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Do you deviate from the norm?

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Hi Writers,
I have a confession: I don't really think about the official demographic data when putting together the editorial content for Writer's Digest. I prefer to think our magazine appeals to writers who cut a wide swath across the age, gender, income spectrum.

At any rate, our marketing department recently surveyed our readers and this is what they came back with:

74% 41 and Over
47% Over 50

37% Male
63% Female

18% FL, NY, TX (6% each)
12% California

64% College Degree
27% Master's or higher

31% Published writer
55% Serious aspiring writer

67% are primarily interested in writing fiction
40% also interested in writing screenplays
39% also interested in writing non-fiction
25% also interested in writing memoirs
24% also interested in writing poetry

71% primarily use Windows XP
75% primarily use Microsoft Word

26% read The Writer
18% read Poets & Writers
10% read Publisher's Weekly

51% visit
13% visit Publisher's Weekly (
9% visit

So please let me know where you fit—or don't fit—into this survey.
Are the marketing folks way off base, or right on target? As always, I appreciate your feedback.

Keep Writing,
P.S. In my quest to get my bosses to yell "uncle" and let me digitize the WD archives, I'm going to post cool stuff from our archives all through March. So if you're a lover of literary ephemera come back for more.


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