A Sword Fight Without Swords

The year is 3014, and you are on an intergalactic out to protect your planet. During your final battle, you cross paths with the leader of the opposing forces. It ends with the two of you in a sword fight, only problem is instead of swords you are both using (fill in the blank). Write this scene.

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324 thoughts on “A Sword Fight Without Swords

  1. Eyress123

    They began boarding our vessel. Those intergalactic criminals storming in like a swarm. Their captain approaches me with a threatening appeal. “I demand you turn over your ship.” I look at him in disbelief. “You can’t be serious.” But he is… “Where is my crew and I supposed to go if we surrender?” “I have not thought that through…” I raise an eyebrow at his incompetence. “You shall leave on the emergency transports.” “Pssh, like we could all fit in the six mini ships.” “If you shall not surrender, we shall duel.” I watch him whip out his ladle. I scoff. “Hmmph, then shall be it.” I pull mine from my belt and we get into our battle stances. He strikes first, but I quickly retaliate. I swipe at his chest, but he blocks my attack. We go on for several long minuets when he manages to knock my ladle from my hand. My eyes widen in shock. He approaches. “Do you surrender yet, Captain?” He says captain in a mocking manner. “Alas, it seems I have no choice…” I lower my arms and grab my secret weapon. My trusty spatula. I hear him gasp slightly before I attack. I lash out, not giving him the chance to retaliate between blocks. I smack his hand, causing him to drop his soup-serving-sword. “Now, do YOU surrender?” He lowers his head and calls for his men to leave my ship. I smile in triumph. He speaks one last time to me before leaving. “Next time, Captain.” He spits out then he and his crew leave back to their ship. My crew and I cheer then return to our business prior to the attack; preparing food for the intergalactic cook-off.

  2. brandonsdgva

    There I am in a fist vs.knife fight.The ruler of the other group has a knife and i am using my fists.”tuga huya majo”the ruler says.That means surrender.I yell back “tulksa”(never).As he slashes across my face I block the slash.I jabbed hum in the through and kicked him right where it hurts.Since he is on the ground injured,that gives me a advantage to attack.I grab his wrist and disarm him of his knife.I turn the knife on him while he is pinned to the ground.As i go in for the finish attack he spined kicked me and i fell to the ground.As he goes in for the attack I hit him in the temple.I grab the knife again and ask him,”any last words ?””Dre kuma” he yells.As I avenge and win the battle.

  3. jamalsdgva

    I infiltrate the enemy’s palace.
    “I’ve been waiting for you”, said the emperor
    “Well I guess you’ve been waiting to die”, I exclaimed then i rush at him and reach for my sword only to find that I don’t have it. I stop thinking pf what I can use to defend myself.
    “No sword I see” says the emperor ” fine i won’t us eon either.
    I sigh in exhaustion thinking “great”. But the next thing I know there is a fist in my face. It sends me to the floor.
    “Cheep shot”, I exclaimed
    I get up and it’s a full on fist fight. After several minutes of fighting I’m tired of it.
    “One of us need to finish this”
    “I agree”, said the Emperor in a squeaky voice.
    He presses a button on the chair and the floor breaks up into a circle surrounded by lava. The Emperor gets me cornered and I fall in.
    So he thought. The emperor is pushed from behind and then he realized he was fighting a machine.
    “Curse you”, The Emperor said as he fell to his doom.

  4. monetsdgva

    I ask, “Where is your sword at?”

    Opponent says, “Swords have been outdated since before we were born.”

    I say, “Funny thing is I don’t have one either.”

    I say, “Let the battle begin!”

    Automatically without no hesitation they both pull out their fingers and began fighting. It was back and forth, both of them were grunting. They got tired, fell to the ground and at the same time said, “I surrender.” Very tired-like.
    The battle had ended and they both died from exhaustion.
    THE END!!!!!!

  5. gconradjr

    The river wound round Alatic Mountains, leading straight to their camp. Three hundred years of warring, now to be decided in one final moment. We’d surprised them, and fear was palpable as we descended to the ground. They must’ve learned of their armada’s defeat, but no matter. All things die, and their fate was no different.

    The battle was short, bloody. As I stepped over eye balls and fingers still twitching he appeared, as a ghost, on my left. Through the scorched and torn remains of his uniform the insignia was barely visible. But it was him, without doubt. “Shokhan!” I cried, naming my foe. “It is time to end this. Time to die.”

    “Nay,” he called, as men and women of both sides circled us. “We end this the right way. The way of Truth.” With that he threw down his sword and stripped to his skivvies.

