Bribing An IRS Agent

There’s a knock on the door. It’s an IRS agent who has come to your house to audit your taxes. Knowing that you fudged a few numbers on your forms, you decide to attempt to bribe the agent. Much to your surprise, it’s working, but things take an peculiar turn when the agent makes an odd request. Write this scene.

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232 thoughts on “Bribing An IRS Agent

  1. kathleenmagner

    Dale peered through the windshield. “Are you sure this is the place?”

    With her finger poised beneath the address provided by the surveillance packet resting on her crossed knee, Jodie eyed the columned mansion on the approaching block. “142 Sycamore.”

    The street name matched the sign they’d passed at the last intersection in the gated community and the digits glittered in silver on the perimeter wall. An arcing driveway cut between twin posts, around a manicured lawn, and by the marble steps leading up to a front door of stained glass and lacquered wood.

    Stone and ivy made up the rest of the three-story manse. Windows peeked out between leaves and inky shutters, each doused despite the coming dusk, and a pair of chimneys sprouted from either end of the roof waiting for colder weather to set in.

    Pulling alongside the scrubbed sidewalk, Dale stopped beneath the shade of a broad maple in burning autumn hues. “Want me to come with you?”

    Jodie slipped the intelligence Max had harvested into the briefcase nestled at her heels. “Do I ever?”

    “This is the biggest we’ve tried. It might be difficult.”

    “Last night doesn’t change anything.”

    “Maybe not for you.”

    She stiffened and glowered at him from the passenger seat. “You think I’ve lost my touch?”

    “Your touch is just fine.” Dale smirked but seriousness waded in his dark eyes. Around the steering wheel, his knuckles grew taut. “You don’t get this kind of money by being nice.”

    Jodie glanced at the mansion. “None of them are nice, Dale.”

    “Vern shows off what he’s got. He pays for this place’s security. Maybe cameras too. Or Dogs. The whole detail.”

    “And that means he’s willing to put out when he thinks it matters.” Squaring her shoulders beneath her trim blazer, Jodie set her fingertips on the door’s handle. “Same plan as always?”

    Dale had his phone out before she realized one of his hands had left the wheel. “Your backup will be here.”

    He settled into the driver’s seat, his gaze following her even as she exited into the chilly afternoon.

    Winds whipped around her pantyhose and up her knee-high skirt, ruffling the hem and working along the v-neck of her silken blouse. Jodie didn’t bother buttoning up her blazer to ward off the cold. Instead, she squeezed the briefcase’s handle and passed through the driveway’s pillars.

    Her heels made a disconcerting pop on the asphalt. When she mounted the stairs, topiaries shaped like golf balls loomed on either side. Shrugging off their floral gaze, Jodie planted herself on the bristled welcome mat. While threads crunched and snapped under her shifting soles, she peered past her diamond face and no-nonsense pixie cut reflected in the glass, her blue eyes aimed on the foyer.

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