Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 163

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For this week's prompt, write a friend of a friend poem. This poem would be one in which you write about or in the voice of a friend of a friend. Why a friend of a friend instead of just a friend? Because there's a certain distance you have in which you can take liberties and make things up. Of course, you don't have to name the friend of a friend--just use him or her as inspiration.

Here's my attempt:

"Harold Oberlin"

Any time you ask him to do anything
he's bound to screw it up, which is why
I don't ask anymore. It's not worth killing
myself over. And anyway, you know,
he cooks the best chili on the planet.
Not too sweet, not too spicy, it haunts
you for weeks after you've devoured it,
and by then, he's making another
batch that he shares with any takers.


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