    Finally, a battle worthy of Time himself, I thought, throwing down my arms and removing my clothes. It would be of the old way–the way of energy.

    I felt my Chi rise up and started to glow indigo. His aura was blood red, and our first clash sent purple showers of lethal gammas scattering. He was old, yet still strong. The difference between us was that this was my home. To overcome me he would have to deal with the earth as well.

    He flashed up to my left, trying to crush me from above. I slid underneath him, asking earth to throw me upwards. She obliged, and with the push I felt a call from her, rising up from deep within the bowels of a molten core: finish this.

    I thrust up and out, using the ancient ways my Master had shown my child form. Much as the heel of a stiletto holds the power of weight, so too I pushed, forming my thought-energy into a point and pierced his aura, thrusting into the femur of his left leg. Finding the marrow of his life, I implanted the idea that it could now cease to be living.

    The effects were immediate. The earth pulled his energy down, creating a momentary gravity vortex that shook the surrounding ground. As I looked down at his body, his hand raised up, beckoning. His face was serene, and amazingly, he was holding the weight of death still below his waist. The concentration and awareness of self it took for such a feat was enormous, only attainable by the greatest of Masters. In this moment, I knew without a doubt that he had let me win.

    Dumbfounded I looked down to him as, fading fast, he whispered, “I was wrong. You deserve this planet.”

    “Yes, you were,” I replied, a twinge of sadness touching my eyes as he gave his soul over to me. His Book of Life was astoundingly beautiful. Truly, I thought, as I sank to the ground and sobbed, I had defeated the worthiest of foes.

  6. Doug Langille


    We’re not made for this damp shit and neither is our tech, thought Gil. What is it, 325 Kelvin? He took his smart-helmet off and leaned forward with his hands on his knees, the sweat pouring off his brow, adding to the soupy brackish swamp. Grabbing a cooling towel from the field-kit, he patted his face dry and popped a hydration supplement. It was a poor substitute for the cool glass of water back home, but the electrolyte cocktail did its job. He dried the inside of his headgear as best he could, careful of the sensors and heads-up display. This’ll have to do. Time to finish this or there’ll be no home at all let alone simple comforts.

    Gil put the helmet back on, flicked the seal, and he was momentarily disoriented with the pressure change as the bio-filters busily hummed back to life. He looked around him at the stand of bamboo-like forest; it towered and yawned exactly the same in every direction. The sky brightened as the second sun started to crest the horizon. I’ve about an hour to find him.

    Several trees to his right erupted in flame. Well, that was easy.

    “Good morning, General,” shouted Gil to the greenery. “A little hot for a barbeque, isn’t it?”

    “It’s time to turn yourself in, Gil,” said the General as he entered the clearing.

    “I’ll not be a party to genocide.”

    “It’s not your call. You follow orders.”

    “To Hell with your orders.”

    “Of that, there is no doubt,” he said and lowered his weapon.

    That was Gil’s cue. He drew and fired only to find his blaster fizzling and failing with the humidity.

    The General laughed. “I guess we settle this the old-fashioned way,” he said as he picked up a length of bamboo with a jagged tip and advanced towards his prey.

    Gil cast his useless weapon aside with a splash and searched the slurry at his feet. His hands found a short baton of a branch and swung it around to meet the General’s overhand blow. The branch broke, only slowing the strike as it connected. The General’s momentum pushed him backwards into a dangerous deadfall, barely missing being impaled.

    Reaching behind him, Gil grabbed a strong shaft of bamboo and gained his feet. He let loose a primal cry and charged the General, swinging the staff like a bat. It hit its mark and it was his foe’s turn to eat swamp. Gil, breathing heavily, stood over his quarry and swung again. The General rolled away and thrust up with his own spear, catching Gil between the plates of his armour and entering deep beneath his ribs.

    The heat and sting of the stab was immediate. Gil’s suit compensated with the healing salve and analgesic, but that was only a stop-gap against the inevitable infection. Not yet, you bastard, he thought and spun away, trying to disarm the General. The spear came loose and Gil howled.

    The General stood, swung his spear underhand and struck Gil’s staff, snapping it in half, the split shards of the bamboo extending dangerously from each hand. Gil jutted his arms up quickly, the sharp ends of his broken stick entering the General’s throat and face from the underside of his helmet, splattering it with blood. He looked at Gil in bewilderment and died.

    He left his former master to rot and started his trek back to the rendezvous. Gil was the General now. Things will be different. They have to be.

