Animal Revolution

You were out running in the woods when you fell down and hit your head. You wake up to find yourself in a dark hole, surrounding by small woodland creatures who are talking amongst themselves excitedly. You realize that you can understand what they are saying, and they are all suggesting different ways to kill you. The rabbits suggest putting you in a large trap, the fox suggests letting you go and chasing you down, etc. Write this scene.

Post your response (500 words or less) in the comments below.

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6 thoughts on “Animal Revolution

  1. kathleenmagner

    “Did you see the bumper shhhticker?”

    Adam stirred at the unfamiliar stutter.

    “Yeah,” said another voice, one disconcertingly close to his ear. “Wabbit Season.”

    Adam opened one eye, then the other. Gray clouds peeked through the canopy of pine and autumnal maples, the branches and leaves rustling in time with his head’s throb. Needles and cones poked his shoulders, back, and butt, the ground hard and cold. Dried sweat coated his skin and at a gust, he shivered.

    “Who’s there?”

    Searching for the speakers, Adam swiveled his head. He came nose to nose with a white tailed bunny sitting on his haunches, front paws clasped into marshmallow fists, whiskers twitching.

    “Finally, it shhhtopped sssleeping.”

    A squirrel leaped from a granite mound where Adam thought the stuttering had come from. He landed with a crunch of dried earth, and straightened, shoulders square, his tail arched above his head like a crooked finger.

    Adam chuckled but winced when his head pulsed. “Must have been one hell of a fall.”

    He lifted his hand but something kept his armed pinned. Craning his neck, Adam found silken threads wrapped around his wrists, the lace twining with the cords across his chest. More crisscrossed his shorts and bare shins. His sneakers poked out of the steel-strong gauze, mud spatters from the puddle he remembered running through right before he tripped, staining the rubber. He wiggled his feet, but they moved impotently against the air and caused a herd of spiders to skitter.

    After a fruitless thrash, Adam sought the speakers once more. “What the hell is this?”

    “An intervention, human.”

    Hoof steps preceded a doe-eyed deer. She halted at his head, neck arched as she gazed at him.

    A stag decked with a rack of antlers worthy of the lodge’s wall appeared at her side. He snorted, and Adam scrunched his face when droplets smacked his cheeks.

    “You are too gentle, Doe.”

    Adam gaped as the stag spoke, and kept quiet when the deer peered down at him, the faint light twinkling on sharpened prongs.

    “You heard what Squirrel and Rabbit saw.”

    Squirrel flicked his tail. “He drives one of those SssssUVssss too.”

    Adam scowled at the smaller critter. “How do you know that?”

    “We’re not stupid,” said Rabbit.

    “Just crafty.” A fox padded out from under a nearby bush and sat at Adam’s feet. He licked his paw and Adam began feeling less trapped and more like the evening’s meal by the way the fox’s amber eyes gleamed.

    He squirmed against the silken cords. “I don’t understand. I don’t understand any of this.” Still pinned, he slumped and panted. “How are you talking? Why are you holding me?”

    Adam glared around the surrounding ring, waiting for someone to answer.

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  2. Nareik98

    I awoke but for some strange reason, my eyes remained closed. I immediately felt an enormous pulsing pain in my head. When I went to move my arm to tend to the wound, my eyes opened I found that all my limbs were bound down by thick ropes. What was even more concerning that this was the fact that I was lying in a forest clearing surrounded by nearly 100 woodland animals, all staring intently at me.
    A small squirrel quivered and spoke, “What do we do? It’s alive!” it spoke in a high pitched, irritating voice and yet somehow, I was not alarmed by the fact it could talk.
    “Calm down now, we needed it alive, remember.” reassured a long badger. The badger had a deeper, refined voice and spoke eloquently, with purpose. I cleared it’s throat before turning to me, “Excuse me! Hi! Yes, hello. Allow me to introduce myself sir; I am Professor Colin but you can call me Colin.” he paused, as if expecting a response from me. I tried to reply but found my mouth was perfectly dry. “Yes. Well, anyway,” he continued, “We are most sorry for bringing you here under such… Sudden circumstances, but we had to do something. About what, you ask?” he said, as if reading my mind, “About you. Well, not you specifically, but your kind. Humans, of course! Yes, for thousands of years they have slowly been establishing themselves as the dominant race, polluting us, killing us,destroying our homes and so on, and frankly, we won’t stand for it anymore! We are sick and tired of playing second fiddle to a bunch of narsasisstic, pretentious, greedy fools!” At this point I felt compelled to speak up, and wishe myself to stand up to… The badger. Colin. And yet, I still failed in my efforts.
    “So, why are you here? Well, my friends and I are basically planning to use you to help exterminate the majority of the human population.” he said with a light smirk. I scoffed at this remark, expecting him to laugh and explain his joke. He didn’t. He remained deadly serious. “Yes, you laugh now but let me put this another way. You will help us, or we will kill you. Your choice.”
    I looked around at the scenary surrounding me – hundreds upon hundreds of trees malting in the autumn sun, stretching as far as the eye could see. The forest floor was littered with leaves of yellow and orange complexion without any path in sight. Long story short, I was trapped.
    I turned back to the sinister looking badger, scanning similar expressions on the faces of the other animals providing an audience to my capture. I composed myself before taking a breath and softly saying the words, “Ok. I’ll do it.”

