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The Winner of the Shortest Short Story Contest (#SSStory)

First off, thanks to everyone who participated in our inaugural Shortest Short Story Contest (#SSStory). I was blown away by the participation (more than 1,100 tweets and comments) and am grateful that you enjoyed it as much as I did. With the help of WD Books editor James Duncan, we whittled it down—which was...


Happy Halloween From Writer’s Digest (Dancing Kurt Vonnegut?)

Today was our annual Halloween costume and decoration competition, and the Writer's Digest team once again put on a good showing. Our theme was "Dead Writer's Society" and, as you can see, we all "morphed" into some of the greatest literary writers who now haunt the world as ghosts (friendly ghosts, I'm sure). Guess...


The Shortest Short Story Contest (Free w/Prizes)

Over the coming month thousands of writers (including you, perhaps?) will take a stab at knocking out 50,000 words in just 30 days for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). But before the marathon hits, we wanted to do a short race--a super short race--and give you an opportunity to write The Shortest Short Story...

Why I Write

Tell us the story of when you first realized that you needed to be a writer. (Did it happen when you were young? Was it after you read a particular book? Etc.)

Why You Had to Break In

You are 16 years old and you and your friends have just been caught breaking into the local gas station. After your parents post your bail, you must explain why you did it, since this is not something you would usually do. What your parents—and others—don't realize is that you did it for heroic...

Novel Character Comes to Life – And May Murder Someone

You've written a novel with a character that eventually murders one of his or her neighbors. Suddenly, a new person moves into your neighborhood with the same name as your character. Looks similar too. In fact, you can't help but notice this new neighbor is doing several of the same things as your character—including...


Raise vs. Rise

Way too often do we see folks misuse these two words. Here's a simple explanation of the difference between raise and rise—and when to use each.

The Afterlife

You've died and gone to heaven, only it's nothing like you've imagined. You're greeted by a guide—someone from your past—who gives you a tour and explains what you can expect out of the afterlife. There's one question you've been dying to know and, at the end of the tour, you decide to ask.

Why You Can’t Get a Flu Shot Excuse

You're at the doctor's office for a regular check up when the doctor suggests you get a flu shot as well. You hate shots, so you come up with the most outlandish excuse as to why you can't get one. Start your story with "You're not going to believe this, but ... " and...