  7. PromptPrincess13

    Way too late with this one but I’m keeping with my New Years resolution. Was rushing so not very good, but at last keeping with my resolutions!


    Frearia is the coldest place in the galaxy, the air so stinging just breathing can hurt. Just thinking can hurt. Warmth is unknown. It is an unexplainable, unfathomable phenomenon that simmers just under the surface of all stories. The people of Frearia crave the feeling of heat upon their faces, the flush of excitement that can warm your insides. They don’t feel the cold, they don’t feel at all; they are void of emotion, ice sculptures in motion. They don’t know what heat is, they’ve never felt it, but they crave it nevertheless. They crave feeling.

    It wasn’t always this way. Frearia used to be a place that was…alive. The people were joyous and free, with reverberating energy coursing throughout everything did.

    Azalea King stared down the one who had taken all of that away, straight blue hair staying staunchly by her shoulders despite the ferocious wind. She narrowed almond eyes, her delicately chiseled face revealing her inner strength for just a moment. She raised her arm, trying to force her muscles, stiff from the cold leeching away her strength, into action.

    She struck hard and fast, fatal accuracy cutting away the detached loneliness that had haunted her for months. Years. She wielded her weapon towards her opponent, dutifully keeping her eyes away from the silvery-blue scaled face that taunted her every move and her every thought. It would only take one moment, one look into those glazed eyes to lose total control.

    It all came down to this. This was Azalea’s last chance, to save herself. To save her planet.

    She raised her spear, wrapped with gleaming strands of gold, the light pulsing like a heartbeat, growing stronger the more Azalea opened herself to life. The more Azalea started to feel.

    In one quick swoop, her spear shot out and shattered through the gleaming steal encasing her opponent’s legs. Azalea advanced upon the mound of silvery light swirling about her enemy’s shattered armor.

    She raised her spear once more, the light’s scintillation transforming into a wild beat of energy. This wasn’t just the end, it was the beginning. The rebirth of a race and of a planet. The rebirth of life and the will to live.

  8. PGS

    The Galaxy invasion began slowly. Gollum scientists, on Uxntidy, (on the outer edge of Orion), were finding inter stellar signals cutting out more frequently. It took centuries to realize these signal interruptions coincided with solar system changes and catastrophic environmental events. Compiling multitudes of data, historians’ estimate that Andromeda’s invasions may have begun a century ago. Intergalactic communications were primitive in the 29th and 30th centuries and governing agencies had not yet learned to efficiently share information.

    I however can tell you the exact moment outright war began. New Year’s Eve, 3010. I had been reelected director of Information Collection and Dissemination, (ICD). It happened at exactly 11:59.30 ECT (Earth Central Time). The ball was dropping in Times Square, when everything went dark. I don’t mean Jullia’s party, or the town, or the state or Earth. The Galaxy went dark. Just for a minute, in that minute damage was done. Oxygen levels decreased, killing humans and vegetation. Oceans and lakes began to freeze. Worse The Unit stopped functioning! Manual Override kicked in, but a minute was all it took. There was galaxy wide destruction, we had been attacked.

    The ICD had been preparing for this. Galactic intelligence estimated that an Andromeda would attack sometime during 3050. We were wrong. They were a primitive society functioning solely on computer and robotics, discounting humans as irrelevant. The IDC had been working with other agencies to circumvent their computers and identify their server. A virus had been developed to seek out the server and misdirect or redirect potential attack signals. However, for every virus we developed to counter an invasion, they would modify and attempt to reinvade. Some of these invasions had succeeded in causing damages. For that reason the manual/human override system was installed in The Unit, the Galaxy server.
    In 2290 we learned giving total control over to technology was not wise. The ICD worked with galaxy agencies to establish robotic and human interdependence. The Unit, capable of analyzing and processing data fast and efficiently, is able to learn from data gathered, (use information to gain information.) The addition of manual override allowed the ICD to control how all the data and information would be utilized and disseminated in specific circumstances. This attack was one of those circumstances.

    At exactly 12:00.30 ECT I activated the APP, gaining access to The Unit, initiating manual override, reestablishing normal settings and neutralizing their virus. By 12:03.30, 12:06.30, 12:09.30 I had countered and reversed their second, third and fourth attacks. My next attack, at 12:10.14, was a direct hit on the Andromeda main frame. Their 12:12.30 attack showed substantial distortions. My 12:14. 04 attack, another direct hit, resulted in .0015 degree particle readings emanating from the Andromeda galaxy, and no 12:15.30 attack.

