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Guide to Literary Agents Blog
by Chuck Sambuchino

GLA Editor Chuck Sambuchino keeps track of all news related to literary agents and writing conferences on his blog. Common features include agent interviews, new agency listings, agency profiles, upcoming conferences of interest, contests and other publishing opportunities, valuable writing resources, submission tips and information, and a blogroll of other agent blogs. Read Chuck’s Blog

There Are No Rules
by the editors of Writer’s Digest

Get on the cutting edge of today’s publishing trends and how authors can succeed in a world of fast-paced technological change, guided by the editors of Writer’s Digest. You’ll get an inside look at the work, play, and passion of the publishing business and find practical tools for success. Read There Are No Rules

Questions & Quandaries
by Brian Klems

Don’t know the difference between “who” and “whom”? Facing an ethical dilemma about accepting gifts from subjects? Let the informative (and humorous) columnist Brian A. Klems answer some of your most pressing grammatical, ethical, business and writing-related questions. Check out his advice and don’t hesitate to ask a question—your writing career will thank you. Read Brian’s Blog

Poetic Asides
by Robert Brewer

Published poet Robert Lee Brewer blogs on issues affecting poets from the poet’s perspective. As the editor of Writer’s Market, Brewer also shares insights on the publishing industry, especially as it relates to poetry and the poetry markets. He also explains poetic forms, interviews other published poets, and provides the occasional poetry prompt. Read Robert’s Blog

Taisha Cooke

Taisha Cooke: Poet Interview

It’s time for another Top 25 poet interview from the April PAD Challenge (playing a little catch up after the holiday season). For this round, we have Taisha Cooke, who wrote a short, but very effective poem titled “Bad Timing.” Taisha was born and currently resides in Philadelphia. After working on a degree in...


Got Rejection Dejection?

Are you singing the rejection blues because your book (or poem or screenplay) has been rejected by a publisher (or magazine or production company)? Here are some things to consider when your writing project has been rejected. 1. Are you being realistic enough about the quality of your writing? Giving your essay or play or...

De Jackson

De Jackson: Poet Interview

The next poet in our Top 25 series was actually cited in the previous interview: De Jackson. De has been around as long as I can remember on this blog, and she’s been an uplifting spirit–and I’ve personally witnessed her grow as a poet (hopefully she can say the same for me). De wanted...


Why Dogs Make Fun Writing Partners

A little less than four years ago, around the same time our youngest child was toilet-trained and sleeping (mostly) through the night, my husband and I took a bold step and decided to add to our family. Almost everyone told us we were crazy to do it, but we were determined. There was something...

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Jan 13 Agent One-on-One Boot Camp (With Critique): Crafting Queries, Opening Pages, Synopses, and Nonfiction That Get Noticed

When your submission materials arrive in an agent's inbox, they land among hundreds of others. Authors who get rejected tend to fall in one of two categories when submitting materials: they try too hard, or not enough. This Writer's Digest One-on-One Agent Boot Camp, taught by the literary agents of Kimberley Cameron & Associates,...

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5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Writing a Memoir

1. We must build a shelter with our truth. Other writers working on memoirs often ask me, “But why would anyone care about my story?” When I was struggling to write Unremarried Widow, I asked a memoirist friend the same thing. She said, “We must build a structure with our truth so that other...

Robert Lee Brewer

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 249

I hope everyone sent in there November PAD Chapbook Challenge submissions. If you happened to “forget” the deadline or your dog ate your manuscript, I’ll accept late submissions for today and today only. Click here for the guidelines. (And thank you to everyone who’s already sent in their manuscripts; I can’t wait to start...


How I Got My Agent: Kirstin Chen

“How I Got My Agent” is a recurring feature on the Guide to Literary Agents Blog, with this installment featuring Kirsten Chen, author of SOY SAUCE FOR BEGINNERS. Her agent is Michelle Brower of Folio Literary. These columns are great ways for you to learn how to find a literary agent. Some tales are...

