6 Signs You’re Getting Closer to Publication

Be on the lookout for these signals, which may indicate that agents and publishers are starting to take notice of your work.

  1. You start receiving personalized, “encouraging” rejections.
  2. Agents or editors reject the manuscript you submitted, but ask you to send your next work. (They can see that you’re on the verge of producing something great.)
  3. Your mentor (or published author friend) tells you to contact his agent, without you asking for a referral.
  4. An agent or editor proactively contacts you because she spotted your quality writing somewhere online or in print.
  5. You’ve outgrown the people in your critique group and need to find more sophisticated critique partners.
  6. Looking back, you understand why your work was rejected, and see that it deserved rejection. You probably even feel embarrassed by earlier work.

This article was written by Jane Friedman.

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