freddie did was intense. He wasn’t tall but he made up for his stature in looks. His s*xy brown eyes gave way to full lips and a subtle goatee with no mustache. His smile was trouble in the best way and he smiled at Catherine as if they shared a secret. He was so close that Catherine could smell his cologne, citrusy but mild, in sharp contrast to his spicy, salsa personality. The pink heat rose from Cate’s neck to her face and she had to take a step away from him to avoid losing composure during the meeting. The best thing about Freddie’s looks was his hair, Cate thought. It had caught Cate completely off guard when they first met because it looked so good. He just had good hair. It was short but textured and styled messy in the front and she had melted because he was so hot and the cute hair really accentuated that. She thought back on that often. The first time they’d met was at Barney’s where they’d both arrived early for the morning shift and what be the beginning of a sort of unforeseen ritual between them.

  5. writer_sk

    Part 2

           “Hi I’m Freddie,” he began and it was immediately effortless to talk to each other.
    They easily discussed life in the city. He told her about his other job as a bartender in the meat-packing district and she talked about how she’d begun practicing yoga s an addendum to running outside but more recently gotten into the spiritual side. They ended up going to grab a quick coffee before the shift started – his small sized -black with sugar and hers medium sized, flavored with just cream – and realized they were both coffee snobs. That first day they hadn’t even touched on a mutual obsession – music.
                The country western loop that usually signaled the store’s opening began on the overhead sound system and Freddie smiled at Cate as he did that first day. After he had touched her shoulders and they’d silently greeted each other with flirty glances the meeting was a blur to Cate. When it was over Freddie pointed at her then touched her cheek and said “lunch.”
                She knew they’d both be counting the minutes until they reconvened over microwaved pasta or salad with chicpeas for her and arroz con pollo (rice with chicken) for him in the store’s break room. As it worked out the day was busy and the employees were met with a flood of customers due to an outdoor sidewalk festival that Barney’s management hadn’t been aware of ahead of time. Coupled with the strange missed call and subsequent text Cate got from her ex her mind was elsewhere when Freddie approached her car at lunchtime as she scrolled through her phone with one hand and smoothed out her leggings with the other. Why had Nathan called her and left no information? She was annoyed by it, things between them had ended long ago and she didn’t want to hear about his problems. She ran her fingers through her hair and tried to hold down the disobedient strands becoming annoyed that she couldn’t locate a bobby pin she knew was in her purse. Cate didn’t have trouble getting guys or dating them, usually. In fact, she attracted all types and was compatible and easygoing. However, sometime in close proximity to her and Nathan’s splitting, Cate’s tastes had changed. Her desires were now awakened. She knew herself better and therefore would be able to be more giving and present in a real relationship. Best, now that things were over with Nathan, she had the foresight to know what she didn’t want. Things had lasted three years with Nathan. He’d come to live with her in New York City for the last year they were together. Nathan was sweet to Cate. They were known at the Starbucks across the street as Nate and Cate. They’d sit and discuss books and TV, then walk around the city they both loved and shoot the sh*t. Though infrequently, the couple would venture into the slummy parts of the boroughs in hopes of finding an interesting hole in the wall in which to have dinner.

  6. Ezenther

    A Broken-Hearted Song

    I had hoped there’d be a space
    That would put me to work
    Little did I know
    It would not be a place, but a girl
    And no, it wouldn’t be her love
    Which would make me write again
    Oh no, it wouldn’t be the love
    Rather it would be the hurt

    Oh, I wish I could write
    Without strife
    Write with light
    Write for all my happy times
    For my joy when I’d watch the sun rise
    With her face beside mine
    Oh, why do I try anymore?

    I had to let her go
    To create more.

    Maybe I’m just meant to be alone.

    I love the comfort and I love the love
    But somehow it wouldn’t be enough
    I’d sit at my desk
    Perfectly built for such a task
    And yet my mind would be blank
    Except for the urge to procreate

    Oh, without her I could fly
    Like I used to in my dreams
    I could do that while alone
    It was easy ‘cause there was no choice

    I had to let her go
    To create more.

  7. JosephFazzone


    ***Hi guys! I’m getting this in last minute, I know. Still needs tweaking, but here’s this weeks prompt, and the above link is me performing it. It was a fun prompt. Trying to find the time to stay writing!

    Be Alone

    VERSE 1
    There we sat
    Half past eight
    Gave her a smile
    It’s too late

    Something’s wrong
    We need to talk
    Nothing you’ve done
    Not your fault

    VERSE 2
    Moment’s gone
    I don’t exist
    The shining star’s light has gone amiss

    Your Warm embrace
    Cold as stone
    You ran away
    Now I know…I know that I’m going to

    Feel Alone – Don’t want to
    Feel Alone – Don’t want to
    Be Alone
    This silence’s overrated

    VERSE 3
    The fight is done
    No place to stand
    Our fairy tale is
    Now second hand

    Take a bow
    Smile and wave
    Watched you leaving
    And now I know now I know that I’m going to

    Be alone – Don’t want to X3
    This silence is overrated
    Be alone – Don’t want to X3
    I know I cannot take it

    For all our time spent
    The span of seasons
    I gave you nothing
    For selfish reasons


    Verse 4
    Here I sit
    An empty vessel
    I’m afraid to
    Move a muscle

    So lost in lonely
    For the place that I once called home
    Is where I failed, and now I know that I’m

    Be alone – Don’t want to X3
    This silence is overrated
    Be alone – Don’t want to X3
    Because I hesitated

    1. Kerry Charlton

      Joseph, you’re making me melancholy after a stress day at work. Need to put some comedy on when I get home.
      Wish I had some Smothers Brothers to watch.

    2. ReathaThomasOakley

      Joseph, thank you for singing for us. Even though the song is sad, it was so much fun listening and watching. Great job. I do hope you continue to find time to write.

    3. writer_sk

      Hey Joey! Wow! So awesome that you sang and played guitar to this song! I loved it…..be alone…be alone…it’s gonna be stuck in my head.