    An Uxntidy convoy, deployed for a recovery mission would collect what remained. ICD special committees were formed to increase The Unit’s prediction and detection capabilities. Taking a sip from my Champaign glass, it was time to celebrate a new year and new challenges.

  9. Ahsuniv

    I watched wordlessly, through the billowing smoke, as the commander of Planet Kersi got to his feet with a defiant grin. The only reason I survived was because an opponent had accidentally pushed me into a deep crater just before the nuclear blast. Perhaps Kersi’s commander too had been hiding in a crater. I looked around and saw that all the weapons were lost in the rubble from the nuclear blast.

    The war had been raging for more than a fortnight. The most recent blast had killed the few soldiers that were left. A mix of his men and mine were strewn around the ground and a lot of them were blown out of the gravitational range of Yurovi, which was not very wide. The ones far off floated weightlessly, while the others floated closer to the surface, spiraling along with the howling winds uncertainly. They reminded me of the republic day parade, back home, that my father used to take me to watch when I was little. All those helium inflated, rubber men, tied down by ropes to prevent them from floating astray. Only here, these were real men and there were no ropes binding them down. A shiver ran through my spine.

    The authorities of Earth and Kersi had made a pact before the war which stated that the war would take place on planet Yurovi in order to prevent the slaughter of innocents. Yurovi didn’t have any life on it and it was placed far enough from Earth, as well as from Kersi. It also had the best possible conditions for war in comparison to other planets.

    The nuclear blasts from the war caused the gaseous emissions from Yurovi’s surface to multiply manifold and the commander couldn’t see me. He obviously thought that he had won. He looked around with delight and started to make his way towards his control ship. Probably to declare the end of the war.

    I wondered how I would tackle him without any weapons. It would be foolish to attack him with bare hands. For all I knew, he could have a weapon hidden up his sleeve.

    Right then, something smacked my head from behind forcing the breath out of my lungs. I looked to the side and saw that it was the body of one of my soldiers, Mac, I think his name was. He was spiraling uncontrollably in the wind, which was now picking up speed. Without thinking, I grabbed Mac’s ankle and with all my strength, accompanied by the force of the wind, I pelted him towards the enemy. Mac smacked the commander squarely and he fell to the ground. Mac fell lifelessly next to the commander. It’s a lot better than floating up above, soldier, I thought and saluted him. The commander got up, out of breath. Before I could react, he flipped back, grabbing a corpse of his own that was shooting down in the wind, that of a bulky man, and brought him down on my head.

    Okay, he does not have a weapon hidden up his sleeve, I thought swaying on my feet. Forcing myself back to my senses, I ran sideways pulling another soldier whizzing by and threw him towards the commander. This time the corpse seemed to have done the trick. The commander sprawled unconscious on the ground with the corpse lying on top of him.

    I turned the corpse around and saw that it was one of Kersi’s soldier. I told him a silent thanks. I sat down next to the unconscious commander and made sure that he never woke up again.

  10. TEMiranda

    A salmon-looking fish from Xenar is all I have to defend myself against this angry Gorvelian with the swordfish-looking creature struggling in his hands.

    Underwater fighting has never been my strong suit. I almost failed that class at New England Battleship school because of my weak lungs back then. It was a pass-fail elective, a class no one took seriously possibly because there were only two planets in the whole known universe whose inhabitants are amphibious. Everyone took that class for an easy four credits.

    When I’d heard the military was setting up a mission to Xenar to “negotiate” food trade, I got nervous. The meaning of “negotiate” is different when dealing with people who have something we desperately need. Military force was always used to pressure these talks, and I thought my open dislike of underwater battle would surely have the commanding officers overlook my file. But after fifteen years and seven tours across several solar systems, my record was impeccable.

    Two years pass and negotiations are going south. It didn’t help that our recent political juggernauts have attempted stealing the food sources from the Gorvelian people of Xenar’s warmer regions. I understand Earth ran out of natural meats decades ago and the people are literally starving of natural proteins, but I can’t understand how our leaders would vote to steal from another intelligent civilization. Their excuse? “What harm is there in taking a fish or two?” was all President Karma had to say. But stealing two billion fish aggravated the entire planet. Needless to say, Xenar fresh fish instantly become a delicacy on Earth, one only found on the black market.

    Now I’m on a mission to evacuate all Earthlings from Xenar before “negotiations” come to an ugly end.
    My team has successfully saved all the diplomats and their families, without a single civilian human casualty. Most of my men are probably searching for me on the aircraft hovering above the Partinic Ocean; some have become fresh meat for this ocean’s carnivores. It has come down to just me and this Gorvelian with the swordfish in his hands.

