Descort: Poetic Form

Recently, I shared 11 French poetic forms on the blog, but there are still many more to share, including today’s form: descort!

Descort Poems

The descort differentiates itself from other forms by differentiating its lines from other lines within the poem. That is, the main rule of descort poems is that each line needs to be different from every other line in the poem.

A descort poem has different line lengths, meters, avoids rhyming with other lines, no refrains, and that goes for stanzas as well. In other words, no two lines in a descort should look like each other, and the same could be said for each descort.

Note: This is different than free verse, because even free verse may occasionally have similar line lengths and meter. However, descort is very intentional in its variability.


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Here’s my attempt at a Descort Poem:

Daffodils, by Robert Lee Brewer

Daffodils don’t sway in the breeze or dance along the lane.
Frogs jump; dogs bark; logs sit.

Never ask a question of liars.
Always do whatever someone tells you to never ever do.
Cauliflower crowns.

And dandelion seeds spread in the wind because…


Robert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community and author of Solving the World’s Problems (Press 53). Follow him on Twitter @RobertLeeBrewer.


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15 thoughts on “Descort: Poetic Form

  1. AvatarMichelle Hed

    One Night

    The wind howls
    as coins jingle in his pocket.

    The rain beats a tattoo on the pane
    with the resounding crescendo of coins falling;
    Jeans dropped.

    The bed springs sing a tune
    with the soft chuckles
    and murmurs of caresses…
    whisper through

    the moonlight suddenly dancing on the dying wind.

  2. AvatarRJ Clarken

    <bNon-Sequitur Queen

    I am/is/are/ the Queen – well, the queen of non-sequiturs, anyway.
    Why, look! Squirrel. There’s a squirrel. I get distracted.
    And what of jelly donuts and papier mâché? Think about it.
    Such an interesting philosophy (said with a touch of sarcasm.)
    Descort! Descort! You bring out the wild words, do you not?
    I suppose I should learn another language, but which one?
    Of course, there are lots of sharp things out there, but juggling them is an art.
    I shall sing a lullaby.


  3. Avatartaylor graham

    on a photo by Amber Lynn Howell

    How to make music of a burl.
    This is an art gallery, don’t even think of music.
    She found it in the land of ripe apples.
    The Pony Express shook its roots, riding through.
    Vibrations can travel all the way up
    the trunk and flutter the leaves.
    Remember when we got lost in the depths of canyon.
    Big-leaf maple green-golden against dark.
    Nature makes its own patchwork and swirls its designs.
    You’re mixing genres again.
    I was speaking of music, no, of art,
    this is a muddle.
    This is the picture of your mind that sings.

  4. AvatarWalter J Wojtanik


    Eating jambalaya with a fork,
    nobody fed the dog.
    I wished it were already Friday,
    my shoes feel a bit tight.
    You’d think I would’ve learned something in school.
    How about a back rub?

    Somewhere out there a guy has a flat
    tired of being used as a guinea pig,
    the clock ticks away,
    but ours is a sizable some!

    In winter the snow reaches up to my
    assumption that the grass is always greener.

    Can I offer you a drink?
    Pass the crushed pepper flakes.

    © Walter J. Wojtanik

  5. Avatarbarbara_y

    I thought it might be a modern invented form, but no–this babe’s been giving headaches for a long time. Name’s an old French word for discord or discordant. Coming from a musical tradition, I doubt they were as herky-jerky as what I came up with. But it’s an interesting challenge, no?

  6. AvatarTracy Davidson


    A flash of conscience.
    My son up-ends a jam jar to free the tadpoles.
    Grandpa takes a midday nap.

    My mom sees monsters in the shadows.

    That stink of stale cigar…
    How I’m reminded of why I left in the first place.


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