      Anyway. the sentiment is sad but the performance adds some defiance. You’re a jack of all trades I guess. Thanks for sharing – I almost missed the link- glad I clicked it.

      We will now, of course, expect you to sing all your stories for us.

  8. transaltlantic

    Charioteer of the sun
    Riding across the sky I saw everything
    But only one man could make me undone

    Ringlets like Saturn in his hair
    Stardust freckles across his cheeks
    Almost as radiant as me; that’s not fair

    Hyacinth my love
    My flower
    Or my dove
    Hyacinth my dear
    Don’t you shed
    A single tear

    To see him I put aside myself
    And I put my immortality
    On the highest shelf

    Beautiful by design
    Competitive by nature
    I thanked the gods he was mine

    Hyacinth my love
    My flower
    Or my dove
    Hyacinth my dear
    Don’t you shed
    A single tear

    Fueled by pride
    Tangled up in lust
    I watch as my Hyacinth died

    The fault all mine
    By my own hands
    Oh how darkness yet shines

    Hyacinth my love
    My flower
    Or my dove
    Hyacinth my dear
    Don’t you shed
    A single tear

    Hyacinth the flower
    Blue like his eyes
    I’ll do all within my power

    I will not let your name fade
    Not ever, not today
    But oh how I wish you had stayed

  9. lrogz

    in the early hours we spoke out fates of the worlds where we are not
    in our concrete castles of quiet pain, rearranged all we were taught
    and we wasted our hearts while we both fell apart in the trail of these unfound fears
    if to live is to die then we’ve lived all our lives and we’ll live on through the years

    no words describe all we survive, but we remain you and me
    so out of these rocks and bones and skin and stones we’ll find a better way to be

    we wrote our thoughts in the shallow spots where we collected the tears
    but the ocean just builds out our old windowsills and we don’t know why it appears
    we tried to find light in the dark of the night when we both should have been alone
    replaced the space with the others face and forgot all that we’d known

    no thoughts of fright imagine right all that we’ve had to see
    but out of these rocks and bones and skin and stones we’ll find a better way to be

    nothing else can make our old hearts break, and on that we do agree
    so out of these rocks and bones and skin and stones we’ll find a better way to be
    out of these rocks and bones and skin and stones we will finally be free

  10. dustymayjane

    “I need a song.” I told her. 

    She laughed and said. “So what?” 

    “But baby.” I replied. “You can give me what I need.” 

    “Okay,” She said “I’ve got something for you. How ’bout this?”
    “You’re a bum, a no- good loser 
    I’m gonna leave you for your friend Hooser 
    He knows how to treat me 
    Like you’ve never done 
    I deserve better than a life that’s hum drum 
    You say that you love me 
    You say you’re coming home 
    But I’m all done waiting all night by my phone 
    You never meant a word 
    And I’ve got the proof 
    With nothing to look at but a bad leaky roof. 
    “Hey that’s kind of good. I could do some rap….hey wait, whaaaaat???” 

  11. ClutteredThoughts

    I actually wrote the lyrics to this over a year ago, I’m so happy to have found a way to put them to use.

    “This was eight years ago, in the fief of Theira.” The fire’s crackling filled in the background of silence. No, it wasn’t silence- it was anticipation, a pause between the breaths of my audience as I explained my song to them.

    “It wasn’t ever her fault, really. She was upset, and told her family about my courting her.” I was glad there was no one else in the inn; telling the story to a small audience was difficult enough. “She wanted to prove a point to them, that she had control over her own life.”

    I was nervous; my fingers covered and uncovered chords and melodies unbidden on my guitar, but went unplucked, for I found I couldn’t interrupt my own story. “But I was a fool, plain and simple. When her family confronted me, I knew she had told them. And in my anger, I blamed her for causing such a problem.”

    “Why was it so bad? You were a trader, and she a peasant.” The singer’s voice shocked me back into reality. I hadn’t realized I was getting lost.

    “It didn’t matter to them. She had been promised to the governor’s son; he’d staked a claim on her beauty. But my claim lay on her smile, and her love. It didn’t matter to them. They kicked me out of town, and told me I could only return when I’d done something to move the gods themselves.”

    “An impossible task.” This was from a young girl, sitting with a drum between her knees. She smiled sadly, and I nodded in agreement.

    “I didn’t believe it, at first. I tried to go back, to see her again, and they nearly killed me. They snapped my guitar and dragged me into the forest.” As my nervous fingers slid up the neck to a new chord, my thumb caught on the repaired crack, reminding me of where I am.

    The singer shifted nervously. “I’m willing to listen. We need a final song, like we told you earlier. It seems you have a tearjerker ready.” The rest of the band went silent as I drew myself together.

    The anticipation was there. My guitar finally rang, and I started to sing..

    I come from somewhere far away
    So far away you can’t fathom
    Long roads and nights spent awake as day
    I cannot go…
    I cannot return to the place I call home.

    Back home my love is standing still
    Still as a tree in the winter
    My love will wait, standing there until
    I come back home…
    I cannot return to my love at home.

    Lead on, death, take me to my love
    Waiting for me at the crossroads
    I lived life well and so up above
    I will now go…
    I never returned to the place I called home,
    My one regret is not coming back home.

  12. cosi van tutte

    “Really? I don’t see what the big deal is. Stop crying! You’re bumming me out. Look. I gotta go. My bros are waiting for me at ChimiChuck Joes.” There was a small pause.

    Shana tried to speak, but the words came out as tears and wails.

    “Maybe we can be friends. I mean, not right away. That would be awkward. Just give me some space, babe, and. Maybe.” He sighed. “Maybe I’ll give you a call. I dunno. Things are so busy and all. Yeah. bye.”

    He didn’t wait for her to speak.

    He ended the call.

    Shana sat in her tour bus, feeling like a mess.

    She cried and sobbed as to be expected.

    But she wasn’t just upset.

    She was shocked and appalled and infuriated and she wanted someone to die. Not him. Just some random Joe on the street.

