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Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 219

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For today's poetry prompt, write an "on the run" (or "on the loose") poem. Could be a person on the run, or an animal, or even an idea.

Here's my attempt:

"stopping by boats on a summer evening"

-after Robert Frost

whose boat this is i think i know.
her house is in the city though.
she will not even care i'm here
when we last kissed so long ago.

perhaps i had too many beers
and that is why i somehow steered
into the warmth of this small lake
the shortest evening of the year.

i did not drink for some heart ache;
my car the water soon will take
like some grand design lost to sleep;
though it's this thirst i cannot shake.

the lake is lovely, dark and deep.
but i've collapsed into a heap,
and this is where i'll count my sheep,
and this is where i'll count my sheep.


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