Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 166 (Thinking Poems)

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Good morning! Over this past winter, I put together 8 e-books for writers that included some niche market guides, such as Horror Writer's Market, Mystery Writer's Market, and others. However, one of those e-books is titled Write Poetry Now: 366 Prompts for Poets. It includes many previous Poetic Asides prompts, as well as some new ones.

Also, it's worth noting that the Writer's Digest website is filled with other writing prompts.

This week's poem prompt:

For this week's prompt, take the phrase "What (blank) Think," replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then, write your poem. Example titles might be: "What Children Think," "What Teachers Think," "What Banana Splits Think," etc.

Here's my thought poem:

"What Superheroes Think"

There's always another mugging to stop,
another person to save. The wicked
never rest, and neither do we. Always
ready to answer a call or respond
to a signal or happen upon crime
as it happens, we know the bleeding will
never stop, but we fight on and on and...


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