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Author Archives: Courtney Carpenter

Avoiding Cliches in Writing

writing a novel | novel writing mistakes

Don’t write another cliché novel or use clichés in your novel (here are some cliche examples)! Learn what to avoid from 179 Ways to Save a Novel by Peter Selgin. A writer’s … Read more

Writing a Mystery Novel: Creating a Villain & 5 Ways To Justify a Crime

how to write a mystery novel | how to write a crime story

Are you thinking about writing a mystery novel? Before you begin writing, create a plan or outline for your story. Then figure out what you want your villain to be like. What … Read more

Scene Structure: How to Write Turning Points

how to show and tell in writing | turning points

Are you in the middle of writing your story and wondering how to write a scene that indicates a turning point? Learn about turning points and how to show them within your … Read more

Defining Conflict: What Conflict Is and Isn’t in Writing a Romance Novel

how to write a romance novel | story ideas

Are you thinking of writing a romance novel or in the planning stages of writing one? Learn what conflict is and how to use it in your romance novel. Today’s tip of … Read more

3 Writing Critique Questions You Must Ask Your Prospective Critique Partners

review a manuscript | writing a novel

Are you done writing your novel or book? Are you eager to share it with family and friends first before getting a professional manuscript critique? Learn what questions to ask your prospective … Read more

Break into the Business of Copywriting!


Is your goal is to launch a new career for yourself as a copywriter or to improve your copywriting skills? Breaking into Copywriting, a new course from Writers Digest University, can fuel your creative desires. Read more

Accomplish Your Writing Goals: Make a Schedule and Meet Your Deadlines

the productive writer | free time managment tools

The most disheartening place to be and feel as a writer is stuck. And the most possible place to be is in motion—moving toward our goals. At every turn, we have a … Read more

Writing a Novel: The Four Elements Of a Solid Story Concept

review a manuscript | writing a novel

Do you want to write a novel? In addition to creating a solid plot, you are also going to need a strong concept for your novel. Wondering how to conceptualize your story? … Read more

Writing Strong Female Characters: Defining a Bitch

how to write mean characters | jessica morrell

If you’re interested in breaking the mold with your character, there is no single criterion for a bitch. However, you might want to consider making several of her dominant traits negative or … Read more

Writing At Night: The Top 10 Challenges Writers Experience & How to Overcome Them

writer with a day job | aine greaney

Are you someone who works full-time but dreams of becoming a published author someday? If so, today’s tip of the day is for you. Taken from Writer With a Day Job by … Read more

Become a Published Writer: A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Published

getting published | steps to getting published

Do you want to become a published writer, author, or freelancer? Buy The Step-By-Step Guide to Getting Published and get the tools you need to achieve your writing goals. Read more

How To Develop a Story Idea Into a Book

fiction writing exercises | writing tips

The following excerpt is from The Art of War For Writers by James Scott Bell. In the book, you’ll find exercises, tactics, and strategies for fiction writers. Today’s tip of the day … Read more

Balancing Motherwood With Writing: The Benefits of Freelancing

writer mama | christina katz

If you are pondering whether or not you can launch a writing career and be a mom, today’s tip of the day is for you. Christina Katz, author of Writer Mama, shares … Read more

Writing a Novel: From First Draft to Finished Manuscript


If you are writing a novel for the first time, or simply beginning a new one, From First Draft to Finished Novel can guide you along the process. Throughout the book, you’ll discover novel writing tips, get step-by-step instruction, and improve your writing skills with editing and writing exercises. Read more

Meet Your Writing Goals With Four Time-Management Tools

the productive writer | free time managment tools

In order to succeed as a professional writer, you must be able to set and meet deadlines. If you are looking for time-management tools to help you stay on track with your … Read more

4 Tips For Revising Your Work

writing exercises | writing tips

No matter what type of writing you do–fiction, nonfiction, or freelance–you should expect to revise your work. Learn four essential tips for revising your work from Christina Katz, author of The Writer’s … Read more

Writing a Query Letter: The Best Way To Land Your Next Freelance Writing Gig

Writer for hire | freelance writing secrets

Are you new to freelance writing or perhaps having trouble selling your work to editors? Today’s tip of the day can help. Kelly James Enger, author of Writer For Hire, explains the … Read more

An Agent’s Secrets to Selling Your First Novel


Discover insider secrets for selling a novel from literary agent Irene Goodman. You’ll get pro tips on selling a novel, eight reasons why your novel may be rejected, and why it’s important to know the genres of writing before you start writing. Read more

4 Editing & Proofreading Techniques For Your Novel

The Nighttime Novelist | writing plot

Joseph Bates, author of The Nighttime Novelist, shares tips for editing and proofreading a novel or book. Creating A System For Editing & Proofreading Revision is really about seeing your book as … Read more

5 Wrong Ways to Start A Story

how to write fiction | hooked on fiction writing

Your story’s opener is your one opportunity to capture an editor’s or agent’s attention. Learn how to avoid the critical mistakes (such as providing too much backstory) that lead to rejection and … Read more

Writing Scenes: Stepping Forward, Falling Back

premise in writing | writing a novel

Author of The Breakout Novelist, Donald Maass, discusses writing scenes in today’s tip of the day. He explains the importance of setting goals for each scene with an example from George R.R. … Read more

Practical Writing & Publishing Advice For Beginning Writers


The Beginning Writer’s Answer Book covers everything from how to get started in writing to finding an agent and getting published. No matter what type of writer you are–fiction, nonfiction, or freelance–you’ll find practical writing advice to help advance your career. Read more

Three Ways To Strengthen Your Writing

writer with a day job | aine greaney

The path to becoming a published author is full of twists and turns. No matter what stage of the writing process you are in or how busy your schedule is, you should … Read more

What an Agent Does & Does Not Do

how to find writing inspiration | writing exercises

You’ve landed an agent. Now what? You’re probably wondering what a literary agent does and does not do and how they can help you. Discover the truth about what literary agents actually … Read more

Make Time to Write: 10 Tips for Daily Writing

writer with a day job | aine greaney

Writing takes commitment, self-discipline, and desire. Don’t let other distractions get in the way of your writing goals–set aside time every day to write. When you are tempted to make up an … Read more

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