Best Prank

What’s the best prank you’ve ever pulled on someone?

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4 thoughts on “Best Prank

  1. Cheyenne

    I loathed the school I was forced to attend my senior year. It wasn’t pleasant to look at, no matter how you positioned your head or eyes. The walls were all painted white, decorated with obscene words plastered all over. More than that, though, I hated the people. My teachers all anticipated that I would fail, just like the vast majority of the student body, or pass just barely cutting it. The students judged me on the fact that I had just transferred, I didn’t talk like them, and I sure as hell didn’t dress like them. I hated it; I just didn’t fit in.

    So when Senior Prank Day rolled around, you couldn’t even visualize the amount of exhilaration that ran its course through my body. I spent hours, upon hours, looking for pranks on Google, hoping to find the perfect one to torment every single being in that school. And I did.

    We were able to leave school for lunch, and fortunately, right next to Taco Bell was a pet store. I bought over 400 eerie, jittery crickets. I walked back to the school with a smirk across my face. For once, I was content. To be honest, I hate bugs myself, but we all know what they say, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” So in this regard, I literally kept my enemies inside my backpack during each session. The only time they came out was when they were released. Between classes, I would stop at a bathroom. I’d pull one of their home things out, I don’t even know what they’re called, and let the crickets jump around. Once I saw that they were dispersed all over the bathroom, I left to another, or if I was short on time I’d just head to my next class.

    By the time school let out, all 400 of those fuckers had found their place in the school. With all the girls’ bathroom doors always left open and the boys’ bathroom doors continuously opening and closing, the crickets surely had an easy time moving from one place to another.

    Once the next day came along, I was up bright and early, ready to attend and see if my crickets were still there. I almost felt a slight connection to these bugs, like they were the closest friends I had all year.

    They were still there, but only for a short time. The principal made an announcement; I don’t recall how it went precisely, something about how whoever did this was an immature child who didn’t have a right to graduate. He added in that he’d be calling an exterminator to take care of these wild, unwelcomed creatures.

    My senior prank was the best prank of all. This is a true story and to this day, they still don’t know it was me. And yes, I graduated.

  2. Athena4896

    The best prank I ever did was when I made my eye look like it exploded. At dinner, I held a dairy creamer in my hand, and it was slightly open. Throughout the meal, I rubbed my eye and said, “Ugh, my eye itches!” I made sure that my hand was covering the dairy creamer, and I brought it up to my eye. Then, I squeezed it, and white “juice” looked like it was pouring out of my eye!

    “My eye! My eye!” I shouted in pretend pain. I kept my eye closed so nobody could see that it was still there.

    Now I just enjoyed the horrified screaming.

  3. demigirl12345

    The best prank I ever heard about was when a class put their cell phones in the ceiling of the classroom. The teacher in that classroom was a cell phone dictator and she hated them. They kept the phones on and then made one kid stay home “sick”. Then the kid who was home sick, called all the phones during class. The teacher freaked out.