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The Productive Writer

Looking for motivation and helpful advice for your writing career? Here’s an inspiring guide that helps with everything from organizing your writing life to strategies for building your author platform.

The Breakout Novelist

This is the most thorough, practical writing reference I’ve worked with. It’s packed with Maass’s craft and business know-how from his decades as an agent.

Story Engineering

What makes a story great? This book gives you the answers by examining story architecture and the elements that all stories should incorporate to be successful.

On Writing Horror

What makes a horror such as Dracula still so terrifying? Learn from the masters of the genre in this book edited by the Horror Writers Association.

Write Your Novel in 30 Days

Crafting a manuscript in a month is no easy feat. But this special issue of Writer’s Digest is filled with all the tools you need to rise to the challenge, from time-management tips to in-depth articles and much more.

Write Great Fiction Series CD

The Write Great Fiction Series CD is an incredibly comprehensive resource for writers, containing all 5 books in the series. I love how easy it is to jump from one topic to the next and find the information you need.

2012 Poet’s Market

This Poet's Market edition is packed with all-new editorial material devoted to the craft, business, and promotion of poetry. It's the most information we've ever jammed into one edition!

Pep Talks, Warnings & Screeds

You won't find one bit of ordinary or formulaic advice in THIS book from George Singleton - but you will find bushels of wisdom, charmingly illustrated by Daniel Wallace of Big Fish fame!