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Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 263

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What an up and down week I've had! While it started on the down side, it's definitely finished way up. Last night, our bid was accepted for the house we want (it's difficult raising kids in an apartment), and a poem of mine was published yesterday by iARTistas (click here to read my poem--and while you're there, check out Laurie Kolp's poem too).

For this week's prompt, write an object poem. Pick an object and write about it. Or pick an object and make it a central piece of your poem. Or pick an object and make it the title. Or pick an object and write an acrostic. Or come up with some other way to combine an object with your poem.


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Here's my attempt at an Object Poem:


at first glance
it doesn't seem much

in fact
it's transparent

but it shows what
is hidden on the other side

the sun & moon
birds & trees

things you don't see
without it


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