    Teether entered the scene. “Hey, Shana hun. I’ve been lookin’ over our song list and we’re at twelve. We need one more for a lucky thirteen. Something that will wrap everything all nice and tight. You got anything?”

    Shana pulled herself out of broken-hearted woman mode and back into songwriter mode. “Yeah. I have something.”


    She rubbed her eyes, leaving mascara stains on the sides of her hands, grabbed her trusty yellow memo pad, and wrote:

    (male spoken voice) Maybe….Maybe….Maybe….Maybe…(Maybe’s trail upwards? Surreal echo effect? Discuss with band)

    (me singing) I said I’d love you always, but you said maybe. I said I’d give my heart to you, but you said maybe. Maybe. Maybe.

    (male spoken voice) Maybe we can be friends. Maybe we can meet half-way. But my bros are waiting. Oh well. Maybe some other day. (quick drum roll)

    (me singing) I don’t want maybes. I don’t want half-way. I want you, baby. I want your every day. Every day. Every daaaaaay!

    (male spoken voice) Maybe if you gave me some space. Maybe if I had some guts. Maybe if I had my own place. Maybe I’ll give you a call. I dunno. Life’s so busy and all. (male singing) So, maybe someday I might give you a caaaaaalll…

    (back to me) I don’t want maybes. I don’t want some days. All I want is here and now. All I want is today. So, give me todaaaay.

    So, tell me that you love me.
    And don’t delay.
    Tell me that you need me.
    And not someday.

    I’m here waiting and waiting
    for you to seeeeeeeEEEE. (long crazy vocal run)
    I want you baby.
    Without maybes
    Or somedays.

    (softer, sweeter, wistful?) I want you baby without maybes (long, sustained note) or somedays.

    (discuss music/accompaniment/lyrics with band and make this song rock harder than any other song we’ve written so far – that’ll show him.)

    1. ReathaThomasOakley

      Cosi, wonderful, wonderful to have you back, and with an amazing piece! I suspect lots of lyrics are created from situations just like this one. Great job.

      1. cosi van tutte


        Thank you so much! Sorry I’ve been away for so long. I’ve been crazy busy working on a story, trying to keep it moving forward every day. I’m trying to get it as far ahead as I can before I go in for surgery on August 30th. Especially since I know I mentally won’t be up to writing anything intelligible for a couple of days afterwards.

        1. Kerry Charlton

          Cosi, most unusual response, extremely real, down to earth mechanics on writing a song I liked the realism of the lyrics. Conversation within the lyrics certainly believable. Sorry about the surgery bit. Mention surgery to me and I hightail out of here. Good luck on that and also so.happy to see you back.

  13. MoiraiTQ

    Joe woke up extra early. He’s due at the recording studio by 9 am to finish the album. The band is short one song. One song! The band is this close to making it. They just need one more song for the album. He jumps in the shower, gets dressed, and heads out the door. He forgets to give his girlfriend a kiss good-bye. He’s not even thinking of her. Just that one last song. It’s all he’s been able to think about for days.

    As he walks into the studio, he gets a text. He glances at his phone and stops dead in his tracks.

    “I’m moving out. We just can’t seem to make it work.”

    Joe is torn between the band, the album, that last song and his girl friend. Or ex-girl friend. He takes a deep breath and walks calmly into the control room part of the studio. Thoughts are racing in his mind. OMG! The last song. A good break up song is always a good song!

    He sits down at the desk in the control room and pulls out a tablet and pen. He starts writing.

    We met at dawn
    It was June 21st
    The longest day, but not long enough for us
    You were so pretty
    So much prettier than the breath taking dawn
    I loved you instantly
    You loved me too

    We met at dawn
    It was June 21st
    The dawn was pink
    Just like your cheeks

    A couple of years have passed
    And now you’re gone
    You couldn’t take my musician life
    What will I do without you
    You were my rock
    I loved you forever
    I thought you did too

    We met at dawn
    It was June 21st
    The dawn was pink
    Just like your cheeks

    What will I do now
    Without you in my life
    You were my rock
    I miss you so
    I want you back
    But the musician’s life is too rough
    Too rough for my June dawn

    We met at dawn
    It was June 21st
    The dawn was pink
    Just like your cheeks

      1. MoiraiTQ

        Thank you!

        My daughter just married a musician, so I kinda have the feel. They aren’t in danger. I’ll give the lyics to the band. Maybe it’ll work for them.

  14. Critique

    Ugly Cry
    (cannot be used without permission by author)

    I had stars in my eyes
    Cause I believed all your lies
    Now here I stand and ugly cry.

    My love for you was deep and strong
    How could you string me along?
    Now here I stand and ugly cry.

    Life without you, so hard to fathom
    The sun will rise? Can only imagine.
    I need my time to ugly cry.

    I can’t let go, I’m so confused
    You broke my heart, I feel abused
    Now here I stand and ugly cry.

    Life goes on they generalize
    Small comfort there to realize
    I ugly cry. Yeah ugly cry.

  15. Rene Paul

    A Broken-Hearted Song

    The fence needs’a fixing, my truck is up on blocks,
    my dog just bit the postman, and my trailer’s falling apart.
    And now the girl I truly love… has gone and done the same,
    she left me with a broken heart… she played the cheating game.

    My momma said be careful of the stray girls that I find,
    don’t bring’um home and feed’um or show them too good a time
    It’s best to heed my warning son…or she’ll tear you soul apart,
    she’ll steal everything and more and then she’ll take your heart.

    Take my heart
    Take my heart
    Tear it all apart
    Do it fast do it quick
    I’ll need a brand-new start

    Break my heart
    Break my heart
    Break it all apart
    Do it fast do it quick
    I’ll need a brand-new start

    My Momma’s said, don’t seal your love with just a lustful kiss,
    true love is so much more than just a single night of bliss.
    Don’t buy silver wedding bands til she’s found faithful, tried and true,
    you’d better heed these words my son… or you’ll be singing the cowboy blues.

