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The Writer’s Dig
by Brian A. Klems

Online Editor Brian A. Klems covers everything about writing on his blog. From grammar to writing tips to publishing advice to best practices in finding an agent to fueling your creative fire, he’s got you covered by pulling in great tips (not just from himself but from from other published and award-winning authors, too). Check out his advice—your writing career will thank you. Read Brian’s Blog

Guide to Literary Agents Blog
by Chuck Sambuchino

GLA Editor Chuck Sambuchino keeps track of all news related to literary agents and writing conferences on his blog. Common features include agent interviews, new agency listings, agency profiles, upcoming conferences of interest, contests and other publishing opportunities, valuable writing resources, submission tips and information, and a blogroll of other agent blogs. Read Chuck’s Blog

There Are No Rules
by the editors of Writer’s Digest

Get on the cutting edge of today’s publishing trends and how authors can succeed in a world of fast-paced technological change, guided by the editors of Writer’s Digest. You’ll get an inside look at the work, play, and passion of the publishing business and find practical tools for success. Read There Are No Rules

Poetic Asides
by Robert Brewer

Published poet Robert Lee Brewer blogs on issues affecting poets from the poet’s perspective. As the editor of Writer’s Market, Brewer also shares insights on the publishing industry, especially as it relates to poetry and the poetry markets. He also explains poetic forms, interviews other published poets, and provides the occasional poetry prompt. Read Robert’s Blog


7 Things I’ve Learned So Far, by Francesca Zappia

This is a recurring column I’m calling “7 Things I’ve Learned So Far,” where writers (this installment written by Francesca Zappia, author of MADE YOU UP) at any stage of their career can talk about writing advice and instruction as well as how they possibly got their book agent — by sharing seven things they’ve learned along their writing journey...

Robert Lee Brewer

Join Google+: Day 16 of the 2015 October Platform Challenge

I’m glad so many people were “gone writing” yesterday. It’s important to remember that not only CAN you do that while building a writing platform, but you SHOULD do that while building a writing platform. Now back to platform-specific stuff… Join Google+ For today’s platform-building task, join Google+ at http://plus.google.com. While I happen to...


7 Things To Do After Finishing Your Book

Congratulations! You finished your first book. Work-wise, you’ve accomplished 10 percent. Now for the hard part: doing what’s required to get your book into a reader’s hands. Do you know that an unknown self-published or small-press author only sells an average of up to 250 books? Once your friends and family members have purchased...

When It Comes to Your Writing, It’s NEVER Too Late!

Let’s get one thing out of the way: The idea of feeling like it might be “too late” to do something doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with age. I remember vividly the first time I was overcome with the unsettling sensation that certain ships had sailed. I was a new college graduate folding...

Robert Lee Brewer

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 327

For today’s poetry prompt, write a watching the world go by poem. Whether watching from the window, a park bench, or a couch, perspective is one part of this prompt; the other is what one sees and thinks about it. Remember: Be nice. This is a poetry place and not an arguing politics place....

The Kenyon Review

The Kenyon Review: Monday Market Spotlight

In the poetry world, the two heavyweights are easy to figure out: Poetry magazine and this week’s Monday Market Spotlight: The Kenyon Review. The Kenyon Review: Monday Market Spotlight The Kenyon Review was founded in 1939 and has published some of the biggest names in the literary world since. While they’re not the only...

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19th Free “Dear Lucky Agent” Contest: Young Adult Fiction

Welcome to the 19th (free!) “Dear Lucky Agent” Contest on the GLA blog. This is a FREE recurring online contest with agent judges and super-cool prizes. Here’s the deal: With every contest, the details are essentially the same, but the niche itself changes—meaning each contest is focused around a specific category or two. So...

Robert Lee Brewer

Bloggers of the 2015 October Platform Challenge

On Day 3 of the 2015 October Platform Challenge, the task was to create (or improve) a writing blog. Several writers took the challenge and shared their blog URLs. I’ve collected them in the list below. Bloggers of the 2015 October Platform Challenge While I tried to make this list perfect, I know that...

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How to Write and Sell Your Romance & Erotica — Agent One-on-One Boot Camp (w/Critique!) with Corvisiero Literary Starts October 12, 2015

Romance and erotica novels make up a significant percentage of all adult fiction in the book industry. Generating approximately $2 billion in sales per year, the market is indeed competitive, but it is vastly large and the profits can be anyone’s. All authors need to do is produce a good product and know how...

Robert Lee Brewer

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 326

We’ve been decorating for Halloween at the Brewer mansion already and watching kid-friendly spooky movies, including It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, and Monster House. This weekend, we’ll start putting together our second annual haunted house in our garage. With that in mind… Today’s prompt is to write a...


Blow-By-Blow: Writing Action and Fight Scenes

Conflict, as we all know, is the lifeblood of a story. And nothing quite epitomizes raw conflict like a thrilling fight scene. If you’re like me, you crave those climactic moments in prose or on the screen, when, the hero and villain finally find themselves facing each other, circling, ready to duke it out...