Digital Voice Recorder Recommendations

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Hi Writers,
I'm all set to travel to New York tomorrow to cover the Thrillerfest writing conference. I'm going to be writing live from the conference on this blog as well as special show dailies for our e-newsletter subscribers (sign up via if you're interested.)

Alas, as I've been preparing to be the ace reporter at Thrillerfest, I've discovered that my voice recording devices are oh-so-last-century, as in, they *gasp* use tape.

Imagine interviewing people who spend their days dreaming up stuff like watches that detonate bombs and pens that are really surveillance cameras and—oops! (@#$#!)—ace reporter has to stop and flip the tape!

So I'm shopping today for a digital voice recording device. I've just about talked myself into an iPod classic with microphone attachment, but I was wondering if any of the other ace reporters out there have recommendations.

Let the recommendations begin! And don't forget to join me all week long for the inside scoop from Thrillerfest!

Keep Writing,