    Take my heart
    Take my heart
    Tear it all apart
    Do it fast do it quick
    I’ll need a brand-new start

    Now there’s lots of things I’ve got’a do, she’s added to my list
    Now I’ve got another chore… I’m not sure I can fix
    I can repair a truck on blocks and fence that’s falling down,
    but to fix a broken heart… another lover must be found.

    You can take my heart,
    break my heart,
    and tear it all apart,
    I’ll just pray the good Lord gives me a brand-new lover’s start.
    A brand-new start with brand-new heart,
    one that’s tried and true,
    To find a brand-new lover to take away my cowboy blues.

    1. ReathaThomasOakley

      I think you’ve hit all the required topics for a country song, except for the prison part, but you did reference stealing, so that can count. Fun piece.

      1. Rene Paul

        Thanks. It’s the first song I’ve ever written from start to finish. Fun prompt. Maybe I should’ve added, my Huntsville cell was bigger than my trailer!

      2. Kerry Charlton

        Enjoyed it Rene if you insert.the prison.blues be sure to mention.”momma just don’t understand.”
        Country’s where’s the money is now


  16. Tysheena Jackson

    This is for all the classic tune lovers out there. As someone who adores 60s music I thought I’d try my hand at one myself. You can search Runaround Sue by Dion and the Belmonts on YouTube and sing these lyrics to the music. It’s practically its twin song!

    “Runaround Rick” by T. M. Jackson


    Could it be that you already knew
    My intentions were contrite and blue
    You trusted me with your entire heart
    But I took it and tore it apart

    *Snap Snap*
    Ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhhh
    Ohhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhh

    Verse 1:

    Picked you up in Pa’s car and took you ‘round
    Had you laughing at the whole damn town
    Saw you smilin’ the way that you do
    Thought I’d get to second base by two

    Brung you dancing at the ol’ Hop n Bop
    Started getting touchy ‘cause I thought I was top
    Boy was I wrong when you gave me a whirl
    Never thought I’d get knocked out by a girl

    Ohhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhh
    Ohhhh, Whoaaaa


    Now everybody’s laughing at me (Oh!)
    It’s gettin’ tough just being seen
    I never wanted to hurt you
    But my predictions were something untrue


    And now I’m standing here just crying wishin’ I had you back
    I’m feelin’ skimmer than a potato sack
    Hopin’ you would just give me another try
    Before another lonely week goes by



    Now everybody’s laughing at me (Oh!)
    It’s gettin’ tough just being seen
    I never wanted to hurt you
    But my predictions were something untrue


    And now I’m standing here just crying wishin’ I had you back
    I’m feelin’ skimmer than a potato sack
    Hopin’ you would just give me another try
    Before another lonely week goes by


    Ohhhhh, I am such a foooooooool
    I am a no gooder tooooooooo
    I am a big bad woooooooolf
    I am such a toooooooool
    Ohhhhhhh [Fade Out]

      1. Kerry Charlton

        I’m right with you Tysheena In the fifties we called it “Doo Wap” loved the lyrics by the way. I have an idea you have dabbled with.lyrics before. This is so good ya got me a shskin’ and a.”Doo Wappin’

  17. JRSimmang


    I found my guitar leaned against the sun, as if I meant to leave it in the spotlight. I trusted it. I spent my life around and inside it, and now it was a worthless piece of wood.

    “You said you had another one in there,” Ty said, rapping on my skull with a knuckle. “I thought you said you had another one in there.”

    I swatted his hand away, “I do, a$$. Just shut up.”

    “Oh, crap,” he whistled. “She’s gone.”

    “What?” The look on his face made me realize he was talking about Jolene. “No! Dude, she’s not going anywhere.”

    “Then, WTF?”

    I closed my eyes and pinched the bridge of my nose. “It’s… it’s more complicated than that. It’s, this.” I spread my arms wide and motioned around me.

    He didn’t understand. “Music?”

    “He’s talking about the world, Ty.” Slim always understood me. Drummers feel the deeper rhythm.

    “So the f*ck what,” snorted Ty. “It’s f*cked up. Always has been.”

    Yeah, I thought to myself, and I picked up my guitar, opened the door to the recording studio and left. I left to clear my head. I left to hear something I hadn’t heard in a while.

    Making music isn’t a fantasy. You don’t write lyrics, pick up a guitar and record platinum. It’s footwork. It’s bleeding fingertips. It’s tears and hunger and sweat and not being able to get it up because you don’t know when you’ll be evicted. Music isn’t something you do. It’s something you are, and right now I sailed along the highway thinking that I’d lived my life as someone else. If I couldn’t make it work, if I couldn’t change lives, then I failed.

    Then, she came in through my open window.

    Hello, Lady, dressed in robes and crowned…

    But it was small and weak. It was a whisper.

    Your light was once a beacon to be found…

    It was barely anything, a negligee on a hanger in an empty closet.

    A unity of prayer…

    My fingers felt the steel of the night.

    We’d never betray her
    or the peacefulness on your sacred ground.

    I’d kiss your lips, but my lips are stitched closed.
    I’d sleep, but my dreams have been disposed.
    My voice is caught and beaten,
    my love for you’s been eaten,
    and everything I believe has been exposed.

    Where is the truth of it anymore?
    Where is the golden shore to shore?
    Where is the time
    where our only crime
    was our oath to you we swore?

    The familiar pain was there in my gut, and I knew I had to pull over. This was it. This is what I needed. This is what I wanted the world to hear.

    I wish I could be as you are, my love,
    staring stoic’ly to the stars above.
    You’ve never failed me
    when you held me,
    but we’ve made us into something we’re not proud of.

    We’re the ones to blame, aren’t we?
    We’re the ones trampling liberty.
    We’ve heard the lies
    that led to demise,
    now we suffer from torn reality.

    They all had to hear. They were all to blame. I was to blame. Where were they? Where were they when they needed them the most? I need them all to know that being human isn’t about falling victim to the latest lies and manipulations. It’s about clawing into ourselves to find our centers and never failing to be a light. Who cares what others think? Who cares what others say?

    Instead of trying to make you great,
    and loving your light and our fate,
    we have become
    deaf, blind, and dumb,
    the United States of Hate.

