Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 188

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Before I get into today's prompt, I just want to touch base on the results of the April PAD Challenge. I mentioned aiming to have the results ready around the beginning of August, but it's more likely going to be the beginning of September (now that we're half-way through August). With that in mind, let's get to this week's prompt.

For today's prompt, write a change of plans poem. The change of plans can be a good change or a horrible change. It can be prompted by the weather or a person (or group of people). Everyone's been there, right?

Here's my attempt:

"We missed the bus"

We missed the bus
but didn't cuss
or start to fuss,
and it's because

of our plan B
to hike, you see,
up to our knees
through the grassy

fields all the day
reserved for play
and making hay
the happy way.


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