Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 522

Every Wednesday, Robert Lee Brewer shares a prompt and an example poem to get things started on the Poetic Asides blog. This week, write a moon poem.
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For today’s prompt, write a moon poem. You can write about the actual moon, the race to the moon, mooning over someone, or even mooning someone. Of course, there are also honeymooners who go on their honeymoons. And if this commenting thing gets handled sometime soon, I'll be over the moon.


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Here’s my attempt at a Moon Poem:

“The Earth”

I see the sun's light bounce off the moon
and know the sun cannot see me. Does
that mean I don't shine as bright, or that
the sun is blind to me? Could I be
just a rock reflecting others' light,
or am I a simple satellite
that orbits a body in the night?
I feel a burning from within that
threatens to erupt, but were I to
explode, I don't know which way is up.