Walter J. Wojtanik

Walter J. Wojtanik: Poet Interview

The next poet in our Top 25 poet interview series from the 2013 April PAD Challenge is one of the more generous and productive poets I’ve encountered since starting the Poetic Asides blog. I’m speaking, of course, of Walt Wojtanik. Walter J. Wojtanik started to hone his writing skills when he taught himself to...


The Pros and Cons of Getting a Creative Writing MFA

If you’ve been writing long enough, you’ve probably considered getting a Masters in Fine Arts degree. Perhaps you checked the tuition costs, choked, and wondered: Is it really worth it? That’s a tough call. Plenty of successful writers do not have advanced degrees. And plenty of MFA grads never publish a book. If you’re...


Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 248

Happy New Year! I stayed up late with Tammy watching the Twilight Zone marathon and a few of the ball dropping programs near midnight. And that’s where today’s prompt is coming from… For today’s prompt, write a weird poem. Maybe it’s a twist ending or a person on another planet (or another time). Maybe...


Make a New Year’s Power Grab

We all know writing is hard. But most of us also know that it isn’t really the writing that’s hard—it’s writing in the face of all the psychological crap around being a writer that’s hard. Multiply these everyday difficulties by the profound sense of powerlessness that comes with feeling like your writing career is...

7 Tips for Revising a Novel

I spent my December revising a noir/crime novel and I also had a productive discussion with two other writers this weekend about the revision process. Both occurrences brought to mind some tips you may find useful. Mind you these are rather simple pieces of advice, and everyone has their own process that works for...


New Literary Agent Alert: Lara Perkins of Andrea Brown Literary Agency

She is seeking: Lara is a fan of smart and raw young adult fiction, character-driven middle grade fiction with a totally original, hilarious voice, and so-adorable-she-can't-stand-it picture books, preferably with some age-appropriate emotional heft. She's a sucker for a great mystery and is passionate about stories that teach her new things or open up...

Robert Lee Brewer

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 247

For today’s prompt, write a gift poem. Giving gifts, receiving gifts, coveting the gifts of others, admiring gifts, planning gifts, and so on. Consider this prompt a gift from me. Here’s my attempt at a gift poem: “Haiku” Each morning a gift– the outline of tree branches conducting bird songs. ***** Publish your haiku!...

Bruce Niedt

5 Favorite Poetry Collections: Bruce W. Niedt

For the final installment of the five-part series on favorite poetry collections, I’m happy to host Poetic Asides regular Bruce W. Niedt. He’s been involved with this blog so long that I can’t remember a time when he wasn’t commenting and/or sharing his love of poetry and other poets. Bruce is a career civil...

Carole Cole

Carole Cole: Poet Interview

Here’s the next installment of the Top 25 poet interview series related to the 2013 Poetic Asides April PAD (Poem-A-Day) Challenge. In this post, I’m happy to share a poem by Carole Cole. Posted: No Trespassing, by Carole Cole The elegant Victorian on the corner has sat vacant for a decade, the purple paint...

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Happy Holidays to All!

The GLA Blog will be taking a small break during Christmas week, and starting back up again with daily posts as of Monday, December 30, 2013. It has been a fantastic record-setting year in terms of the blog's page views and hits, and I'll be celebrating with a contest early in the new year....


Shann Palmer Has Passed

[Update: Shann's daughter, Alia Radabaugh contacted me via Facebook to correct a couple mistakes in my post. First, she did not suffer two heart attacks. What I thought was the first heart attack was actually an arrhythmia caused by a virus that revealed heart damage during ECGs. Second, her heart attack occurred on December...


7 Things I’ve Learned So Far, by E.L. Tettensor

2. Less is more. Everyone has their own style. Some prefer lean and muscular, others prefer something a little more florid. Both approaches have their merits, and their fans. That being said, I’ve never heard a reader say, “Gee, I wish there were more adverbs in this book,” and I’ve never read a review...


How I Got My Agent: Steve Weddle

“How I Got My Agent” is a recurring feature on the Guide to Literary Agents Blog, with this installment featuring Steve Weddle, author of COUNTRY HARDBALL. These columns are great ways for you to learn how to find a literary agent. Some tales are of long roads and many setbacks, while others are of...