    1. Nareik98

      Any comment would be appreciated – this is my first story type post on here! I know there are a few mistakes e.g. I cleared it’s throat etc. and telling you the squirrel spoke before and after its dialogue.
      I would’ve corrected those but was rushed and on a portable device! Anywho, any improvements, compliments or criticisms would be really useful for me!

  3. bilbobaggins321

    I woke up in a daze, stars going about my head. I see I am in a dark hole, possibly underground. Wait a second? A dark hole underground? I jolt up in a sitting position, still partly drowsy.
    “What the…”
    All of a sudden, a sharp voice broke in.
    “He’s awake!” I heard the sound of rushing feet, and soon enough, a huge parade of animals were in front of me. Pigs, geese, ducks, chickens, turkeys, frogs, chipmunks, rabbits, foxes, you name it. They all closely gathered around my lying body, and were discussing something.
    “First, let’s cut his head off with an axe,” the chickens announced. “Then, we should grind the rest of his body into meat!” They started laughing hysterically.
    “I agree with you guys,” the pigs said next. “Let’s turn this guy into pepperoni!”
    All of the animals started laughing. I couldn’t see what they would be laughing about, but then I realized it.
    They were going to kill me. And I could understand what they were saying.
    I must be crazy, I concluded. I must be crazy. No one can hear animals talking.
    Plus, they were talking about chopping my head off and gutting me. I had to get out of here.
    I tried to get up, but my legs were tied to the floor. I tell you, these elastic bands were the strongest material on earth. I wrenched and tugged, but nothing happened. I finally accepted that I was not leaving this underground hell just yet, and I was pretty confident I could beat up a rabbit or two on my way out.
    However, there was definitely more than two rabbits. There were hundreds, and they were armed.
    I saw in their hands little lighters and thorny twigs. Uh-oh.
    I was now afraid for my life. They would most certainly kill me if I didn’t do something.
    Now, the frogs spoke up. “You’ve got it all wrong, cutting off the head. You need to cut off his legs!”
    “Who said anything about cutting anything off,” the rabbits interjected. “Let’s just put him in a large cage?”
    “I agree with the rabbits on that one,” the birds said. “Now who will be the master!”
    I looked around at the animals quabbling on what method to kill me with. I was pretty sure I was hallucinating, but the animals looked so real. I had to get out of here, but I’m sure that the little rabbit ninjas disagreed with me. I realized I needed to say my mind to these assassins.
    “Please don’t kill me,” I said. “I have a wife and children to take care of!”
    The animals looked at me quizzically, as if they thought I wouldn’t speak.
    “We don’t care about your wife and children. This is an animal revolution, and we aim to kill of as many dirty humans as possible!” All of the animals cheered loudly, blasting my eardrums.
    I looked around. It couldn’t be possible. It couldn’t. And yet it was. These hundreds of animals had stitched together a plan to kill of humans for good, and they intended to carry it out. Beginning with me.

  4. bilbobaggins321

    I was just running along the cobblestone path infested with weeds outside my house. I live in the countryside, just outside a massive forest, and every morning it delights me to go for a nice jog in the dawning sun. As I rounded a bend, I gazed around at the light filtering through the branches. Beautiful. I knew that moving to the country instead of the smog-filled metropolis was a good idea. There was almost nobody else living in the area, except for the animals, and they didn’t bother us as long as we didn’t bother them. But that was the weird thing. There were no animals in sight. I slowed to a stop, looking around curiously. I couldn’t even hear a bird singing. That was certainly unusual, seeing that the forest was full of chatter most times I went out. I continued running, though. I didn’t figure that anything was wrong. Look at how stupid I was then! I mean, come on! No animals in a forest! Helloooooo!? But anyways, I was almost back to the house. I had been out for about an hour, because I usually take the path that goes through the middle of the forest. I crossed the small stream I named Herold Spring after my father, and then I began on the home stretch to our backyard. I was running along, breathing heavily, then all of a sudden my left foot caught on a little string. A trip wire. I fumbled, swinging my arms wildly in a futile attempt to keep balance. I failed. My chin banged down on the hard gravel, and then everything went black.

  5. newwriter

    “Oh my god, where the devil am I?” I had been running down the side of the road near my house and I remember falling and hitting my head but this….. the animals in this hole are talking about killing me. I can’t be a part of their scheme to kill me. I have to figure a way to get out of this underground madness.
    I begin to search for an exit, but much to my surprise there isn’t one, not the first window or door. The animals are gaining on me in number to the point that I am becoming afraid for my life. It is like the methods that they have all been killed on earth they are now plotting to use against me… I will join forces with them and help them learn to kill others that fall into this hole.


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