    There is no avoiding this battle. This Gorvelian want’s to fight. He knows my rank and Earth’s intentions. He doesn’t want all his men to have died in vein. He’s faster, better at underwater fighting, and has gills to keep his lungs fully stocked. Only one of us will leave alive; my changes are minuscule.

    With my electric sword floating to the depths of the Partinic Ocean, my jet pack’s gas tank running on low, my air tank beeping in the red for the past two minutes, and a large salmon-looking fish in my hands, I nod to the Gorvelian to let him know I’m ready to fight for my life.

    At the same instant two things happen: something clamps down on my shoulders and tugs me upwards, and a burning pain emanates from my right side. When I hear the splashing of water and the roaring of the engines hovering over the ocean top, I’m suddenly aware of the long, narrow snout poking through my torso. The weaving wiring texture of my gel suit keeps the creature from slicing my body in half, but it doesn’t stop the sensation that it’s about to. Shots are fired and the animal’s flapping stops.

    Once I’m in the ship, I see the look on my men’s faces. It’s bad, really bad. Needles prick my legs, arms, and neck. I begin floating, flying, and imagine myself swimming with gills.

    “Sir, how do you feel?” someone asks.

    “I feel fine,” I push out. The hum of the engine stops and the bright blue sky turns black. My arms hang back over an edge, as if I’m lying on a bed. I open my hand and finally let the giant salmon fish fall to the floor.

    “You’ve been speared by what looks like a swordfish. We’re on our way back to the star fleet. Just hold on.”

    “Can you do one thing for me?” I say to the medic who puts on write rubber gloves and a mask. Two more masked people stand over me and lean in.

    “What is it sir?”

    I can feel my body sinking and my eyelids getting heavy. My stomach growls. “Please have a fish sandwich ready for me when I wake up. I haven’t had real meat in a very long time.”

  11. River Carlton

    The Invasion of Galna

    Arious was quickly becoming a desert planet. Water, the resource by which its inhabitant’s survived, was depleting. Galna, an oceanic planet overseen by a royal committee of elders and guarded by mind benders- beings with an inborn ability to harness the unconscious state and turn mental visions into powerful weapons, had to be conquered at any cost. (Because of the lack of water in Arious, the moist, gill-bodied skins of its inhabitants were failing to secrete the mucus essential for respiratory cells to function in their lungs.) Millions had died through the ions and without the bountiful living water of Galna extinction was certain.

    Melvik, the last of the mind benders, stood atop the tallest peak of Galna. His adversary Xathros, the chief prophet of planet Arious, along with his fighters, emerged from the ocean depths to face Melvik on the apex of the cliff. Melvik and the Xathros’ regimen waited for the setting of the third sun in the western horizon. Once darkness shrouded the landscape, the onset of war was to begin. Melvik’s mind began to drift into a deep, dreamlike trance just before the invaders positioned themselves in battle formation. In Melviks unconsciousness, a vision of a sword materialized. The sword was engulfed in white fire. From its point, thunderclaps echoed. Across the darkened sky, thunder shot heavenward. It was the power of the mind bender, and it meant victory for Galna.

    Xathros’ men advanced toward Melvik, but before the first of the warriors neared the mind bender, the rush of Xathros’ battalions halted. At once, in one single swing of his arms, hundreds of the brave fighters fell lifeless before Melvik’s feet. At times, Melvik appeared feeble in the sight of the Ariousean fighters, but Melvik felt strong because of the sword he wielded, a specter in the eyes of Xathro and his men. A sword with no substance; real only in the mind of Melvik- a force that evoked the might of a myriad of ruthless warriors. Once the sunrise of Galna’s first sun shone over the peaks and mighty seas did an endless waste land become visible to Melvik and Xathros. Both were the sole survivors of the conflict. At a close distance, both Melvik and Xathro eyed each other with a measure of esteem.

    Moments passed when the wind heralded the presence of Galna’s royal class upon the peaks of battle. A class of human-like immortals (beings adorned in precious gems and attired in pure white gowns) drifted in suspended animation near the rock surface between the two fighters . Due to the gallant struggle between the foes, the sovereign royalty of Galna declared an alliance between the two worlds. The inhabitants of Arious would be granted a generous amount of life saving water at the end of every solar orbit. In turn Melvik was to be reunited with his fellow mind benders in resurrected vitality. Peace between the races was forever established and both planets continued in harmonious balance.


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