    Jolene would stick around. Ty and Slim would be there forever. But, I wondered how much longer the ground under my feet would hold me up.




    -JR Simmang

    1. ReathaThomasOakley

      Powerful piece here, JR. I’ve done lots of thinking about your words and will most likely think some more. The long paragraph just before the song is started was a great description of the writing process.

    2. ClutteredThoughts

      Absolutely LOVE your description of being a musician, and the song was even better. I even got a melody for it in my head, I was so into it.

    3. Kerry Charlton

      One thing stood out over all the lyrics and story and that is, glory, success, fame and inspiration is terribly hard wotk step by crawling step to recognition and also shown is sometimes the writer of anything has to hold together, step by step again while support, praise and recognition is not part of your daily journey. Did you.plan on.writingng all of that in one 500 word story?

    4. writer_sk

      Hi JR, the story before the song pulled me in. The banter and actions of the band members were so natural.

      I really liked the song, it was a haunting and pleading piece of poetry.

  18. usedname

    short side note: I find it hilariously ironic because I wanted to push myself to write a story because I usually just write poetry. Next week maybe. XD

    Why did you look into my eyes
    and show me a world I didn’t want to know?
    did you look past me and see the little girl
    holding onto dreams?
    Floating by in your arms
    I watched the stars above turn into gold,
    felt like we could grow old
    On this riverbed, away from the rapids

    Then I blink and then its gone
    This love without a song
    Such tragedy
    Couldn’t you see how awesome we could be?
    (also please buy our cds)
    Now I’m left with this unfinished melody

    Now I’m,
    Tumbling down, sliding in the rain
    clinging to kisses, grazing pain.
    ‘ Wanted to see your world,
    But you closed your eyes
    and I’m falling off the edge, oh
    I’m drowning in my love and

    Then I blink and then its gone
    This love without a song
    Such tragedy
    Couldn’t you see how awesome we could be?
    (the label needed another track from me)
    Now I’m left with this unfinished melody
    Unfinished melodyyy,
    Unfinished melody

  19. Amaria

    “sad love song”

    I thought you were
    the end of all my
    sad love songs

    I thought you were
    the sun that I had
    been searching for

    I thought you were
    the melody that would
    touch my soul

    but you turned out to
    be just like the others
    who came before

    another sad love tale
    another scar to add
    to my collection

    so here I write another
    sad love poem to
    close this chapter

  20. Silver Sister

    She’s dinner at six
    While I’m microwave popcorn at eight.
    She’s five minutes early
    But I’m ten minutes late
    She plans and saves for the cabin in the mountains
    I toss my money making wishes in the fountains.

    But wasn’t I the one you couldn’t get enough of?
    Wasn’t I the one who had you claiming true love?
    If I wasn’t what you wanted, why even life?
    Cold hard truth – still better than being left behind.

    She’s Mary Kay
    I’m more Urban Decay
    She’s the epitome of cool blonde.
    I’m the brunette feeling wronged.
    She’s quiet good taste, subtlety and beige
    I’m a style too random to be all the rage.


  21. ShamelessHack

    You-u-u left me,
    Wa wa wa WA.
    Left me right here
    So all alo-o-ne.

    Doo doo doo doo

    You-u-u left me,
    Wa wa wa WA.
    Left me to face life
    On my owe-own.

    Now there’s no more sun,
    And no more fun,
    So I’ll just run,
    And fetch my gun…

    Doo doo doo doo

    You-u-u left me,
    Wa wa wa WA,
    Left me for Eddie
    Down the block.

    Doo doo doo doo

    Or could it be Charlie?
    Wa wa wa WA,
    Jim, Fred, Jake, Don,
    Or maybe Brock?

    I can’t just select,
    On some stray hunch,
    So I just gotta kill,
    The whole damn bunch…

    Doo doo doo doo

    You-u-u left me,
    Wa wa wa WA,
    Now I’m barricaded
    In a store.

    Doo doo doo doo

    Feds and a S.W.A.T. team,
    Wa wa wa WA,
    Are outside smashing
    Down the door.

    Told the local news,
    And CNN,
    If I can’t have you,
    No one can…

    Doo doo doo doo

    You-u-u left me,
    Wa wa wa WA,
    I’ve shot up half
    This two-bit town.

    Doo doo doo doo

    You’ve been with everyone,
    Wa wa wa WA,
    Now I’m the next
    To be shot down.

    This is where it ends,
    They’ve brought a tank,
    I guess you win,
    You cheating skank…

    Doo doo doo doo
    Doo doo doo doo
    Wa wa wa WA
    Wa wa wa WA


    Doo doo doo DOO!

      1. Kerry Charlton

        This is a Hallmark of you, yourself and it rings so true. Gad I wish I could listen to it. While reading I heard a faint melody but the power of the lyrics kept me from hearing but a small part only.

    1. writer_sk


      So funny with a nice touch of darkness. And Brock.

      The last lines tie it up perfectly.

      I liked the playful tone even though the subject is getting into a more harrowing situation as the song evolves

  22. Beebles

    So, like jhowe i looked at this prompt and thought, nah, this isn’t me. But I do play/sing English folk, so I offer mine in the best (and the worst) traditions of English folk music …
    The Bloody Brook

    One fine May morning as I strode
    Across the meadows gay
    To meet with my one true love
    And for our vows to say.

    I stepped upon the stepping stones
    Across the Bloody Brook
    And saw you waiting on the wall
    But another’s hand you took.

    He was bold, his count’nance fair
    A more comely face than mine
    And as he raised that face to yours
    His lips you ne’er did decline.

    When he was gone you ran to me
    Church bells tolled o’er the lea
    You looked at me with a child’s eye
    And begged me marry thee.

    ‘I will,’ says I, ‘but come a while
    Down to the crystal water
    To wash and say a prayer to God
    Afore we stand before his altar.’

    I took her hand and led her straight
    To where the willows weep,
    And as she knelt I pushed her down
    Into the stream so deep.

    She struggled fearful ‘neath my hand
    Under the waters gushing
    I said, ‘You do me false my love.’
    For another you are loving.

