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write a novel | how to write a novelNo matter what type of novel you want to write–horror, romance, science fiction, mystery, or fantasy–we have bundled some of the best books, webinars, and workshops together to help you write a novel. When you buy this month’s premium collection, 10 Essentials for Writing a Kick-Ass Novel, you will learn how to structure your novel and tell your story effectively, get the essential tools you need to start and finish a novel, and learn what editors and agents look for.

Learn How to Write A Fiction Novel With These Resources On Novel Writing

If your goal is to write a novel in a month, finish a novel, or simply learn how to write one, you’ll find the best advice and tips on novel writing in this premium collection which includes:

  • The Writer’s Compass: You’ll learn how to organize your story’s ideas and events through story mapping and the seven stages of writing. You’ll also receive tips on writing a novel, including, building your story’s structure, creating memorable characters, and developing crucial scenes.
  • The Plot Thickens: Write a novel that catches the attention of agents and editors! In this online writing webinar, author, editor, and literary agent Andrea Hurst discusses plot methods and story structure. She also explains the reasons why manuscripts are rejected and what agents look for in a story.
  • From First Draft to Finished Novel: Discover what it takes to write a novel from start to finish. You’ll learn the fundamentals of writing, including the basics of developing characters and plot, strategies for self-editing, and general guidelines for submitting your novel.
  • Start Your Story Right: When writing a story, it’s essential to craft a strong beginning that grabs the attention of readers and agents. Guest speaker and literary agent Sara Megibow discusses how to write strong opening scenes, examines common clichés and problems, and shares insight into what agents and editors look for.
  • Novel Shortcuts: Develop your story and turn an idea into an amazing novel—fast! Whether you are pressed for time or simply want to write a novel faster, you’ll explore time-saving strategies and tools for writing your first draft. You’ll also find practical exercises and comprehensive checklists to help you tackle the writing process.
  • Story Structure Architect: Author Victoria Lynn Schmidt explains how to structure a story, provides examples of dramatic situations, and explores helpful storytelling techniques.
  • Story Engineering: Discover the most effective ways to write a story, master the core competencies of storytelling and write a novel that sells with Story Engineering by author Larry Brooks. He examines the six core competencies of storytelling. You’ll explore concept, character, theme, story structure, scene construction, and voice.
  • Showing & Telling: Author Laurie Alberts takes an in-depth look at the two basic components of writing—scene and summary. Learn how to create natural transitions within scenes and gain a better understanding of showing and telling through practical exercises and examples.
  • How to Balance Showing and Telling: This online writing workshop teaches you how to develop a powerful narrative, maintain tension and conflict, and create memorable characters. Plus, learn how to show and when to tell.

Use the tools from this month’s premium collection and gain the confidence you need to write a kick-ass novel!

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