The SoCal Exile Journal Day 4: Technically Over

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I'm not good at saying goodbye. Although to be fair I probably don't know anyone who would say that their talents lie primarily in goodbyes, I just mean I dislike leaving things. Especially pretty things with good sushi. And so it was for NorCal. On my second day in the windy city of...hills and brotherly lights (?) my friend was kind of enough to show me (albeit by car, but whatever, it was raining hard) the Golden Gate Bridge (it's so red!), a French restaurant in Presidio with choice onion soup, that crooked street on the hill that's chock full of bricks and a close part of Marin County (with the brunch place on the water?). Mostly because my plane was delayed. But my point is: San Francisco is absolutely gorgeous, the people were handsomely dressed, and I was able to visit the Original Swensen's for Caramel Turtle ice cream after several sake bombs. That's like infinity wins.

But duty and my father called, and so I had to return to San Diego and then back to Boston to resume the rigors of journalism and pay my roommate his rent check. And so I'm back in my beloved Beantown living again amongst kilometers of snow and the pained looks of people who haven't been to the Original Swensens. And since I like to reflect, I would say that this was a very productive exile. The trip afforded me the opportunity to entirely re-create the middle of my book, I was able to enjoy not less than two a-ha! moments, I hashed out an intense outline of the end, and--on the plane--I was able to sort out three vignettes that I'd previously had little-to-no-idea how to deal with before my computer died and I started watching Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium sans volume. Of course, I could've done more work and spent less time cavorting and gallivanting, but I like to think that my brain was processing and making connections during the down time. Right? Right? Totally.

The Father-Son Relationship Quote of the Day: After sampling my Clif Bar brand Mojo Bar (mountain mix flavor): "Your fancy-pants energy bars are too crunchy."

Thank you for staying tuned during my brief respite on the Left Bank. Without your love, support, and offers to tri-habitate, I can honestly say I would've done much, much less. We will now return to our regularly scheduled program of blog entries. But since I kind of dig writing more frequently, I'll try and do this sort of thing more often. And as a reminder, you guys/girls have a say in the matter. This is America, man. So if you're interested in seeing more of a type of entry, or quiz or anything, feel free (as always) to speak on it in the Comments or send me a (handwritten!) note via snail mail. I'm now off to make snarky (but well-timed!) comments to myself while watching the Oscars.

Why am I kind of nervous to see the hippies tomorrow?


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