    ‘And you fair maid, who oft did share
    My bed til morning light
    Will have the river stroke your hair
    And kiss the fish goodnight.’

    With heavy heart I stepped t’ward home
    While still the bells were ringing
    Until another passed me by
    The man she had been wooing

    ‘Kind sir, please tell me, have you seen
    A fair maid and her lover
    The maid, my sister, weds today,
    Her gent becomes my brother.’

    Unto the Bloody Brook I ran
    My mind turned mad with sorrow
    I murdered my love, my own sweet love
    Now I hang there on the willow

    And if you cross that Bloody Brook
    Or use the stepping stones
    You’ll feel my cold breath on your neck
    And hear the rattle of my bones.

    1. Ednakhsf

      Long Gone

      –Long gone?–
      -You say you’re lo-ng-gone?-
      -I don’t believe it.—
      -I can’t believe it.—

      –Not here?–
      -You say you’re not here?–
      -I don’t believe it.—
      -I can’t believe it.—

      -My heart is empty—
      -It feels so icy—
      -I don’t believe it.—
      -I can’t believe it. —

      -The lights are off now.–
      -Darkness on-ly?–
      -I don’t believe it.–
      -I can’t, can’t believe it–
      You said you’re lo-ong gone.

    2. ReathaThomasOakley

      I watch way too much British TV, so I was right there, with the mesmerized crowd, watching and listening as this was being performed. Excellent.

      1. Kerry Charlton

        I ‘m close to tears on this, it is so moving. I felt the same when first I heard “Tom Dooley” oh so many years ago . First song hit by the Kingston Trio. You’re in the same league

  23. ReathaThomasOakley

    June 26, 1954
    (An almost true Annie story, no heartbreak, but there is a song.)

    “Please, Daddy, please, please, please.”

    “Annie, I told you I gotta ask your mama, it is her day after all.”

    “But, Daddy, it’s your day too, ain’t it? You both gonna be married ten years, not just Mama.” I knew I’d better stop begging soon, but this was the biggest thing I’d ever done in my entire life, and I had to know for certain sure.

    “Alright,” Daddy finally said. “She likes Marty’s–”

    “And, after, after supper, can we go for a drive and listen to the radio?”

    “Well, since that’s what we most always do, I reckon we can–”

    “Oh, thank you, Daddy! Thank you!”

    I couldn’t hardly wait for Saturday, then I couldn’t hardly eat all my shrimp, had to put some in a doggie bag, even though we didn’t have a dog. Brother wants one, but that’s a different story.

    I’d dragged out supper long as I could, so it was nearly eight when we go to the beach. Mama’d said we should go on home, but before I could beg, Daddy’d said just for a few minutes.

    It didn’t take long before it was time for the Dixie Rhythm Boys program, like every Saturday night, and I couldn’t hardly sit still when the first song started.

    “Too old, too old, he’s too old to cut the mustard anymore
    He’s getting’ too old, he’s done, got too old
    He’s too old to cut the mustard anymore

    “When I was young, I had a lotta pep
    I could get around, didn’t need no help
    But now you’re old and a gettin’ gray
    The people all look at you and say. . .” They sang, then stopped.

    “Howdy, folks,” a Boy said, “we gotta tell ever body ’bout this letter the station got three weeks ago. Let me read a little bit, ‘Dear Dixie Rhythm Boys, I listen to you most ever Saturday night while Mama’s putting my hair in pincurls, I hate pin curls, but I really hate getting a Tonette.’ Sounds like this little gal’s gonna look pretty for church. Anyway, ‘My folks are gonna soon be having their tenth wedding anniversary and for a surprise, after we get some shrimp, could you please play a song for them? I even wrote a verse. Daddy really likes that song and I hope Mama likes what I wrote. Sincerely, Annie Louise Porter.'”

    When he said my name, Mama made a funny noise what woke up Brother, it was getting late, and Daddy laughed right out loud, like when he listened to Red Skeleton. I felt like I was maybe going to faint. Then the Boys started singing again.

    “When they were young, they had lotta hair
    Went and eloped ’cause they were poor
    Now they’re old, but I don’t care
    They don’t cut the mustard anymore.”

    We went home pretty soon. Mama was real quiet. I think she was just so proud she couldn’t talk.

    1. Kerry Charlton

      Good grief, girl you don’t,t have to answer me if you don’t want to but I just realized, Annie is yourself, you are writing about your own.life
      There it was in front of me all the time and I didn’t recognize it. This particular story started my tears to flow when I realized what you were doing, an autobiography. I think personally you are magnificant and I want the rest of the world to know it also. Don”t stop on your book until you see it on the best seller list. Godspeed

      1. ReathaThomasOakley

        Yes, Kerry, Annie is I, (Or, I is Annie?) only funnier, more interesting. Nearly every Annie episode has some basis in my life, starting with her first appearance January 19, 2016. I actually went back to that prompt just now because that 500 word story has been expanded to nearly 2,000 words, and is the first book chapter. The real part there was getting the Sherlock Holmes book while in the hospital getting my tonsils out and deciding I was going to be a detective. I had a kit in a cigar box. For this story, I did secretly write to the radio station and ask the group to sing Too Old for my parents’ anniversary, we went out for dinner, then drove to the beach where they heard the program. I didn’t write a verse. Thanks so much for your good wishes. Right now the legal side of publishing is taking up too much time. I want to write, do other stuff, not work with a lawyer on the contract. Thanks again.

    2. writer_sk

      Reatha- Wow, so awesome. i agree with Kerry, this was a particularly touching instalment and, after what he picked up on, it does feel autobiographical – mostly because it feels so real.

      I felt I was sitting with Annie at the little outdoor concert. I love her zest for life. Her nervousness and glee were so strongly portrayed.

      Perfect that mom was silent. I enjoyed Annie’s wonderful interpretation of that silence.

  24. foodpoet

    In a song of lost and found
    The water flows away
    My tears my bitterness
    Are flushed away in the flood of song

    The water flows away
    The music beat rejoined
    Send away your words in flood of song
    The barbs of yesterday are cured by guitar

    The music beat rejoined
    I found what was lost when lost in you,
    The barbs of yesterday are lost in you,
    Broken healed put away all but song

    I found what was lost when lost in your
    My tears my bitterness
    Broken hearted put away all but song
    Of lost and found

    1. ReathaThomasOakley

      Wow, this is amazing. …all but song, beautiful. It’s been a while since I’ve been there, but are you involved in the weekly poetry prompt? I fear I can’t remember names of contributors, so you might already be there.

  25. Kerry Charlton


    When first I saw you, I noticed your lovely hair
    And mused, ’perhaps a love we might share’
    A miracle I wondered I must surely wish for
    A thought that I knew I never had before

    And as much I already knew how I could care
    And then your eyes, how blue and oh so fair
    My heart, how it took a long leap toward love
    Like a flight bound beauty of a lonesome dove

    And then you smiled a smile I longed to capture
    And in my dreams, they filled my heart with rapture
    We shared a kiss, a warmth I had never known
    Persistent in it’s search as it settled on a throne

    And as we shared the sun, a sky so blue and soft rain
    My heart knew it would never again be the same
    And now I realize the biting pain as you’ve gone
    My soul, my heart, my all they belong in a song

    And so I write my love with a bruised broken heart
    And wish on a distant star, we share a fresh start
    But I know as I looked into your fair blue eyes
    That never would I be able to rid my terrible lies

    So I wish you’d forgive all my childish mistakes
    I pledge to rekindle your love, whatever it takes
    Come back my love and I promise you this
    I’ll share each happiness with a gentle kiss

    1. ReathaThomasOakley

      Kerry, you described an entire relationship here with lovely words and phrases. That final stanza is very heartfelt, and hopefully successful.

      1. Kerry Charlton

        Thanks Reatha, I have been through the pain and heartache but it’s way to personal for me to write about. So many years ago and yet so close in memory.

    2. writer_sk

      Kerry- You’ve really captured the total picture of love and loss and all the feelings that go with it. Last part particularly painful. The whole piece was so heartfelt.

  26. foodpoet

    whoo hoo a prompt that fits poetry

    When I find myself
    the life we shared is tiny.
    Why then the veins seem
    I sing myself
    slipping in the here.

    I liked myself then.
    Drink wine
    remember less.
    Climbing vines
    swing the trees free.
    Livid bees find
    sweet drink.
    I wish I might disremember
    her smile.
    Hell is the
    remembering her
    in the present
    I wish
    I wish

  27. RafTriesToWrite

    You can sing it in any way you like. I just hope that no singer or song writer steals my work if they do find it “that good” (which I highly doubt). Lemme know if you found an easter egg.

    Give me back

    Verse 1:

    Hey, to the girl
    Wearing that gorgeous dress
    I know we’ve fought times before
    But then you walked out the door.

    Verse 2:

    Inside my mind
    She will be back some time
    Maybe out to get her cool
    But she never came home


    You walked out of my life so fast, I just stared
    My heart you took with you from my chest you tear
    I don’t know what I’d do without you my dear
    I guess I’ll just sing this song so you can hear


    That you’re just a big heart breaker
    You can’t tell you’re and your apart
    You’re just a huge clueless baker
    That left college right when it start
    I still love you, you heart wrecker
    But you’re just a big heart breaker
    Should’ve just left you from the start
    So give me back my poor ol’ heart

    Verse 3:

    It’s been four months
    Since the last I saw you
    Do you still think about me?
    Cause I don’t think about you.



    You walked out of my life so fast, I just stared
    My heart you took with you from my chest you tear
    I don’t know what I’d do without you my dear
    I guess I’ll just sing this song so you can hear


    That *you’re just a big heart breaker
    You can’t tell you’re and your apart
    You’re just a huge clueless baker
    That left college right when it start
    I still love you, you heart wrecker
    But you’re just a big heart breaker
    Should’ve just left you from the start
    So give me back my poor ol’ heart

    Repeat From *


      1. Kerry Charlton

        This is great Raf, the repeats and the chorus work so well together. Best lines:

        Should’ve just left you from the start
        So give me back my poor old heart.

  28. LunaShrimp

    This Little Game

    I’m broken and bleeding
    My feelings for you are finally receding
    Good job sweetheart, you did the best
    At attempting to make me a mess

    I was hard from the start
    But you just went and broke my heart
    Soft, just like a fire
    Gotta find myself another buyer

    Still, I have to ask, was I worth it?
    Was what we had just a bet to you?
    As you flaunt your money to your friends,
    I hope one day they decide
    They will screw you over too

    We met that hot summer day
    I was tossing rocks into the bay
    You were grinning ear to ear
    Jumping heights without fear

    Those were innocent days
    You and I, we never seemed to part ways
    But it was just a game
    A cruel quest you played with my name

    My heart was the final gift
    You tried to make my whole world shift
    I fell too hard, too fast
    Sweet words and empty promises the only things to last

    Still, I have to ask, was I worth it?
    Was what we had just a bet to you?
    As you show off your achievements,
    I hope that one day they decide
    to leave you, just like you left me.

    You left me broken and bleeding,
    I was hurting, but now I want to leave you pleading
    Wanting for the mercy only I would provide
    But guess what? My love for you has gone and died

    So I’m done with your games, my dear
    Launch yourself into the upper atmosphere
    So I never have to see you again
    This won’t be a game you can win.

      1. Kerry Charlton

        Oh, that’s a real biting song. Your description and laments are high power along with the regrets he writes about. I would love to hear Willie sing it, why don’t you send it to him.

  29. Tryan587

    I built you up, you tore me down.
    I gave you light, you gave me darkness.
    I starved and hungered for more than food.
    I starved for love, I starved for something new.
    You starved to abuse.

    Then I found my way.
    No more being locked up.
    No more chains holding me in place.
    No more violence, and no early grave.
    Today’s my freedom day!

    Rush to pack, going before you even notice that I’m gone.
    I’ve put up with it for far too long.
    I’m never turning back.
    Moving on to just where I belong

    Then I found my way.
    No more being locked up.
    No more chains holding me in place.
    No more violence, and no early grave.
    Today’s my freedom day!

    One more battle for the crowds.
    Few more cracks and whacks around.
    Make it good so you can remember the smile on my face.
    There may be tears, but today they are out of place.
    This is all you’re going to get, you’ve got one last hit.

    Then I’ll find my way.
    No more being locked up.
    No more chains holding me in place.
    No more violence, and no early grave.
    Today’s my freedom day!

    Oh yes, you can’t take that smile away.
    Today’s my freedom day.
    I’ll never go through this again.
    I’m stronger now than I’ve ever been.
    Ohhh yes, because today’s my freedom day and I have truly found my way.

  30. rlk67

    One Slow Song

    You had a secret, I never did guess.
    I’d sing AC/DC, and you’d like me less.
    That smile, that sigh. I had it all wrong,
    You always just wanted a Neil Diamond song.

    I smashed three guitars, and you’d say I’m the man,
    But inside your head you just heard Steely Dan,
    I screamed out my lungs as I sang more Van Halen,
    You hummed with The Carpenters through all my wailin’.

    I wrote this one slow song, I’m thinking of you,
    If I knew you would leave me, I’d ditch Motley Crue,
    Your smile’s so gentle, I need that today,
    I’ll sing Johnny Mathis and Robert Goulet.

    When I formed my own group, I could tell something’s off,
    You read my song “Death House” and started to cough.
    You then said goodbye and I went quite insane,
    As you whispered James Taylor’s hit “Fire and Rain”.

    I wrote this one slow song, ’cause you I can’t lose,
    I’ll play Neil Sedaka and sing Pablo Cruise.
    Metallica’s nothing compared to your song,
    Just come back and teach me and I’ll sing along.

    Every Sha-la-la-laaaa……

    1. ReathaThomasOakley

      Loved the way you told the story through all the groups/singers. Especially liked the AC/DC Neil Diamond verse. What a study of contrasts.

      1. Kerry Charlton

        You know I got goose bumps on this one, it really moved me .I’d sure like to hear it set to music. You know there’s a chance someone going to come along and hack off with all these lyrics, damn,

  31. Kaboosh

    (Decided to get a little crafty with this and write a Shakespearean soliloquy. I apologize in advance.)

    Thy eyes w’re like sapphires the night thee left
    Shining dimly as thee fad’d from view
    And aft’r thee hadst gone I felt bereft
    Since then mine life hast felt a dram askew
    Mine heart is what thee did steal hence from me
    Fie! I am a pond without its gudgeon
    I walk alone while thee hides in the trees
    A stone, I am, within thy mighty dungeon
    Thy body is a delicate flower
    My burning touch makes thee with’r away
    Thou art Rapunzel inside of your tower
    Thee cut thy hair and left me to decay
    The world is grateful for thy fine visage
    A gleaming gem deep down in the Earth’s crust
    I am unworthy of thy holy touch
    Mine hand, on yours, turns from flesh into dust
    Tis hard for me to ‘rase thee from my mind
    For my sour mem’ries art ever so sweet
    But I shall leave mine depressed self behind
    And anon, sit silently in defeat.

    1. ReathaThomasOakley

      You nailed it! Even if you were being “crafty” the metaphor of cutting the hair is excellent. I truly enjoyed the poem and appreciated the effort.

      1. Kerry Charlton

        And so did I, thought it beautiful and certainly appropriate for music. I’m am so impressed with everyone’s lyrics. And especially this one.

  32. jhowe

    It was all I could do to make you love me,
    Sometimes it’s not enough for you to stay.
    But praying in the church on Sunday morning,
    Don’t change the fact that you’re still away.

    I get up each day and go through the motions,
    Jump in my old pickup truck and ride.
    I cry each time I drive by Kramer Station,
    Where you set my memories aside.

    I see your face at all our favorite places,
    I touch your lips but soon they fade away.
    The teardrops fall and people look right past me,
    Pretending that a grown man feels no pain.

    I drink away the hours at Grady’s Roadhouse,
    Til closing time and then I walk outside.
    The sidewalk leads me right past Kramer Station,
    Where you set my memories aside.

      1. Kerry Charlton

        Put the music to it John, this is a great country song. I wish I could erase what I wrote it doesn’t belong here. Damn, where’s the eraser?

  33. theexcitedquestion

    Once upon a time
    Isn’t what it was
    Wouldn’t give a dime
    To hear your because

    Glass after glass
    pain after pain
    Drunk off my ass
    With nothing to gain

    Passion that burned
    Ended in a thousand scars
    You think I would’ve learned
    This love ends behind bars

    Glass after glass
    pain after pain
    Drunk off my ass
    With nothing to gain

    Don’t come near me
    Vision’s bluring
    I can’t seem to stand still
    Words evade me
    Price I’m paying
    I can’t seem to find my fill

    Glass after glass
    pain after pain
    Drunk off my ass
    With nothing to gain

    Glass after glass
    Drunk off my ass

  34. ReathaThomasOakley

    No, no, no, no this prompt is guaranteed to bring out a side of me, successfully hidden for years.
    Apologies all around, but there may be more.

    I hung up my apron behind
    the kitchen door last night
    headed off to the juke joint
    even though it ain’t right
    for a mama to leave her
    children, alone, outta sight,
    but, baby, this is what you
    deserve, so I had to fight
    them gals down at Big O’s
    and make you see the light.

    Now you’re home where you
    belong, doing what’s right
    wearing my old apron,
    even though it’s tight,
    but soon baby, with this diet I got
    you on, it’s gonna fit just right,
    then you’re gonna thank me for going
    down to Big O,s juke joint last night.

      1. Kerry Charlton

        Hey Reatha, Whoee Whoee. the Reatha babe has dropped her shell. Damn, I knew it was in there somewhere, I could sense it. I won’t tell, I promise but you gotta write more like this, let your hair down babe!


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